Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Book 3!!!!!

Thats right book number 3! Can you belive it?

Jade's now on the When You Look Me in The Eyes tour and since she and Nick are togather 24-7 they will be closer than ever without even Miley to stand in their way! You'd think. But it seems that everyone is trying to pull them apart. It's not like last time. It time for the real ball game. Where everyone crizies everything you do and say. Where everyone serectly hates you and serectly loves you. Where everyone wants to be you and you have a whole website dedactited to your boobs. Everything has steped up a notch. It's fame time. Are you ready? Is Jade ready?


The Epic starts TOMMAROW!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Chapter 39: Live Concert

"Hi I'm Jade Murry!" I said to some stiff suited indivadules that looked entirely out of place next to the homemade t-shirt clad preteens that had scored backstage passes to our 3rd concert on the When You Look Me in The Eyes Tour. "Hi were repersentives from Live Nation." says one of them who happened to be wearing a navey a jonas brother concert. "No way from the concert contracts company!" I said knowing that they had recently signed a contract with the Jonas Brothers. "Yeah...listen we've been talking with the Disney Corperation and Hollywood Records about a possible Summer Tour called the Jade's Number One Tour (Number One is a single on my album.) We already talked with everyone on it including your...exuberant...manger." I bet you Summer nitty gritt picked at every single one of their contract bonds. "So you want in?" And then just like that...there was a crossroad. On one side their was a life of a touring artist who is a main act and has people holding signs that read her name and her own merchindise selling at outrageos prices that are more than any kids allowence. Or being with my friends and being with Nick. One one side most musians wait their entire life to hear that and on the other none of them had Nick Jonas for a boyfriend and Miley Cyrus as a emeny, Okay well AJ sorta had the same thing happen but seriously it was Joe so yeah...A huge crossroad that will impact my career, my relationships, everything. But the thing that made my desion was the fact that I didn't want to go home. I don't want to see my parents living far away from each other. I don't want to sleep in a strange bedroom if it's not my old one or a hotel room. I don't want to live in a new house and most of all I don't want to see my parents at all. So I said "Yes of course." And then after getting hugs from the Live Nation people and my entire touring family. I went and closed the show with the Jonas Brothers and accounced to the enitre statium that I just got a contract with Live Nation for a Summer Tour, and thats it no go backs.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Chapter 37: Change in Section 2

"Hey Guys!" I say as I step on stage to loud cheers from the audience. "Thanks for coming to our first show on the Jonas Brothers When you look me in the eyes tour!" More screams. "Today, well actully this week has been a whirlwind of reshersals and family proablems without you guys and the support of my fans I proabley woundn't of been able to do this. I was 1 hour away from booking a flight home. You all saw the pictures right of Nick and Me in my hotel room right?" Chours of yeahs and boos rang though the audience. "Well we all know what the looked like but look at my finger." I said holding up my hand so the camera could zoom in. "I still have my purtiy ring on it. Nick and I didn't do anything and yeah it wasn't fair that, that reporter broke into my hotel room and got a picture of us laying in bed. But anyway...I was deppressed and heartbroken and just not ready to embrace change in anyway. I didn't want things to go any worse than they already were, I was afraid of change. But then my friends and you could say my fans found me. My friends showed me this amazing Youtube Video put togather by a fan I had the honor of meeting named Maine." As I expected I hear four high pitched screams in the third row. "She had all these girls send in clips about why they think I'm cool. It really changed my entire attiude and made me see clear again and not just look at whats bad, but to look at whats right in front of me. And if I've not mistaken Manie and some of the people who put togather the video are here tonight in Section 2 row 3 seats 32,33,34, and 35." HUGE SCREAMS filled the statium. "I nod to the bouncers who dive into the crowd to get them. "Why don't you come up here as we play you video for the crowd?" Sudddenly 4 girls emerge from the crowd and with the bouncers help are hosted on stage they'll all crying and shaking as they hug me. Then the video starts. After it ends I wisper that they have to go backstage to get back to their seats they nod smiling though their tears of happiness. "Okay so heres one of my hit songs 'Sorta Kinda Boyfriend'" I saw to applase as the first notes start up and finnally once again I can just perform and love what I do, without having to think about everything eles. "What should I say to my sorta kinda boyfriend who says he loves me around 10 pm one saturday!"

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Chapter 37: Sixtey-Seven Reasons

"Nick where are you taking me?" I say as Nick says nothing and drags me by my hand to the stage. "Nick..." I say as he opens the stage door. He turns around and gives me a huge smile than continues to pull me though it. "Nick what they....Oh my gosh!" I squeal as I break apart from Nick and run into Crissy's, Elisa's, Selena's, and Demi's arms. "I've missed you guys so much!" I say hugging all of them. "It hasn't been the same without you Jade!" says Crissy as we jumped up and down hugging! "Yeah we haven't seen you in like a week!" says Demi laughing. "Are you guys here to see the show?" I ask breaking apart and standing next to them. "And you silly!" says Selena messing up my hair. "I'm really happy you guys are here." I say my spirts lifting the way only my friends can lift them....okay it sounded better as I thought it. "Congrats on Number 1!" says Demi smiling hugly at me. "What?" I say as everyone started happy smiling at me. "Here you have to see this!" cried Elisa as she drug me over to a laptop that was perched on a platform. "You guys came half way across the conitent so you could show me a youtube video?" I said in utter disbeleif as Crissy opened up a youtube video. "Well yeah and we wanted to see if you were okay. And yeah this youtube video will make you feel better!" says Selena hugging me from the back. I watch the screen my eyes glued to it. "The 67 reasons why we still love Jade Murry!" The video was made up of a collection of a whole bucnch of different girls lip singing to my songs, showing rooms filled with posters of me (and JB), with each group of girls giving a reason why they admired me. "We love Jade because she real respects her fans and spends hours doing meet and greets with them!" "We love Jade because shes always trying to improve at everything she does!" "We love Jade because she makes wearing converses cool!" I laughed through the tears at that point. "We love Jade because we know no matter what Jade can overcome it. She can overcome those pictures, she can overcome a broken mic, and she'll come back better than ever!" Than the screen went blank for a couple moments and than a video of someone running down a line at what must of been the meet and greet line at the chinese theater. Everyone in that line was screaming "We love Jade! I love you Jade! Jade! Jade!" And then the screen went black and the credits rolled 'A collaberation but togather by Maine.' I smiled and laughted again in astonishment at the familar name. Than as the rest of the 66 people's names who sent in videos, who are my biggest fans rolled, I smiled and though 'I can overcome anything. I can overcome my family proablems. I can overcome stupid misunderstood photos, I can overcome all of this, with my friends and fans and boyfriend who support me. And I can come back even better than before!" I turn around and give my friends a huge smile! They sigh in relif. "Oh Jade!" says Elisa as she throws her arms around me. Crissy, Demi, and Selena follow suit. And we stand their on the When You Look Me in the Eyes stage, a group of best friends hugging, and when I look up I see Nick, Joe, and Kevin smiling back at us. I motion with my hands 'come on!" Then they join the hug too and finnally I feel at home, with my family.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Chapter 36: My Family

"Popstar icon and Disney Channel Sweetheart Jade Murry has had alot on her plate recently with reherasales for her opening act gig on one of the most anticaptied tours of the year, the When You Look Me in the Eyes Tour. Her deut album breaking internet download records and lets not forget making time to spend with her special someone, teen hearthob and memeber of the Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas. But could these squeaky clean christan role moldels actully be dirtier than they seem. Recent pictures taken of the teen stars laying in bed togather have splashed US Weekly Articles. In the pictures Nick and Jade are cluddled up in each others arms asleep in Jade's hotel room in New York City. Sleeping togather and just 15 Disney is going to have a hard time covering this up. The worst thing about this however is that Jade and Nick have both pleadged to remain pure till marragie and they have set these promises in stone by the rings they wear on their ring fingers. Recently however they have both been spotted sporting two rings on their ring finger, one of which is their purity ring and than the other seems to match the ring the other one also has on their finger. It looks like it could be either a promise or an engagement ring. Could these 15 year old Disney Channel Stars be getting more serious than we thought?" Someone turns off my dressing room telvision, I can't tear my eyes from the screen where a second ago some random newscaster was sealing my fate, to see who turned it off. "Jade?" asks Nick from behind me. I hadn't even noticed he had entered the room I had been so focused on the news station. "They want us to hold a press confrence to set it right..." says Nick comming up behind me and rubbing my sholders. "Nick what will we say? Sorry, we didn't sleep togather it's all a misunderstanding. Their not going to belive it. Their not going to print it. What about the promise rings what are we supposed to say about that, huh? Their all just going to twist all our words around till it sounds like we did do it, thats how it works. " Nick stops rubbing my sholders and swivals my chair around to face him. "Jade it dosn't matter everyone that counts belives us and knows that were tottaly innconce." he says pulling up one of the makeup stools so he could sit. "Yeah right Nick! Thats why I got an angry call from my mom theaterting to disown me. My own mother. But I guess thats better than my Father who didn't even care enough to call. Or maybe it's why I spent 3 hours on a 3-way phone call with 6 of my close friends [Crissy, Elisa, Demi, Selena, Veronica, and Marissa] explaining the whole thing. Or maybe it can begin to explain why during a unexpected screaming phone call attack by Miley I threw my iPhone against a wall and it shattered into millions of pieces. And do you know what my brother did he called me finnally and left a message it said: 'Jade it's Max. Max Murry. I'm taking next year off and tour with my band. Were making an album we put a couple songs on MySpace and got tons of great feedback. It's called MetroStation, Madison Musso and Trace Cyrus and I are in it along with this other cool dude. I heard about you and Nick whatever happened with that purity ring stuff hope you don't get preg. Max. '" "Wow" said Nick staring at me and the dent my phone made in the wall. "Are you okay?" "Nick how could I possibly be okay! Well my blood sugar is fine but it's just like the world is crashing down on me and everyones going to hate me now for no reason I just don't get it! I've tried to do everything people tell me to do than I end up with a family that dosn't care enough and a fan base thats going to hate me." I say putting my head in my hands and slowly shaking it. "Jade we are your family." "What?" I say looking up confused. "This is your family. Me, Joe, Kevin, My Mom, My Dad, Frankie, Garbo, John Taylor, Paul, Big Rob, and Joe. Summer and the stylists and the wardrob artists and the techies. We all love you so much and support you so much! Don't you see? Were your extended family we will support you no matter what happenes you'll always have us. Were always there. Jade if you start thinking of us as a family your life won't be as bad as it's made to seem. Promise me Jade that you'll try?" I look into his eger eyes past the brown choclete color and I see the hurt and the love behind it. "Nick I think maybe I've made too many promises. But I'll try. I swear to God I'll try. " And with that I stand up and make a semi dramtic exit, I say semi because they had called my name over the loudspeaker, I was needed on stage, needed by my family.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Chapter 35: Invisable but so NOT

My 101 Chapter if you combine all the books.

Summer tried. She tried for hours. She tried in the New York City Airport she tried in Austin, Texas Airport and she tried all the way from the Tucson, Arizona airport to our hotel room. After 3 hours of calling and threating every magazine to find that US Weekly had the photos and the story ,the arguing began. Nick and I sat their quietly knowing that this was all our fault even though we didn't do anything wrong. After an hour stright of aruging and theating the famous celebertiy tabloid, Summer turned it over to a force larger than us, the Walt Disney Corrporation. And let me tell you Disney wasn't happy with two of it's biggest faces of Disney. I mean I could see where there comming from with the Miley photos still being passed around the internet and us about to be headlining a huge sold out tour, not exactully the best time for Disney's good girl and boy to 'lose' their virgenty they have publicly pledged to keep till their married. Filpping aimlessly through magazines and paying most of our attietion to Summer and her long phone conversations was basically how Nick and I spent our travel day. When we got to our hotel and managed to get though the lobby and up to our rooms all of us piled into my room to wait for Summer's phone to ring. Who knows what news it will bring, all we can do know is hope and pray that tommarow people won't be looking at Nick and Me when their in the checkout line in grocery stores across the country. We had rehersal for the When you Look Me in the Eyes tour tommarow. My parents were dividing their estate as we speak and my best friends were finishing their mid-term exams back in Cali. Last year I wasn't worried that I wouldn't be able to go home and say goodbye to my mother as she moved away from our home. Last year there was never a chance that I would bit all my nails off thinking that America is going to call me a slut because apperarently I slept with their fave jonas brother. Last year I was invisable to everyone but the die-hard Mitchel Musso fans ,who would add me on MySpace since I was on his top friends, or know me because I was behind the table at the meet and greet lines because he was my ownly ride home. Last Year. Last Year. Last Year none of this was happening I was a regular kid that didn't sit in a hotel room with a famous pop band made up with teen hearthobs while watching Harry Potter 1 with them, as you sat around waiting for Disney or Us Weekly to call and say that their not going to print that story because we got paid off or the other way around. I love having everyone know my name but sometimes it would be better if people didn't, wow I never though I would stoop to the level of knowing exactully how Miss Hannahanie Montanie feels, and agree with it.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Chapter 34: Sorry about the Photos

Chapter is sorta kinda rated PG-13

As soon as I woke up my eyes snaped open. There was blinding shutters of light that took my non ajusted eyes a couple seconds to focus. And after that another couple to actully belive what I was seeing and hearing, the blinding light and annoying sound of a camera taking pictures. Oh and not just any camera, the kind of camera that only tabloid and magazines use. Which basically meant I was in big troble. Once I comprehended this I shreaked causing Nick to wake up next to me. The photographed snapped a couple more shots. I could see how badly this looks, heck a 80 year old could see how bad this looks. Nick and Me in my hotel room, in my bed, at 8'o clock in the morning asleep in each others arms, while our clothing is wrinkled and my skirt is rode up from the concert the night before and falling asleep so suddenly. To make it worse the cover was partically over us making it look even worse and way more proactive than it should look. Lets just say it's very very very bad. And it looks a lot worse than it really is, ah a tabloids specialty. "What are you doing in here?" ask Nick proabley relizing the same thing I have. Right then the photographer makes a run for it. Nick tries to jump up and stops him but gets tangled in the comfroter and trips, as the unknown lucky photographer runs quickly in the direction of the elevators. "Nick are you okay?" I ask siting up in bed and putting my head in my hands. "Jade." Thats all he said one word. 'Jade' and in that one word I heard so many meanings.' Sorry that all of America is going to think were sleeping togather. Sorry that were going to be the only ones that know were not. Sorry that everyone's going to think we're lieing about our purtiy rings. Sorry about trashing you good girl image. Sorry for not leaving last night. Sorry about your parents. Sorry about your brother. Sorry about Mitchel. Sorry about the photographer getting in here. Sorry about everything. ' I heard all those thoughs in one word. "Well we better get dressed so we can tell Summer about the..." I trail off. "Yeah...I'll go get dressed." says Nick untangling himself from the covers and backing slowly out the door in the same crumbled outfit he proformed in last night. I nod and push back the cover and perpare myself for everything that was going to be comming my way.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Chapter 33: Alone

Except for my strangled breathing and sobs the limo ride to the hotel was strangly silent. Nick held my quirving body in his arms as I read the already memozied letter over and over in my mind. Mitchel sat across from me with an expression that basically told everyone he was not at all there on his own pleasure. She having made the quick desion to come to New York and talk to me. A talk, that seems completly unimportant now and that I can hardly remeber. He forgot to make the hotel arrangments. Which means he is sleeping on the Jonas Brother's floor. "Were here!" yelled the driver from the front seat as we pulled in front of the hotel which was filled with people who figured out where we were staying or who happened to follow us. I didn't even care. My whole family dosn't care about me why sould I care what these people see me as. Even though thats true I couldn't help caring about what the talbiods are going to say about this: "Jade Murry and Nick Jonas split!" with an inserted picture of me crying as I stepped out the limo. Just what I need right now. As we got out of the limo Joe and Paul, my boydguards tried to get enough fans away from Nick and I to walk through. With Mitchel following sulkly after us while Joe and Kevin signed some autographs. Nick held open the elvator for me and Mitchel and we made our escalltaion up, in complete silence. Once we get to floor 21 we get off. "Mitchel we're room 2108 down the hall please let Kevin, Joe, and Frankie in when they get up here." Nick says handing Mitchel a room key card. Mitchel gives a sour expression and heads to the room. "Jade what room are you?" "2115" I say as we walk togather down the hall me barly noticing the numbers as they flash by. "Here we are." says Nick as he reachs in to the side pocket of my purse and pulls out a room key and slides it in the door. As soon as it opens Nick leads me inside and sits next to me on my bed. "Jade do you need to talk?" Those words set me off. "My parents are seperating Nick! They never even really cared about me! They always say their so sorry about never keeping the promises they were never around to keep! They've never treated me like I needed atteition or love. I've always been the live in maid or the person not even my own parents noticed or cared about. Nick, they moved me out to LA three years ago just because my dad wanted to. We could of stayed in texas and been happy and he would of kept his record comapany in Austin but no. He decided that he wanted to expand it and move to LA. They've always tried to control my life even though he's never paid enough attetion to what I want in the first place. He's always tried to pick my friends just so their famous singer parents would consider signing with his company. It's horrible. They asked me to call them Carol and Jim when I was 5 years old. My brother won't even talk to me anymore because our whole family is just some big joke. I reallly love my brother but he dosn't care about me anymore and I can't even begin to comprehend what he does during the day and night that always has he's door locked and his car gone. It's like I don't know anything anymore because now I relize that everything I've even known is changing and being replaced. Nick when I first got dibetes and was hopilized for 2 weeks my parents didn't have time to come and stay with me in the hospital. My brother Max visted and brought flowers and magazines but I was still alone. The hospitale had to fax the paperwork to my mother because she was to busy to even come and pick it up or vist her ownly daughter who's helth was just lost forever. Nick your mom stayed with you at your bedside no one but Mitchel and Max ever even came to vist me. I hadn't even meet Crissy and Elisa since we had just moved to LA. Thats how bad it was. Thats how messed up my family is. Nobody has any idea what it feels like to be tottally alone with hardly no vistors, not even your family, when you could very well be dieing!" "Oh Jade. Jade. Jade. I had no idea." Says Nick smothing back my hair and holding me in his arms, my tears running down my face and smudging the already smudged stage makeup. Sometime after that I fell asleep and didn't wake up till 8'o clock the next morning.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Chapter 32: The Letter of Hurt

"Whew! That was so great!" I said hugging Nick and pulling my sweaty body close to his. "The best!" he said wispering into my ear as the screams of girls echo still across the House of Blues screaming for US to come back on, screaming "ENCORE!" Even though we had already done two encore songs. "We better get to the limo before we get stopped by screaming girl traffic." says Joe somehow getting between Nick and I and putting his arms around us. "Okay" I said still a little bit breathless. "Wait" says someone who I though was done tormenting me for the night. "Mitchel? What are you still doing here?" I ask curious. "Well I wanted to see your concert but these arrived for you after intermission." Mitchel said giving me a cheery yellow rose which didn't at all met the soloum expression on his face. I felt the card before I even knew there was a note. I opened it with the high from my concert mixing with suspision along with Mitchel's soloum expression and Nick's and Joe's curious glances. "It's from my Father." I say suprised. "He's not here I just thought. I thought, he promised." I say the high from the proformance slipping away so fast that I couldn't manage to catch it. "Oh" says Joe and Nick also slipping from there high. I read the rest of the letter and have to will myself to keep from falling to the ground or running away from everything. It's diffcult because I can feel the tears start to slowly make their way down my face.
'Dear Jade
I'm sorry I missed your proformance tonight I had a meeting with some budding talent for the record company I'm sorry. Tonight I wished to tell you that your mother and I are seperating. I hoped to tell you in person but as that is impossible since you are going tomarrow to reherse for that tour. Your mother and I have been growing apart for years and we have decided yesterday it was time to seperate. Max will be living with me in LA and your mother will be living in Malbui after she can find a place. I'm sorry you had to hear it this way. I wish you the best of luck on your tour.
Your Father,
Jim Murry

Their never togather because they never tried. They've never tried hard enought. They don't know what it's like to care and love someone because they've never done it! They've never cared about me, my own parents. Who insisted that I called them Jim and Carol at 5 years old. How could they do this to me? How could they not care at all? How could they miss their daughter's first solo concert? How could they not sign it 'Love your Father'? How could they know nothing about me? How could they miss every single thing I've ever done? How could they hurt me on one of the best nights of my life? 'Because your not a daughter to them, and you never have been' says a sad voice at the back of my head. Every fraction of my body knows it's true. "Jade whats wrong?" asks Nick cautching me when I start to try and run. He sees the tears and pulls me closer. "Jade whats the matter?" I try and squrim out of his arm but he holds me close. "I need to go." I say still trying to get away, to run and run till no one can ever find me and Crissy wouldn't be able to find me this time neigher would Elisa. I'd disaper forever. "Where are you going to go ,Jade? Everyone knows your face? You can't run anywhere?" says Nick rocking my shuddering body. And then the tears gushed out and I gasped and sobbed as Nick clutched me close the others onlooking even though I couldn't see them though the tears. I knew that everyone was looking at me. "My....par...en...ts" I say dropping the letter on the floor as Nick nodded as he held me close. "Their seperating and they don't care wether it hurts me or not!" I wail getting tears all over Nick's concert atier. Not hearing anything but my sobs and Nick's soothing voice."Because they have never cared about me as their daughter!" I wail tucking my head against Nick's chest with my arms wrapped around him, the picture of Hurt brought on the way only a Letter of Hurt, can.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Chapter 31: The Choice

"What can you possibly want?" I say spinning on him adter I'm satifised that we are out of earshot of any prying techies or even more importanly Nick. It hurt more to look him stight in the eyes but whatever he needs to say, what ever made him treak across the country to see me, he was going to say it looking me dead on in the eyes. I'm not going to make it easy for him, I'm way past that. I wish we could joke and laugh and dance around pertending that we were the Spice Girls or in our own privite concert but somehow I feel like that was years ago, that carless time where everything in the world was flawless and could be depedned on at least for a couple moments, the time I was with Mitchel. That time though I stood on the sidelines watching Mitcel sign thousands of autographs and meet thousands of fans who had no idea what my name was. It's different now though I'm no longer looking down, I'm looking stright ahead and not caring if the world looks right back at me. "I'm Brandon right? In the song on your album." I didn't anwser. He took my silence for a 'yes.' "I brought the album and I listened to it...again and again. I couldn't get the songs out of my head. The first time I listened to Hey Brandon I knew you were talking about me, I heard it in your voice, in the lyrics. Hey Brandon remeber me that was me. I didn't...I just never knew what I acted like back then till this song. Yesterday I kept telling myself 'you idoit you let her go, you let her get away!' I had to come here to tell you I'm sorry for everything. For being an idoit. For runing everything including our friendship. For the pictures. For the way I treated you. I sorry. Your album truly is amazing if you like the kinky-kinda-popstar-stuff which I love. I can't get away from you or your album. The songs play over and over again in my head and then once I start to get over them I'll hear your name on the radio or see you on telvsion or on the internet where your everywhere. I can't live with the guilt of everything I've done. I know we can never go back to what we were but we've been friends for years. We've done so much togather and have been such a big part of each others lives. Can we at least try and be friends again, please?" I look down silently at my hands and play with my rings not anwsering. His eyes travel to my hand. I look up quickly enough to see shock cross his face. "Jade what is that?" I can hear the shock and horror tredding hard on his voice and I could see the emotions a battelfeild across his face. "It's a ring." I say tring to sound emotionless like I couldn't carless about the ring or about how hurt he's feeling. "Jade...are you engaged to Nick?" he stutters out the words ,clinching his jaw, his emotions turning slowly to anger. "No were just...." I trail off not knowing exactully what we are, Me and Nick I mean. Not fincees. Not best friends. Not boyfriend and girlfriend, something well more. "Okay....I..I..understand." says Mitchel backing away slowly. "Mitchel wait." he looks at me again. "I'm sorry too." He nods walks down the hallway, half way down he turns back around and sees me standing there watching him. "I'll always try and be there for you Jade." He tries to give me a smile. "Have a great show." Then he turned and walked away. I knew then I had made a choice between them and I had chossen a popstar over my best friend.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Chapter 30: Two Words

Jade's Note: Funny Poll guys real funny...I guess I saw that coming I am tottally going to make a different poll! Ugg... By the way does anyone eles love Honor Society or Metro Station? I love them too!

"1,2,3,4" I say for the uptenenth time which is to say the thousanth time. The band kicks in behind me. "Hey Brandon remeber when thats how it always starts every call I get from him."Rehearsal. Rehearsal. Rehearsal. I have 3 hours before my semi solo concert. I say semi because besides the opening act I have a speical celeberity experience which of course is a tottal sercert but let me tell you the audience is going to go crazy! "Okay were going to rehearse 'Living the Dream' one more time!" says Antony the guy in charge of my concert and the Look Me in the Eyes tour. "Comming!" yells three boys that have been fooling around with a football and my bodyguard Joe who was tottaly encourging him. Okay so it's the Jonas Brothers fine! You got it out of me. Besides I'm not ready to go tottaly solo! "That was great" says Nick as he jumps on stage and runs over to get his gutair. "How do you know....?" I say messing with him. "You have been playing football since we finshed our song!" "We'll we;ve heard all these songs at least 1,000 times since 10 am not to metion the constant playing of it while we were all playing Gutair Hero in your room last night. Besides at least we weren't complaining." "What do you mean I haven't complained!" I shot back throwing a mic to Joe. "Yeah you were every single night on the Best of Both Worlds Tour you complained that the songs were stuck in your head and that you've heard them 18 million times already!" says Joe cautching the mic perfectly in his right hand. "Ugg whatever!" I say trying not to laugh but brusting out laughting any way. "And a one, two, three, four." says Joe facing toward me as we lanch into out hit #1 itunes song 'Living the Dream.'

Hair, Makeup, and wardrobe. Vocal Warmup. Then Lockdown. 30 min before the show all of us locked in the Jonas Brothers Dressing Room. "So Jade whats it like to have so many fans?" asks Veronica the V in VM as we all sit around sipping water while watching people, a lot of people, fill into their seats on the montir. "It's really amazing." says Nick, Kevin, Joe, and I as if were in a trance. I mean because we've been asked that question before, once or twice..."Guess what?" I say snapping out of it and hidding my purse where in it is the new popstar magazine thats going to be released in 3 days sits. "What!" says Veronica and Marissa loudly while they leaned forward so confident that they were going to hear something amazing. Why can't I ever have that effect on Crissy and Elisa! "Well since I've been giving Popstar! all these shoutouts in my youtube videos and everything they gave a favor." "Uh-huh." says Marissa and Elisa in unsion following every word but not knowing where I'm going with this. I swear there more like sisters than best friends. "Well....just...okay here!" I say reaching in to my bag and pulling out the Popstar issue. Their faces complety lit up even though they had no idea what was in it, just the fact that I got to get it before the newstands did amazed them. Well maybe it sorta amazed me too. I set the magazine down on the coffe table between us and opened it to the Hot Hits Music Section. The one where 'VM Girls' is splashed on the top of the page which is next to a picture of the girls from their soon to be released album's cover. It was followed by an article about who they are and about their music. "Ohmygosh!" they keep repeating as they huged each other and jumped up and down. Then came over and hugged me and then Kevin and Joe and Nick and then finnally they quieted down and sat down and read togather. I smile and look at Nick as I ply with my promise ring. It's sorta of a habit I've devolped to play with the ring that promises me to a teen hearthob who months ago I considered a never going to happen dream. Theres a knock on the door which wipes my smile off my face. I can tell I'm not the only one the knock stunned even Veronica and Marassia are looking at the door with curious expressions. We still have 27 min before the show starts. Which is to say 24 min before the pre-show peptalk. Which is too say no one should be interupting us, by knocking on our door. I exchange startled glances with Nick and Joe as Kevin gets up to anwser the door. As he opens it I hear a "Can I please speak with Jade?" I don't turn around because I know that voice. I don't need to see the face that haunts me everywhere because I've memozied everyone of his features. I've told him everything and I've been waiting for a responce. "Jade...?" says Kevin turning his back to the door to see my reponce. 'Bad move Kevin' I think to myself. 'Turn your back to him and he'll stab you in it.' "I'll be right back." I say to everyone espically Nick who is no longer the happy person he was a min ago. I know how he feels he could do that to people, espically us. I take a deep breath, stand up, and face the door. Taking in the memozied features that are still inprinted on my heart no matter how many times I try to get them off. All the images are connceted to him by two words. Two words that in the last month have caused me to rethink everything...Mitchel Musso.

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Chapter 29: GMA + VM

The day after my album dropped when I usally would be waking up for church, if there was no time difference between LA and the GMA studios in New York City. I was sitting in a chair being plucked, pamperedm and madeup for my interview and performance with Good Morning America where I'll be promotting my new album. And tonight I have my own SOLD OUT concert at the House of Blues in NEW YORK CITY! "Nice to see you again" I say to the person from the GMA in charge of interviewing me. She smiles and extends her hand to me in common curtisy. Well she sruchnises everything from my toes to my heveily product covered hair I turn to the windows hoping to cautch a glimpse of something that would distract me. Even though the building supposally blocked most of the sound from outside you could still hear the screams of maybe 1000 teenage and preteen girls that were pressed against the windows, weilding signs that read "Jade were here for you!" and "We heart Jade." I wave to them not knowing what eles to do. It's weird having people want to know you, want to be best friends with you, who want to spend just 2 seconds communicating with you. Its a really strange feeling combined with the feeling that a year ago you were sitting at church with Max praying that your parents would sleep in the house that night or that Mitchel would stop pertending that Emily's his best friend and not you. Take that and add it to the feeling that last year you were a nobody and now your a somebody. I turn back around in my chair when I hears the cameraman start to count down the seconds till we go live. "8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2," and then he points to the interviewer. "Good Morning America this is Anne Stiner and as you can see from the signs and number of preteen girls clusted out side on this chilly January day we have someone special here today. She recently toured with pop sensations Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers on the Best of Both Worlds Tour which was sold out within 2 minents of ticket sales opening. She also appered as a supporting lead oppisete Miley Cyrus on the hit Disney Channel Show Hannah Monatana. Yesterday she released her already Gold Certified Album 'Sorta Kinda Boyfriend' which includes a deut with her good friends the Jonas brothers and another with her boyfriend, teen hearthob, Nick Jonas.She will also be joining the Jonas Brothers as their opening act on their Look Me in the Eyes Tour' I think to myself 'Yeah when you say it like that it all sounds so perfect. But you didn't metion my best friend my never speak to me again. My boyfriend is supersure were going to spend the rest of our lives togather. And I have no idea what city I'm going to be in 2 weeks unless I print out a copy of the Look Me in the Eyes tour Sheldale. Oh and Miley Cyrus is tottaly out to get me. Yet when you say it like that it sounds so glamours and well completly and uterlely perfect.' "America this is...Jade Murry." "Thank you Anne for that great introduction." I say smiling not allowing any viewer to pertrate my shall we say 'non-perfect' thoughts. "Thanks you. So Jade what do you think about your new album?" she asks directing the question toward me. " I had a ton of fun making it and I'm really excited for all my fans to hear more from me. I actully had a lot of help on my album the title track was actully written by me and my friends Crissy and Elisa at a sleepover about a year ago. And as you metioned the Jonas Brothers cowrote two songs on the album and I really hope everyone loves it!" I say grinning into the camera. "Thats great Jade! I heard though the grapevine that your holding your own solo concert tonight before you go and join the Jonas Brothers' Tour right here in New York." "Thats right Anne, it's at the House of Blues in new York City at 8pm. It's sold out but if you mange to get your hands on some tickets I'll see you there. I'll be the one onstage performing! Well one of the ones! See, I have this brand new really truly amazing girl group opening up for me! Their groups name is VM and it's made up of these really talented best friends named Marrissa and Veronica and let me tell you, you'll love them!" "Okay Jade so what songs are you going to perform for our studio audience and the american public today?" "I'll be performing two songs off my new album; the title track called 'Sorta Kinda Boyfriend' and 'Hey Brandon Remeber When'. "Sounds Fantastic Jade! Stay turned to see Jade Murry performing songs off her new album 'Sorta Kinda Boyfriend' only on Good Morning America." After the Cameraman cuts I keep wondering even as I'm performing in front of all those people why did she have to say my name in almost every sentence. It sorta gave me the impression that it wasn't the anwsers that counted it was the names she was able to drop and conncet my anwsers too. Miley Cyrus, the Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas, Jade Murry. Thats my name and the advice I so want to give her is 'Thats my name don't ware it out!"

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Chapter 28: Number One

Jade Note: Sorry I didn't post yesterday...Shaving Cream Fights. Nuff'said. Also Congraulations to the Winners and also by the way Crissy and Elisa are actully real people for all that don't know this. Elisa dosn't read this Fan Fiction anymore she read the first 17 chapters, shes not really a reader...but Crissy reads it along with all your comments! So keep commenting! : ) Also I added two new polls so check them out! I want to know your guys opions! -Jade

"Jade! Jade! Wake up you need to see this!" says Crissy shaking me awake. I open my eyes, blinking repetly to get my eyes to focus on the clock, 7 am. Only 5 hours of sleep. "Go away I don't have to be at the CD signing till 12. And the radio interview with Radio Disney isn't till 2. And I don't get on the stupid plane to New York till 6! Leave me alone!" I say swatting away Crissy and pulling the cover back up past my head. "Fine" says Crissy giving up. "But Your Number One." she says shuffling away from me to Elisa on the other side of the room. "What are you talking about?" I say flinging the covers off of me. "Come see Jade!" says Elisa on my brand new apple laptop."Ugg.." I say getting out of bed and dragging my feet over to the other side of the room. "What?" I ask blinded by the bright computer screen. Crissy sighs and points to a portin of the screen where I can tell an itunes window is open. Once my eyes focus it all becomes crystal clear. "Sorta Kinda Boyfriend [The Album] is number one! Ohmygosh! Ohmygosh!" I started jumping around the room screaming my head off! I actully hear a quiet "Uggg" from the other side of the wall which is Max's room. "Come back here theres more!" says Crissy screaming to be heard over my screaming as I run over to the computer. "You'll also number one in the music video section and your Jonas Brother Song is Number 1 in the Song section and your Nick Deut Song is Number 2 and Sorta Kinda Boyfriend is Number 3," Elisa adds pointing to the sections on the computer screen. "Let me see!" I say pushing her out of the way and squinting to see the artist name: Jade Murry. I barley have began to register it when Crissy and Elisa pulled me into a huge group hug as we jumped up and down togather screaming "Number 1! Number 1!" And that would explain how we find ourselves, two hours later with two bodyguards, walking into one of Hollywoods largest music stores thats only two blocks away from the Chinese Theater, and going to buy my debut album. It didn't exaculty take us that long to find it. "Ohmygosh it's in the very front!" I asy spotting my airbrushed cover, made with completly recycled martierals and CDVU+ technoligy, about tree seconds from the time we walked in the door. We all agreed to buy one even Paul and Joe and as we got in line I filmed us buying my new cd which involved some protests from Crissy and Elisa that I couldn't put it on the interne, as usall I irrored them. After we brought the album we were all looking around at the CDs trying to find something we might like when, no joke, the Jonas Brothers came in. They were followed by Big Rob and their other bodyguards as soon as we heard their voice the three of us froze and ducked behind the CD shelves while Paul and Joe, relizing our intent, tried to keep their back to them as they pertended they were regular guys looking at CDs on Saturday Morning, "What are they doing here?" asked Elisa whispering. We didn't have long to wait for that question to be anwsered since Joe did the same thing I had done. "Nick, Kevin, it's over here." Then they percheeded to walk right toward where my CD was resting and picked up three cds. "Ohmygosh there buying my CD!" I wishper exctitlly to the camera that is still rolling. "Why are they heading toward our shelf?" Crissy wishper asks as we both tear our eyes away from them to look at Crissy with questioning looks. "It just sorta looked like they were-where did they go?" Crissy asked starlted. My head snaps back to where they were standing just seconds ago. We scan the store around us with our eyes not moving anything eles, not seeing any trace of them. Till a "Ahem" mad us turn around guilty. Standing their was Nick, Joe, and Kevin trying to act tough while hidding their smiles. "Way to act like Stella, Jade." says Joe breaking down and laughting as he helped Crissy and Me up as Kevin noticed the Camera as he helped Elisa up. "Spying on us perhaphs?" asks Kevin winking at us as a teenage girl points us out excitly to her friend. "No just videotapping us buying my CD" I say. "Yours we're on it too!" says Joe pretending to be angry. I hold out the video camera to include all of us "Sorta Kinda Boyfriend in stores now!" Then I turn off the camera to face three amused guys holiding cds with my face on them, one which happenes to be my boyfriend, who also has a matching ring to one on my finger. To face a excited store manger that proabley has never had this many celeberties in his store at once, a now pack of teenage girls that are debating wherether or not to come over to us,Crissy and Elisa that are lost in their lovers eyes, and of course the thoughs spinning in my labled superstar mind one of which is the hype is getting bigger and promises are getting harder and harder to keep.

Jade Note: Marrisa and Veronica don't worry I metion you guys in the next chapter! Also could you guys find a photo on photobucket that looks something like you like I did on the pictures on the right with Summer/Jade/Crissy/Elisa/ect. Or you could upload your own picture on photobucket and send me the link via comments. Thanks love you guys! -Jade

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Chapter 27: Promises

And the Winner is...OJDGIRL!!! And the runner up is...Veronica! But guess what? And I'm sure Veronica will be insanly happy to hear this...everyone that entered was going to get a character no matter what! Thats right if everybody that didn't take the time to enter would of entered they would of got a character...sorry about that folks! So even though OJDGIRL won she will get a character and Veronica will get a character. Since they both entered with really amazing essays and they took the TIME to ENTER!

Note to the Winner and Runner Up:Amazing job! To claim your prize all you need to do is write a short description of yourself and post it as a comment. Such as "Name (First), Height (Short or Tall), Hair color, ect. And be sure to include 5 words that you think describe you.

I stare down at my CD fingering it, fliping it over and over in my hands. Wondering why me? Why did I just get handed to me what so many others never get? And then theres the overwelming feeling I've achived sucess not many young artists achive. That I had my own cd with my own songs and my own airbrushed face on the cover. It's a pretty amazing feeling. And then to have that same CD have people actully like it and want to listen to it. It's insane. It really truly is. I hear somebody sit down next to me but no words are spoken. Which means it's Nick because weird as it seems we never need words to convay anthing to each other. Silence can convey emotions even our songwritting skills cannot. After a while I can't stand it anymore and I look at him. "Nick I can't belive this is happening. I can't belive anything I mean I though I was used to it with the Best World Concert but it's getting so big everything is out of control. I have no idea what I'm doing in the next 2 hours let alone next year. Next year your planning on going on a World Wide Tour and I'll be..well I have no idea where I'll be." He just looks at me with those brown eyes that stare down at millions of girls from posters on their walls. They electrify me in a soulful stare that seems to last forever. " You'll be in my heart." Then he kisses me, the kinda kiss that you know you'll never forget. And even though were in a long empty sevice cordor ,that was proabley filled when the party was still going, it was romantic in the way that no other feeling in the world could top it. Because I'm on Top of the World. In an hour I'll be at the Top of the Charts everything is spontanious it's my new lifestyle. "Listen Jade." "Yeah?" I say lost in the stare of his beutiful eyes. Then without saying another word he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a ring and puts it in the palm of my hand. As soon as I set eyes on it I love it. It reminds me of Nick in every way it's so beutiful it almost hurts to look at. After I stare at it I look to Nick for an explaintion. "It's a promise ring." He says showing me his hand where two rings sat in perfect harmoy one matching the ring that I held in my palm. "It's beutiful." I say reaching over and hugging him. Then Nick put it on for me. I couldn't belive how it fit perfectly and matched my purtiy ring as well. "Nick I'm speachless." I say turning my plam over and over watching it reflect the light so beutifully. "I'm glad you like it" he says turning the color of scarlet. "Like it! I absoulty love it. It's the most beutiful ring I've ever seen!" Then I kissed him. "
"Oh my Jonas that was the best night ever!" says Elisa hugging her autograph book to her chest. After sucessfully pried autographs from Carrie Underwood and the High School Musical crew among other unforant attendies."Yeah it was pretty fun." says Crissy though the bathroom door as she was changing into her pjs. "Yeah.." I say sighing. "By the way I couldn't find you anywhere after the party finshed. Come to think of it I couldn't find Nick either. Hmmmm..." says Crissy comming out of the bathroom and throwing down her bag on the chair I was just about to sit down in. "hey i was just about to sit there." I say picking up the back and hurling it in Crissy's direction. The bag comes inches from her face but she dosn't move. Not even a blink. Shes just staring at my hand that threw the bag, or most sepifically the right hand. Elisa seems to also aquire a fasation with my right hand. "What is...that?" I hear Crissy stutter out still not moving from her postion near my bed. "It's nothing." "Ewmygawd did Nick propose?" asks Elisa. "Wait no...not like that." I say trying to defend myself. "Then what is it. The last time I check when a boy gave you a dimond studded ring that ment the issle of Las Vegas isn't far off." says Crissy sitting down stifly on the bed. "Guys no it's a promise ring." I try to explain. Crissy jumps up and grabs my compture and starts tryping feverlousy. "What are you doing?" I ask her. "I'm looking up promise ring on Wikipedia this is what it says: A promise ring is a ring that is indicative of a serious promise made to oneself or another. It may be given to a romantic partner to signify a commitment to a monogamous relationship, without a more lasting bond such as marriage. Lovers mostly exchange promise rings to indicate their commitment to the relationship they have. Generally, a girl receives a promise ring from her potential mate when they know they want to be married, but because of age or circumstance it is not possible at that time." A silence fills the room like a blanket suffocating us untill finally I speak up "Do I really want to marry Nick ever? I mean I love him but..." I'm only 15 and hours ago I though I had my whole life in front of me.
Note from Jade: I'll be at Camp till next saturday! See you then!

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Love Calculator Results!: AKA JADE FUN!

Hey Guys! Just a fun little thing today!

The matchable results are in!

Check this out! it's so weird!
If you can't read it heres the results in text form:
Jade Murry + Kevin Jonas= 92%
Jade Murry+ Joe Jonas= 89%
Jade Murry+Nick Jonas= 45%
I used a site called
Be sure to check that out and comment your scores!
But wait! Theres more! I had a lot of free time!
My Real Name+ Nick Jonas= 84%
My Real Name+ Joe Jonas= 41%
My Real Name+ Kevin Jonas= 64%
*Crissy (The Real Crissy)+ Nick Jonas= 29%
*Crissy+ Joe Jonas= 42%
*Crissy+ Kevin Jonas= 65%
*Elisa (The Real Elisa)+ Nick Jonas= 39%
*Elisa+ Joe Jonas= 64%
*Elisa+ Kevin Jonas= 17%
*I used their real names in real life for this not their character names. Since I haven't givven them last names in the story.
Thanks I'll post a chapter later! Be sure to check out the site and comment your scores on this BLOG! In Real Life Nick and I have a 84% Capability rate! Thats so AMAZING!

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Chapter 26: Three, Two, One, Lanch!

PS That picture is Jade Murry's official logo it is metioned in this chapter. By the way contest is almost over! Get your entries in soon! I mean what have you got to lose!

"Oh yes I;m really excited about my new album it's something I've always wanted to do. And I had tons of fun doing it." I say calmly to the magazine repersentives camp out on the white carpet. "Okay well I'm going to go meet some fans that I heard have been here since 6am so I'll talk to all you guys later! XoXo!" I walk over to the other side of the white carpet while Nick, Joe, and Kevin were anwsering questions with Crissy and Elisa. "Hey Guys!" I say talking to the fans crushed against the barrier with admiring looks on their faces. "Whats your name?" I ask a girl proabley around 14 only a year younger than me. She has this amazing sparklrey sign that read "Jade's My NUMBER ONE!" Number Ones a song on my new album. "Me..Me?" shes stutters. "Yes you with the sign." I laugh. "It's Maine." she stutters out. "Thats a really cool name." I say looking for one of the event planers. I found one and motioned him over he was hesatint to come. Because I'm not exactully the easiest person to plan a party for. When he finnaly gets here after taking at least 30 seconds to get over here when he was only like 5 ft away. "Can I possibly add one more guest?" I ask sweetly in his ear giving him puppy dog eyes. He gives me a glare but I can't really blame him. I have cause him a lot of trouble I mean with the whole limo thing and then we had to tell the people incharge of carting that I can't eat to much high sugared foods so could we keep to low sugar foods for the party. Oh and now taking a random fan I just met to that same lanch party at the completly last minuet I would think I was a pain too. But did he metion any of these things? No he did what most people do to celeberties he clinched his jaw and through his teeth said "Only one." I have to give all the event planners a hug at the end they truly deserve it. Okay. I turn back to Maine. "Maine who are you here with?" I ask her. "No one my mom's picking me up when I call her we only live 2 blocks away." she anwsers looking suspisous. "Would you like to come to a party with me?" she looked like she was about to faint. "Maine just wait there my bodyguard Joe is going to come get you okay?" She mangages to nod her head. I nod to Joe who jumps over the barrier and cuts though the crushing fans till he gets to Maine. "Your Maine right?" he asks in his gruffy bodyguard voice that he uses to everyone but me. He's always a lot nicer to me than anyone eles in fact when me and Nick kissed hello tonight he almost pulled Nick off of me. His veins tightened and everything. Maine nods yes and Paul picks her up and sets her on the other side of the barrier before jumping over himself, they both end up next to me. "Okay lets go inside. Just stay with me Maine." I say slipping my arm into her arm. She looks up and gives me a huge smile. "And me." says Nick slipping his arm into my other arm. Joe and Paul following behind us. While Big Rob stays with the other Jonas Brothers. I'm defferntly not the only one in my group that gasped when we entered the room. I was everywhere litterally. They were giving out my CD they were playing my CD they had my CD cover posted everywhere and they had this huge projector screen that had a slide show of pictures of me recording my studio album, on Hannah Monatana, on the Best of Both Worlds Tour, and just hanging out with the Jonas Brothers. But still Maine gasped too, so I wasn't the only one. It was just WOW. Even my logo the avertisting comapany made to put on my cd case was everywhere on the drink cups and on the table cloths and the gift bags and it was just WOW. "Okay were sitting at table number 1. Convient." I say dragging Nick and Maine along with me. When we get there I ask a serever for an extra seat and he brings one. The repersentive from Hollywood Records takes the mic and requests that everyone return to their seats. Once everyone is seated I'm looking around and I see guests like Emily Osment, most of Miley's backup dancers (who give me a thumbs up from across the room), Aly and AJ, Carrie Underwood, Demi and Selena (who wave at me), Jorden Pruitt, Vanassa and Zac, and Jesse Mac. And of course sitting at our table is Crissy, Elisa, Joe Jonas, Kevin, Nick, Summer, and Manie. Paul and Joe are sitting at a table close by with some other bodyguards. "Welcome to everyone. We are gathered her to celeberate and lanch the carrer of The Next Big Thing. Jade Murry and her debut album called Sorta Kinda Boyfriend. We just were handed the offical review for the album and the grade is an..." he takes a dramtic pause and everyone at my table holds hands I suquezze waiting for the dramtic pause to be over..wait..for the letter grade so many other great artsits get. Waiting...Waiting..squezzing..squezzing. " A minus!" he shouts punching his arm in the air. The room busts into applasuse and I stand up and receive the hugs from my friends. Who are jumping and screaming "Of my gosh! This is so great! Great Job!" Before the words sunk in Selena, Dem, Joe, Kevin, Crissy, Elisa, Summer, and most importanly Nick have pushed me into a huge group hug. Nick kisses me full on the lips when he manges to get close to me and wispers "We only got a B on our first album." "Yeah and a A plus on your second I wisper back." "Jade would you like to come introduce the music video for Sorta Kinda Boyfriend?" asks the Rep. into the mic. I detangle myself from the group hug and scurry up the stairs. He hands me the mic. "I really hope you enjoy this video and the whole album. It was tons of fun making and I actully got to do it with some of my best friends and fellow performers the Jonas Brothers and my friends Crissy and Elisa apper in the video also. So thank you everyone for allowing me this opertunity! And with out farther adeu here is my music video Sorta Kinda Boyfriend." Then as I sit back down in my seat the opening beats for Sorta Kinda Boyfriend blasts though the speakers and what I hope to be an award winning music video apperes on the screen.

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Chapter 25: Now or Never?

"Ahhhh!!!!!" I screm into my camcorder proabley giving all my fans a good look up my nose but I don't care! "I'm going to my debt cd launch party!!!!! This is so amazing! Thanks for making this possible for me!! Ehmygawd I am being LANCHED! AHHHH!" "Jade I think you might need to calm down." says Nick calmly to the right of me. Even though I tottaly know he's excited. "Oh and Nick Jonas is my date! This is the most perfect night ever!" I say giving Nick a kiss on the check witch will proabley lower this video's rating on Youtube from a 5 to a 4 but who cares! "So anyway I'm going to stop screaming. Or try to. Were in a limo heading toward a what is it? White carpet right?" Summer nods her head from the front seat. "Right, White carpet event for my CD that lanches tommarow. Or maybe today because thats when I'll get this on so...go out and buy it! Ewmygosh this is so cool I'm like freaking out if you can't tell. So basically tonight I'm going to try and turn on my camcorder basically when no one's looking so I can give you guys an exclusive. Maybe I can met some famous people." "I hear Carrie Underwood comming." says Nick leaning into the picture. "Ehmygosh I have to get her autograph. Okay maybe that won't work out so good. Maybe I'll just try and talk to her." "Yeah just don't talk to her the way you first talked to me." says Nick laughing. I push him playfully. "Nick! Okay guys talk to you later. I'm Jade." "And I'm hurt." says Nick fake clutching his tux's arm but nearly crying from laughter. "Thats Nick and we'll talk to you later! Go buy the album!" So basically after I stuck my brand new Flip Video (which is compatable and able to fit in my purse and I got it for free!) in my purse. Nick and I laughted super hard for another good 3 minents. Much to the annoyence of Paul who has to sit in the back with us because he's the new bodyguard. Your proabley asking wheres the rest of JB? There right behind us in the other limo they wanted the artist to arrive with her date and the other artists on the album to arrive after with their dates. Turns out though I am dating one of the other artists so Nick was promoted to Main Limo. Basically none of the event planners wanted this but they had to let me do it. Because well it's my launch party and I can go with whoever I want, well except for Freddy Porter I mean because I issued a restrainment order and my father is sueing him for abuse. So basically he has to stay away from me or he'll end up in jail, but that wouldn't be the first time. We pulled up to the white carpet where all these fans and press are camping out waiting for all the stars to arrive at a lanch party "Okay so Nick I look okay right?" I ask as we pull in front of the carpet. "You look beutiful." says Nick tossing a strand of my hair. "Okay just don't leave me." I say as I grab his arm as Paul gets out of the door and holds it open. "I won't." he states putting an arm around my waist. "Okay it's now or never right?" I ask feeling as though I'm going to start sweting any min now. "Right and relax everyones going to love your songs." "Okay" I say and we step out of the limo. I see flashbulbs going off and people shouting my name. And there hear for me, well and the Jonas Brothers but in spirt their there for me. I know inside someday I'm going to have to go my own path and serperate myself from the Jonas Brothers if I ever want to be a serious musican and actress with roles and albums all my own, with my own deciated fans and not just shared fans. But thats some where in the disant future for now I'm just happy holding on to Nick's tux clad arm and having his arm wrapped around my waist. Just call me Nade.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Chapter 24: Bella does not mean beauty in my Book

"I think if I was Jade in this music video I would kiss Nick a little more passionatly before I shut the door on him, wouldn't you?" says Bella standing at the refresment table talking with a handful of the extras. When she knows I can overhear her. We have done the scene where I slam the door in Nicks face and then she comes up and smiles flirtly at let me count...oh yeah eighteen times! It dosn't even bother her to see my kiss Nick because for a minuet of her life (okay make that 20 min) of her life she gets to stare into Nicks eyes in an "Thanks for the flowers are you going to kiss me now moment." Or in this case a "Just dump her I'm the one you need." And to say that her plan is working would be an understatment. So you could say I'm a little bit on the edge infact I think Crissy has been going on about Joe's weird camp rock doll pototype whihc apperently was what they were looking at this moring. I don't belive them, one because I have a eye withness namily Nick, who was too disgusted to break them up. But whatever like I said I'm on the edge. Nicks over trying to talk the director to cut the Bella scene but he's not buddging. I can see why ever single scene Bellas in it. The Director says it leads up into the final moment where you are done with him and Bella winds up getting him. I think it's a very well written peice of well.....bad stuff. Does Bella always have to try and ruin everything. Seriously all Bella's agent did was metion that she's a good friend of Jb's and then "Hello Mrs. Redwood would you like a part in a music video with Jade Murry and The Jonas Brothers?" and then downhill from there. It's a dog eat dog world and only today I though we were all peacefully connceted here in LA. And to me, even though technically I'm still a newcomer, I dislike new LA-ers it makes me mad and ticked off. Espically if their Bella Redwood. "But the Demi doll tottaly looks like her dosn't it?" asks Crissy directing the question toward me as I'm straining to hear the bad things Bella is saying about my supposally "noexistant" kissing skills. Ewmygawd I hat her. Uggg. "What?" I ask automatically thinking of vodoo dolls and more specifically one with Bella's face on it. Oh that was mean but I really don't care. "Do you even try and listen to me?" says Crissy sighing at looking over at Kevin for backup but getting nothing since Elisa and Kevin were sharing soda and giggling. How can somepeople be so completly happy despite everything against them I mean their 6 years apart isn't this illgal but does anyone care? No. Me and Nick are the same age and I can name 1 Million people who care and at the top of the list is a name that starts with a B and another one starts with an M. But whos keeping track right? "Anyway so your going to go on the Look Me in the Eyes tour right?" asks Crissy who proabley already knows the anwser. Okay defiently should know the anwser. "Yes as their opening act." I said trwilling around my dogtag on my friend and straining my neck to see the reactions of the extras at what Bella is proabley telling them. "Okay" says Nick sitting down in the chair next to me. "Shes still in it. Permently no decussion. Sorry I really tried Jade." he says putting his arm around my shoulders. "Aww isn't that sweet?" I hear a raspy (or maybe it was just me) voice from behind us. I didn't even have to turn around to know who it was. Bella and some extras. A couple months ago didn't this happen with a girl named Miley in about the same exact sercatamce. Yeah I think it did.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Chapter 24: Flip Over

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"Oh my gosh hey Nick!" I say giving him a hug I mean I haven't seen him in two days! It's been tourture. "Hey Jade!" he says hugging me back. "Did you just get here?" he asks as we pull apart. "Yeah have you seen Crissy and Elisa there extras in this?" "Well I saw them like maybe thirty minunets ago when the lighting guys were setting up the school set. But then they disapered. Have you seen Joe or Kevin?" "Wait Joe and Kevin are missing too..." I say looking around. "Yeah...." says Nick supisouly. "Wait you don't think?" I say thinking the same thing he's thinking. "Yeah...." says Nick. "Okay I'll check Kevin's car and you'll check your trailer you share with them." "Okay." he agrees then starts to run off. And turns around and comes back. "Good Luck." he says kissing me on the lips and then smiling and then heading towards his trailer. "What was that for?" I yell after him rooted into place. "Just praticing!" he yells still smiling. God I love him. I walk fast toward Kevin's car but stop when I hear someone's name metioned. That someone happenes to be one of the last people I ever want to see ever. "Bella so all your going to do is at the end of the music video once Jade slams the door in Nick's face you walk up to him. He hands you the flowers and you smile at him. Then the video ends got it?" "Oh course Mr. Stiner" she says so sweetly I can easily imagin having a heart attack from the sugar flowing off her tongue. I reach for my breakdown since I have no remeberence of that begin in it at all. I filp to the last page and look on the other side of it. There it is in black and white. I must of just missed it because I didn't scan the last page. This is not good at all. No it's not. Not even a bit. I heard around the concer so I can see her sumg face. "Oh hi Jade isn't this going to be the Best Music Video Ever." And now that I see her here and hear her saying it I no longer belive in that statment insted I just feel mocked, hulmilatedly mocked.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Chapter 23: Connected with Coffee

"Oh my gosh this is the best music video breakdown I have ever seen!" I say bouncing on my seat as we make a quick stop at Starbucks drive though. "Whoa come down we haven't even got your daily dose of caffine yet." Says Summer smiling. Shes now sitting in the backseat now since in less than 12 hours Summer has mangaged to hire another mostly full time bodyguard a 30 somthing year old man named Paul. I can't wait to tell Paul...I mean Kevin. I mean what is the next one going to be named Nicholas? It's insane! Anway Joe is now joined by Paul in the front seat. Sentencing Summer to the back with me, not that she seemed to mind. "It just tottlay is the best thing ever!" I say moving the treatment around. See it's going to take us two; nine hour days to shot the video and I just got the treatment for the video this morning since were on our way to set right now. In the first shot I'm on a phone in my pjs twriling the cord around my finger. I get another call and hang up on it. The next shot I'm at a school and talking with Nick "My Sorta Kinda Boyfriend" and we hug and you see me motion call me to Joe and Kevin walking by. Basically I'm the girlfriend that dosn't even really think were going out and Nicks the boyfriend that dosn't get the message. It's a fun music video and a fun song. The kind that you watch and dance too, basically. At the very end I kiss Nick then I walk inside and shut the door in his face. Hey it's mean but it goes with the song and I actully think it's going to be really good. "Okay one Brazil Ipanema Bourbon for you" says Summer handing me my usual spelcity coffee. "And one House Blend for Joe" she says handing Joe a coffee. "One French Roast for Paul" she says handing him one of Starbucks smokey and intense roasts coffee. "And then one Gold Coast Blend for me." says Summer taking a sip of her 'elagent' coffee. I roll my eyes and look out the window at Los Angelos. I've always loved LA even before I moved here something is always going on here. Lindsey may be sentenced to rehab five blocks from where I'm shopping at Fred Seaqul. Movie Stars are having premires a block away from my fave pizza place. The Jonas Brothers house is 3 miles away from where I eat breakfast in the moring. Everyone no matter how important is connected to everyone eles in LA. Maybe thats what I love the most about it. Oh and Red Vines are like the best candy in the world and it's almost exclusivly found in Southern Califorina, oh and they taste nothing like twislers. We pull up to Stage 14 where were shotting the bedroom and school scene. "This marks the day that I one of my own songs will be made into a music video!" I shout standing in an army position outside the car. "Yeah Jade next time your getting decaf." states Summer stering me into the door.

Chapter 22: Meeting Fans

Yes I met JB in the Bathamas at Alantis resort because I was sitting out side a restraunt waiting for my parents. I said "Hi..." to each of them causing them to come over to me and my sister. I also ended up meeting Big Rob (I also met him at the DC Games), there other bodyguards, Maya, Mr. Jonas, and Mrs. Jonas. I met them 5/9/08.

Turns out I wasn't done pertending. I had to pretend to care what Mitchel did all day. I had to act like I couldn't do with out him and pretend that I was jelsous of his looks and charm and well you get the picture. I guess thats what we actress do, pretend always. James really was off about me, I'm not real, what he sees on stage or on the screen thats not me. Thats me acting, well I guess not on the Hannha epsiode with Nick but seriously you get the picture. Once we wraped filming and I signed autographs for the whole crew and dancers I was once more in the car. There was no way I was going home though. It's not that I can't face Max, even though thats part of it. It's because last week was the lanch of my offical blog. And as I promised in my blog I have a Meet and Greet set up at the Chinese Theater. As we were rounding the conor next to the koaka theather (were the red carpet starts during Oscar time) we see this huge line that must be like maybe 3 miles long streching all the way to the entrence of the chinese theater. "What the..." I say looking at the tons of people. Summer keeps moving her mouth as if she wants to say something but can't seem to find the words. I roll down my window shield. One girl notices "Hi Jade! Hi!" then another and another and suddenly 1/4 of the line is shouting my name waving posters cut form magazines and autogrpah books along with I Heart Jade posters. "Oh my gosh." I say turing to see Summer just staring out the window tottaly amazed. Then she finnaly speaks "I think your going to need another bodyguard or two." I nod and then Joe stops in front of the theater and opens my door and ushers me inside to the impending chours of "Jade Jade Jade!" I sit down at the table someone set up for me that has 25 sharpie markers and about 800 posters of me that I had presigned. Which I doubt will be enough. "Okay I'm ready." I say. They open the doors of the theater and let the line in. Which mostly includes girls my age, some girls a little bit older, and somegirls younger than me wih their mothers. The first girl comes up to me. "Hi Jade" she says giving me a small smile. She looked about 14 only a year younger than me. "So how did you get to be first in line?" I ask as I hand her a presigned poster."Well me and my friend Jasmine" she says pointing behind her. "Have been camping out here for two days. "Oh my gosh it's so nice to met you...whats your name?" "Jessica." "Okay Summer can you come here a sec?" "Yeah Jade?" says Summer coming over to me. "Can you take these two girls Jessica and Jasmine and make them extras in the Sorta music video tommarow? Can I do that?" "Okay but only these two." says Summer pulling Jasmine and Jessica out of line to call the director and their mothers. "Hi Jasmine" I say as she was passing by me. "Hi!" she replys blushing. The next 1000 went by qucikly me asking there names and they asked me questions about my life and Nick. And said that it was so cool to met me and other random stuff. By the time the first 1000 were done it was 9:00. Summer bent down and said theres about 3,000 more were going to wrap this up at 11:00 you have a shoot tommarow just go faster okay? From then on I was in fastmode taking quick pictures, autographing in record speed and talking fast. I tried to keep the line moving but at 11:00 we had only gotten though 3,000 people which left 1,000 people waiting outside. "Babe we got to wrap up." says Summer. "Wait I have an idea. What if I was to walk outside and the police would hold the line back and I just walk down the line and take pictures and sign somethings? It would only take 30 min or sooo please...." "I'll try Summer called some of the police inside and breifed them on what we were going to do. Joe put on his mean face. And starting at the beginning of the line I said Hello to groups and took pictures with people with cameras and signed some posters. And anwsered some questions. At the offical end of the line I turned and shouted over the screaming "Thanks for comming everyone" and then I got in the waiting car. A few people actully broke away from the police lines and ran after the car. Summer seeing this turned to me and said "Okay Superstar we have got to get you maybe two more bodyguards."

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Chapter 21: I'm Done with Pertending

I acttully took a breath before I got out of the car. Because I knew what I had to do and no matter what happens I need to do it. So I wiped my eyes put on a smile and steped out of the car in my widly colorful hip outfit, which I had to wear for the music video. "Um excuse you know where Mitchel is?" I asked a collage aged girl who was carrying a four Starbuck coffes and a clipboard with a mic and headphones on. "Oh.." she says looking flustered "He's right over there talking with the dancers." She points with an avarible finger and runs off proabley to do another errand. "Thank you!" I call after her while wishing that she would of just said she had no idea where he was. I walk over to him, using one step at a time. I feel like all the eyes of the world are centered right on me. I used to feel like I wasn't seen and now I'm always watched which makes everything harder. Mitchel oblivious to my walk of despair keeps streching. "Mitchel" thats all I say one word, one name, two syables. Thats it. If any other two syable word could inflict so much emotion into one person it would be banned from the english language because he looked up quickly ,so quickly in fact that if you blinked, you would of missed it. His eyes glanced up at me and I saw anger and fear and sadness and then his eyes glazed over and his face went expressionless. "Hello" he says countinuing streching. He was oviously just going to pretend like I didn't really matter that I was a person he didn't know or didn't feel like getting to know better. He was set on pretending like I hardly exist and when I do exist, I esist only for the sole purpose of annoying him or meeting him. But I'm done pertending. I'm done having people walk all over me. I'm done with having to be saved by my prince charming or Summer or my friends or aqanitences. This Princess wants to save herself and she is so done with hidding her feelings because we don't want the media to take a picture of it or have disney find our attiudes inaproppite. Thats right DONE. D-O-N-E. "Mitchel can I talk to you a min?" I ask stuggling to keep my voice even and verging on plesent. "Oh course" he says not looking at me and staring at the pavement as he streches. "In privite." I say stuggling harder to stay under control since my voice was verging on shouting. "Well I'm not sure-" he protests but is cut off by me "Okay follow me..." I delcale walking to the warehouse conner. I don't even have to check if he's falling me I know he is. Once I get there I turn around and face him. "What are you trying to prove?" "Huh?" he asks stuttering. "What am I to you exactully? Am I a worthless toy because I used to think I meant something to you. I used to think I was more than a random girl you kiss to get press. I used to think I was the kinda girl that you'd save if I ever got into trouble. I used to think you'd always be there for me. But where have you been the last couple of weeks? Not there." "Wait I-" "I've trusted you with almost every detail of my life we used to say 'Your famous and I'm not so what!' and now that were both famous everything has changed. I've known you for years and now it's like I don't even know who you are anymore. I haven't changed this is who I am." "It's not like that..." "Than what is it like Mitchel? You slip a photo of the 3 second kiss ,that never meant anything to me, to the press than the next week you party it up with Hannha. Is that how you want to live? Is this who you want to be? Because if it is I want nothing to do with it. The question If I didn't have you what would happen? Is no longer the question I'm asking myself the question is why didn't I see it before? And then I kick myself because it's been there all along I was just blinded by my friendly love for you to see it. I remeber when you were shotting Hannha the first season and you wouldn't let me come to the set because you wanted everyone to think that your best friend was Emily and Miley. I didn't see it. But You can beat I see it now. And Mitchel?" "Yeah" he says looking up from his hands and looking me stright in the eye. "What I need to hear now your sensie apoligy when you mean it. I'll belive it, if you text it, I'll delet it. Lets be clear. I'm not coming back your taking seven steps here. " Then I take seven steps backward wait a half of second turn and walk back to set. The 7 Things I hate about you.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Chapter 20: Disney Proncesses Never Cry [The Pictures]

Rated PG-13
"There is no way I'm getting up!" I yell to Summer as I burrow myself back under the covers. "Jade get up." says Summer pulling back the sheets. "No!" I say not tuning over. "Fine I'll just go call 94.8 and tell everyone your email address." she says pertending to leave. "Wait" I said. "Yes?" she says sumgly. "I'll go but Summer I haven't talk to him since...well then." "Well nows a good time to start." She says laying down a shoe box, and a costume bag on my bed. "Here's your coutume ,for godsake Jade get dressed." Then she left me alone in my room to prepare for my first music video...ever...with Mitchel. I get dressed grab everything I need into one of the desinger totes I've started to carry around, I mean they hold tons of stuff. The whole limo ride Summer tried to give me a pep talk. "Listen Jade this is your first music video you should be excited." I shake my head while staring at the limo celling. "Your going to have to get excited I mean the song your doing isn't really a I Hate Mitchel song...just saying." Don't I know it. I mean I don't have Mitchel anymore it's really that simple. Which is just like the song told me, I should of learned to love him when I had him, now were not even friends. I shake my head again. "Jade your really acting like a-" But I never got to hear what I was acting like because some Unknown number had texted me a link to a news story along with the message "You'd want to see this." I click open the browser and after it loads I frezze. Completly like I stiff up inside and hold my breath. "Miley Cyrus posts raciey photos." I say stunned. Summer socts over beside me. "What?" she asks. I point at the news article displayed on my iPhone. "Why would she? Look that one was taken the night of the party last week." I say to Summer as I scroll though the pictures that make me wonder Miley started off just like me. I'm always compared to her. Is fame going to make me this crazy? I'm hardley even looking at the pictures any more mostly just thinking then Summer makes me stop by grabbing my iPhone and bringing it up to her face, eyes wide. "What?" I ask scared to find out what it could possibly be. "You don't want to see it." she replys holding my iPhone's screen toward her. "What could possibley be that bad?" I say grabbing back the iPhone and flipping it over to revel the screen. "Eh-ma-gawd" I say staring at the photo. Miley was in the center with a midrift and celvage bearing shirt. Clustered around her were all her guy backup dancers and I mean James too. Without shirts. Also without shirts were the ones sitting beside her ,who were kissing her on each check. Those two boys who were so close to her were wearing the same things they were at the party last week, Miley's party. Infact they were both staring down her shirt the same why all the backup dancers were, which they achived by learing over her. Those two "lucky" guys were staring at the "Ja-de" written on her chest. And those two guys happened to be my ex-best friend and my brother. I don't know which shocked me more that Miley had written my name on her boobs or that my brother and ex-best friend aggred to be in this picture. Or maybe even wanted to be in the picture. Or maybe the most disturbing part is that she oviously took more pictures than this. Or maybe the part that Miley would do this, to me, to herself. I mean every single 6 year old looks up to her whats this picture going to say to them? To their parents? Does this say 15 year old girl or 20 year old slut? These pictures don't nessarily say: "Buy my new Hannha Monatana CD Girls!" "Are you okay?" asks Summer shutting off my iPhone. I turn on her with tears in my eyes and say "Do I look okay!?" Then I look down at my hands and I try not to think because then I'll cry. And Disney Princesses never cry.

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Chapter 20: J.O.N.A.S! they never have the right story!

"Oh my Jonas I have my own parking spot! Stop!" I say a little loudly to Summer since Joe had taken his day off. "Well isn't that something?" says Summer who oviously expected I'd get my own reserved parking space. Summer swerved and pulled into the spot that was marked "Jade Murry- Stella". "OMJ this is sooo cool!" I say jumping out of the car and taking a picture of the sign. A car pulls into the space next to ours which is marked "Rachel Katz- Willey." Rachel herself comes running out of the car and hugs me tightly. "This is so exciting!" she says jumping up and down while hugging me. I can't help but agree. We run into the studio and stop in our tracks. I mean I've been on the Hannha Montana set many times before but this set is amazing. And I'm the star this time! I'm the one everyone looked to when I walked in the door. Me, Jade Murry. The banquet table was set up to forumalte my prefrences, well Jonas's prefrences were included too but I'm pretty sure I'm the only one that enjoys Red Vines out of all of us. This is so amazing. "Okay girls lets get you to hair and makeup." says Summer leading us towards the hair and makeup trailer. "Okay" we say inusion and allowing ourselves to be led. Call me insane but I have never been though hair and makeup for a telvison piloet. When your in hair and makeup for a concert everything has too be waterprof and huge, se even the people in the back row of the arena can tell you have makeup on. Which is basically to say I had so much makeup on when I was opening for Miley and JB it took 25 min a night to scrub it off with super makeup remover. Anyway this is proabley why inside I'm like freaking out! I'm getting my makeup done as a charatcer not a clean face for a interview nor concert gunk. Really pretty makeup and hair, this is so great! After Hair and Makeup which I spent memozieing lines we were sent to set for a meeting. Along the way I met Nick. "Jade?" he asked. "Yeah?" I said as Rachel scamped behind us to catch up. "I got a call from James last night that you passed out at Mileys party because you were drinking." "What!" I say stopping in my tracks watching my entire good day go down in ruins right in front of me. "I've never even tasted liquior!" I say as Rachel scampers by us going stright for Joe who was looking at Nick and Me concerned. "Really then why did he have to take you home." "Um well lets see...Freddy Poter." Nick flinches as if recalling a bad memory of Freddy Poter. "Was trying to rape me and his breath was making me natouis and the smoke in the room was making me dizzy so I fainted. Thats why." "Freddy..." "Yes Freddy but can we not talk about that right now? How did your New York thing go?" "Fine" he anwsered and then walked back to set leaving me stanidng there thinking. Did everyone in the world just decide to turn against me?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Chapter 19: Savior but not my Savior

"Hello? Hello?" I say waking up and slowly taking in the car I was ridding in. And then taking in the blanket I was wrapped in. Then relizing I'm still wearing my preppy goody goody polo dress. Then taking in the driver I was leaning against. I sat up suddenly and then fell back into the seat because of my aching headache that appered when I sat up suddenly. "Oh good your up." "Where am I?" I ask him. "I'm taking you back to your house." "Oh...what..what..happened?" I ask finding my purse on my lap along with everything I had in it. "Well Freddy Porter took a liking to you and was about to rape you because you were about to faint. I pulled him off of you and caught you before you fell. Then I tried to wake you up but you wouldn't budge so I carried you to the car and here we are." "Oh" then wondering to myself am I really that light. As if reading my thoughs he goes. "Your really light actully. Mitchel was on this huge rampage that your using Freddy Porter as a sceme to make him jelsousy. Which is why he didn't help you." Mitchel my best friend. Fame it can change anyone I guess like a virus let louse on civilation picking and chossing who to infect. I can't belive this Max was at the party but did he save me? No he was too busy with Miley, my own stupid brother. Then my best friend, Mitchel, did he try to stop Freddy? No he was to busy thinking about himself because it's always been about him. It's never been about my needs it's been about his. Two people that pretty much by working togather made me famous in the first place ,are now shunning me. No James saved me. James was the one that helped me to his car and wrapped me in a blacent and was driving me home. Not my brother not the people that are supposed to take care of me and love me more than anything, James, Miley's backup dancer. "Oh." I say looking out the window for my house since we were in my neighboorhood. "Here it is" I say pointing at one of the houses. James stops and opens the door on his side. "What are you doing?" I ask as I fiddle to try and get out of the blaket. "Helping you out." He says opening my side-door and helping me out. Then he continues to walk me up to my door. "Thanks for everything." I asy hesitating to open the door. I spin around and look at him. "Well aren't you going to give me a kiss for saving you?" "What?" I say taken back that someone who really ask a 15 year girl that. "Oh so your kiss Mitchel who will let you be rapped by a posterboy for Playgirl but you won't kiss me who saved you. Who helped you. Who brought you violet roses for months even though he dosn't get paid alot as a backup dancer. The guy that has liked you ever since we first met not that you ever took any notice." I stand there staring at him. "Why do you like me? The one that loves to just dance and sing and act. The one with the most amazing boyfriend ever. Why do you want me? Why not Miley or Aly and AJ?" "Because your real." He says moving closer to me. I back away. "Than your really going to hate me for doing this." Then in one quick movement I open the door slip inside and slam the door in his face.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Chapter 18: Disney Princess Forever

This chapter is rated PG-13. If you are under thirteen that caution.

I don't know why I'm here. I don't belong here. Here I'm like a fish out of water. Or a disney princess in an evil lair. And we all know how that works out. But my story I have no prince that will save me...well he's in New York city doing some press stuff before we shoot the piolet for J.O.N.A.S! tommarow. Which is to say no one here can save me. I'm at party. And not just any party, Miley's party. And the theme is Club and Summer hinted I better go to it because it will get me good PR for supporting my extour-mate by going to her party. Unforanlty the only press I saw was for 10 seconds outside before I was whished into the rented nightclub by the staff, who even more unforanly wanted my autograph. Right now I'm just standing here by the refreshment table, a total loner. While I watch people I've seen dancing though tons of music videos and some who have been in movies , which were mostly rated R, grinding on the dance floor, making out on the sofa, talking with beer in their hands. I don't belong here. Mitchels here too. He's on the dance floor grinding opps I mean dancing with a petie blond that I've seen in maybe what? 20 music videos wearing very santily clad outfits I might add. And whats more? He keeps looking over here trying to see if I'm jelsous. I haven't even talked to him about the magazine article yet! I don't know why I bothered to wake up this morning. I turn around and try to find some water on the refreshment table. "Do you want this?" A voice asks I turn around and frezze. Freddy Poler is standing there with two beers in his hands, one open and only a quarter full and one thats open but full. "No thanks" I say trying to turn back around from "The Restless local badboy." I'm caught by a hand wrapped around my arm and suddenly I find myself very close to the face of Freddy Poler. "Come on you can't be a disney princess forever." I find my eyes watering from his liquor breath. I shake my head no and he pulls me even closer so I can fell his legs right next to mine. I've never felt so volilated. "Get off me!" I try to yell but the smoke ,either from people smoking or from the fog machine, is making it hard to talk. "Aww baby no one says no to Freddy Poler." Then like that he pulled me out onto the dance floor and lead me across it. I tried to stuggle and I tired to run, but his grip was solid as stone. "Let go!" I tried again. "Mitchel!" I cried as we walked right past him. He looked up but didn't say anything and went right on dancing. I couldn't see Miley but I decided I should call her maybe she'll help "Miley!" By then we were at the cornor of the dance floor and then to my suprise Freddy pushed me against the far wall. I relised a sudden delima from right here you could hardly see the dance floor. WHICH MEANT the dance floor could hardly see us. Sandwiched between the wall and the Badboy of the sopa opera Restless is never a position I have faniced myself getting in to, well I never ever though I would get into to. I stuggled trying to wiggle out from under him it wasn't working. "Jade your so freaking hot in that dress." He says kissing my neck as I stuggled. Which is a weird thing to say to a girl who is dressed in a green polo dress that goes down to her knees. And its not even like the buttons are unbottened. "Help" I yell as loud as someones whos voice is giving out can yell. The liguor in his breath, being pressed against a wall, and all this smoke is making me dizay I think I'm going to pass out. But I can't pass out in this situtation I can't. "Get off her!" I distanly hear someone say as they pull Freddy off of me then everything fades to black. All I hear is "Jade, Jade, Jade, are you alright? Jade? Jade?" then silence.

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Chapter 17: Games (Part 2)

"Miley?" I ask just staring at her thinking she turned my own brother against me. Miley doing away with the awarkward silence grabs my brother and pulls him into a side hug, like she owns him. "Hey Jade and Jade's friends." Which is tottaly making Crissy and Elisa seem inferior by not calling them by their names even though shes spent like hours and hours with them. At least I have Nick. I think, for now. "We were just about to play gutair hero would you guys like to play?" Liar !I want to yell. She was just going to continue making out with my brother till I would interupt them. And also how dare she invite me to play Gutair Hero in my own house.! It's my game in the first place! I mean I'm horrible at it but it's still my game! I brought it! I give a weak smile in Miley's gernal direction and try not to look at the hurt ful body langangue Max is shooting back at me. "No thanks" I say dragging Crissy and Elisa out of the room not able to take Miley's too pointy cowboy boots or glossy hair another second. When we get back in the room I turn to face Crissy and Elisa and say "Nothing means anything to her. No one means anything to her except Nick."

Friday, July 11, 2008

Chapter 17: Games (Part 1)

"I'm sure it dosn't mean anything, Jade." says Crissy lounging on my bed as I pace across my room. "How can you possibly say that!" I say grabbing the paper back from Elisa who was taking forever to read it. "Hey!" Elisa protests, I irrnor her. "You don't understand she asked me to give it to Nick. I mean look at this; pervious relationship. If you text it I'll delate it. Nick absoulty loves to text! When we kiss I'm hypontized. They kissed once! The is so so so bad. Do you know what would happen if I gave this too him? How do I not know whats going on? Why is Miley always one step ahead of me?" "Maybe she started playing the game before you." Elisa says wisly. "Whats that supposed to-" I reply but stop short when I hear a bump against my wall, from the other room, Max's room. "Max are you alright?" I ask concerned. No anwser of course he's not talking to me but what if he's hurt! "Max!" I scream as I'm running into the hallway followed by a scared and cautious Elisa and Crissy. I fling open his door and turn on the light. It takes a couple minuents for my eyes to adjust but once they do I gasp. Thats right I actucally gasp like they do in those Chic Flicks when you cauch your boyfriend cheating on you. Only Nick wasn't cheating on me it was tottlay different yet it made me gasp all the same. Not because my brother was hurt, oh no, but soon he'll proabley hurt on the inside. I mean emotionly hurt! Because 2 seconds ago when I fliped the light on he was making out with a girl. A girl in size 7 cowboy boots and paltium records. The way her eyes were gleaming when she looked at me basically said "Your playing my game. By my rules. And I'm always going o be one step ahead of you. Deal with it.

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Chapter 17: Bad Things Come in Size 7s

"Hey welcome to my youtube channeland were taking a quick break from recording my debut album "Sorta Kinda Boyfriend" with speical guests the Jonas Brothers!" Joe jumps in front of the camera ,Summers in charge of holding, screaming "Ahhh..." Untill I push him out of the way. "Well that was Joe and heres Kevin. "Hey" he says looking up from tunning his gutair. "And heres Nick!" I say flopping down on the couch next to Nick and giving him a hug, causing him to turn the same color of my pink converses. "Anyway Sorta Kinda Boyfriend is going to drop the first day of the Look Me in The Eyes Tour where I'm opening up for the Jonas Brothers! And theres going to be a single with JB and a deut with Nick. And like the Jonas Brothers 2nd CD it's going to be in CDUX software and it's made totally out of recycable products! It gives you acess to song lyrics, exclusive photos of me hanging backstage on the Best Of Both Worlds Tour along with an exclusive video of me performing "Sorta Kinda Boyfriend" In Concert! SO Buy the CD!" "Yeah" chims in Nick laughing at my sales pitch. "Well our breaks almost over but were going to give you a sneak peek of JB and My song on the album. Ready Guys?" I ask. "Yeah" says Joe as Nick and Kevin strap of their gutairs. "Ready 1,2,3,4,5. I hope this will never change because I'm living the dream. I never want to let go. I just want to let you know....your the one I need, the one thats always there for me, we sing in perfect harmony." We sing. " Well check it out guys bye!" "Bye!" says the boys togather, as Summer ends the tapping. "Okay Break over" yells the producer. "Oh shoot three more seconds please?" I say pleading. "Hurry" saus the producer. I run out of studio and into the bathroom because I haven't check my suger level since we started recording 6 hours ago! On my way there I'm stopped by a girl in size cowboy boots. Miley Cyrus. "Okay I'm recording so I don't have time to talk." I start to say "I'm recordin-" I'm cut off "Can you give this to Nick?" she thusts a peice of paper at me. I take it and she turns and says "Thanks. Bye." I run after her "Wait how did you-" Once again I'm cut off. "Just tell him it's my new single." Then she disaperes back into studio 7. Ironic though because when I look down at the tittle of the song on the page, Mileys new single, it reads "7 Things."

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New Book. Same old Story. When the Best of Both Worlds tour Ends

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