Monday, June 30, 2008

Chapter 11: Inseperable even though we need to Seperate

"I wish you didn't have to leave" I say as Nick and I have to say goodbye after the Teen Choice Awards 07 After party ends. "Me too but your going to have a lot going on espically now and winning that your going to be noticed a lot more." "Yeah right Nick!" I say hitting him on the shoulder playfull loving that I'm one of the only ones in the world that can do that with out getting jumped by Big Rob who looked like he wanted to be anywhere eles but here watching us. "Seriously your going to do some major work on your album right?" "Oh Course!" I say thinking of the insane recording scheldale. Which involves 15 hours days for 11 days till the Jonas Brothers come to record two songs with me which will take two days working 12 hours each. With a one hour lunch break each day! Were hoping for my debut ablum to drop right before I go on the look me in the eyes tour with JB in a month. Its a alot of work we have already laid down the tracks and the music (band) and we have done a photoshot for the album cover and were working on the press for the album now we just need the vocals and JB magic. They don't call Hollywood Records a Disney Pop factory for nothing! "Well I'll see you in a week and a half." Nick says as he hugs me tight. I can't really explain how good it feels to be back in his arms again. "Jade why are you crying?" He asks brushing away a tear I hadn't relized I'd been sheading. "it's just that I don't know...seperating now seems like breaking up...only but it's not, and I know that it's just that...I don't know whats wrong with me." Once again Nick pulls me close, so our noses are touching , and if sharing a sercert says to me, looking into my eyes. "We can run so far, we can change the world, do anything we want, we could stop for hoursjust staring at the stars, you came down to show us. You know when the sun forgets to shine I'll be there to hold you though the night. We'll be running so fast we can fly tonight. Even when were miles and miles apart your still holding all of my heart. I promise it will never be dark. I know were Inseperable." Recated by one of the writers himself in my ear. After Nick kissed me he was whisked off by sercurtity and I was left standing there alone singing "Inseperable" to myself. The lyrics he reacted seemed more like a promise than a goodbye. And I love them. I bask in their non judgementle ,loving, impossible dreams they create in my mind. I love how every single word has a meaning wating to be decifiered and decoded, but at the same time being beutiful while left undisturbed. I would of proabley spent all night staring at the spot he last stood listing to mu mind repeting his parting words. Demi found me though. "Oh my god I'm like so happy for you guys! I was so shocked, I mean I thought you were broken up. It was just such a suprise. Unbelivable really!" she said as she jumped up and down hugging me. "You and Mitchel are recording tommarow right?" she asks. "The Disneymania 6 recording for 6 hours thats tommarow? I tottaly forgot it's proabley pencialed in though." I anwser. You see Mitchel and I decided to do "If I didn't have you" for Disneymanina 6. It's going to be so cool we reashered i a couple times and I think it sounds AMAZING! Were shotting the music video in about 2 and a half weeks. And then we bring in JB, in about 3 weeks to star in my music video for "Sorta Kinda Boyfriend." Then in about 3 and a half weeks we spend 3 days shotting the poilet for J.O.N.A.S! then we reasherch for The Look Me in the Eyes Tour and then in about a month and a week we kick it off! Pretty busy scheldale huh? I'm doing all this while keeping up with my best friends (Now I have what: Elisa, Crissy, Mitchel, Nick, Joe, Kevin, Demi, and Selena. Eight!) and my boyfriend. I couldn't be happier!

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New Book. Same old Story. When the Best of Both Worlds tour Ends

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This story is all about when the Best Of Both Worlds Tour ends and she isn't seening JB and more importanly Nick everyday. While shes partying like a Rockstar she is, hanging with her new star friends, and working on tv shows and her new album will being away for long and only seeing each other every month or every other week be enough for Nade. Or is that too much? Will prying magazines tear them apart? Or are they already torn apart beyond repair? Does Jade have eyes for her best friend Mitchel like POPSTAR! says, who is now Miley's main man? And how awarkward is the Look Me in the Eyes tour going to be? These questions will start begin anwsered on June 5th 2008. Stay tuned!
P.S. The Contest posted on my other book is still good. So try to get people on the last book just have them comment on this book.