Monday, June 30, 2008

Chapter 10: Bright Red Lipstick paried with Violet Roses

The roses hit the floor before I even noticed he was there. The dull thud of the roses broke the trance between me and Nick causing us to look up still holding each other. "James?" I ask blinking a couple times to make sure I wasn't just imagaining him. He just kept staring at us. Well mostly me. I've only seen the expression on his face once before, in one of those chic flick movies. A mix of hatred, adoration, and sandness, all mixed into one. "What...are you doing here?" I ask since I'm the only one who knows the whole story of this bazar love triangle I seem to get myself into. Seriously before I appered on Hannha Montana and in magazines I didn't even have a boyfriend. Did you know that a weaird pervert decactied a whole website to pictures of Disney Channel's Stars boobs? Guess whos on it? Me. Of course Demi, Selena, and Miley are on it too but Mileys the one that made it my homepage on my laptop one day on tour, I still don't know how she got my password! Anyway Nick keeps looking from James to Me with the look of a acusing mother who knows somthing happened to her expiensive vase but dosn't know how it happened though theres two major subspects standing facing toward....I'm going to stop with that metaphor now. " oviously we all have some really awakward explaining to do but Nick don't you have a proformance to do soon?" Nick nodds still looking at James suspiciously. "Okay then well..but for right now Nick were togather right?" Nick nodds tearing his eyes off James and giving me a small rare grin. James face seeing and hearing this falls completly that it is heartbreaking really. I let myself out of the dressing room forcing myself to walk right past the unmoving broken hearted James before anyone eles can say anything. Yeah right, those two are the least talkive people I know! I just wanted not to fill up the silence any longer. I walked right into Crissy and Elisa who most likly had been listening at the door since they were sporting guilty looks on their faces. The funny thing is they didn't even try to hid it. "I can't belive you and Nick are back togather!" squeled Elisa as Nick walked past to go put on his gutair for his Teen Choice Awards Performance. "You guys I have no proof!" I say egaging them on as I smiled at Nick who grinned back from across backstage. "Um...yeah lets just say it is tottally in for the hottest boyband members to where their girlfriends lipstick." "Nick wait!" I say running to him to fix his (*couth **couth* My) makeup. Umm...yeah as much as i hate to admite it walking on stage like that could be very embarsing, to wear bright red lipstick the same shade as your girlfriends on nationally broadcasted telvision. And least he didn't pair it with Violet Roses which by the way I am changing my fave rose color to Red because this is getting redicioulus!

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New Book. Same old Story. When the Best of Both Worlds tour Ends

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