Thursday, June 5, 2008

Chapter 1/57: The Ending just means a new begining

I've been dreading this date for months. The day of goodbyes. The day where we promise each other we'll call everyday. And it turns out we'll call once a week and then maybe we might see each other when we do shottings togather. Todays the end. We and now sitting back here waiting for Hannha to finsh her set so we can go finsh it. The final. The Ending song. Were sitting back here with all the people who have supported us. Some we love, some we hate. Okay well I hate one of them with a passion. Shes the one who is talking to Nick right now and flipping her hair around like he dosn't notice her. But he does notice her because she has a memory they both share. A memory so memorable I could never compet with that. Bella was Nick's first kiss. And I hate to say it but her being here (and carrying that memory with her) is tearing us apart. Me being threatened in the Women's restroom by a girl who I didn't even know was scary enouth. But then finding out that girl to be Nicholas's first kiss and then to have her flirting with him and speneding the last 4 stops with us has pretty much killed me inside. I can't sleep at night I keep tossing around and having fitfull dreams where Nick tells me "We need a break." And then goes off and marries Bella. And then Joe and Crissy and Kevin and Elisa get married and I'm alone since Miley paried up with Mitchel. I'm alone. Thats about when I wake up ,crying. Because of this I've been clinging on to him. Dreading this date, this time, and this place. I even stopped getting violet roses from the mysterious admirer (who Nick claimed not to be). I don't understand I'm still the same person he knew back on Hannha Montana. I just have better clothes and I have a strange obsession of reading every single comment on my MySpace (which can be up to 450 a day). I'm still staring at them. Them it seems so final. Like their the couple and not me and Nick. Like Nade has turned into Nella before my eyes. In a couple of weeks. Sure we go on dates but for some reason Bella always comes along and gives us a retelling of that memorable moment so many years ago. And then Nick will blush and I will have to smile and laugh like I'm okay with this person telling everyone about how soft Nick's lips were when he was 12. I don't know what to do but it turns out at this moment I don't have to do anything except go on stage and smile and sing while Miley "sings" next to me. After the concert we do our final VIP meet and greet. And then while I'm standing there backstages after I have beenn congraulated by everyone. Mitchel and Miley disapear. Joe and Crissy. Summer and The Jonas Brother's Agent. Elisa and Joe. Frankie and Noha (Miley's little sister). Frankie is followed by the parents Mr. and Mrs.Jonas and Billy Ray Cyrus and Tess. Then slowly everyone eles leaves except Nick and Me. It feels like forever since we have been alone. No make that forever and a day. "Hey" I say sitting down in one of the vacent tables. Oh wait there all vacent. "Hey" he responds sitting across from me at the same table. "When are you leaving tommarow" he asks looking at me. "I'm leaving sometime tonight I have a photoshot tommarow. I think I'm leaving in thirty min to go to the airport. Then my flight leaves at 12:30 am." I anwser staring into his eyes wish this could be like his song where he'd say I love you when I look him in the eyes. This however is no song even though I'm living the dream, I hope I'm not living the dream that I've been dreaming. "When will I see you again?" he asks. "Well The Look Me in the Eyes Tour. The production on JONAS! (the piolet was shot a month ago) is delyed so yeah proabley at some permires or some parties. Or we can get togather and-" I was cut off by Nick. "Jade we need to talk." I'm so stunned I say. "We are talking Nick." "Jade..." he says having the denceny of looking me in the eyes. "We need to..." I'm bitting my lip praying my nightmare is not going to come true. I'm making promises to God about how I will donate half the money I earn on J.O.N.A.S! to chairty. I'm promising so much and more and then I hear the finally words. He grabs my hand and speaks them. He speacks them in the most angelic voice in the world. I never knew an angle's voice could slap you face so hard it will hurt for days maybe months. Appently any angle can when it outters the words "break." "What?" I say softly still staring right into his eyes reading his soul. The tears leaking out one by one, out of my eyes.

New Book. Same old Story. When the Best of Both Worlds tour Ends

Hey guys this is the second book in the Jade's Story series check out the first book at:

This story is all about when the Best Of Both Worlds Tour ends and she isn't seening JB and more importanly Nick everyday. While shes partying like a Rockstar she is, hanging with her new star friends, and working on tv shows and her new album will being away for long and only seeing each other every month or every other week be enough for Nade. Or is that too much? Will prying magazines tear them apart? Or are they already torn apart beyond repair? Does Jade have eyes for her best friend Mitchel like POPSTAR! says, who is now Miley's main man? And how awarkward is the Look Me in the Eyes tour going to be? These questions will start begin anwsered on June 5th 2008. Stay tuned!
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