Thursday, June 5, 2008

Chapter 2: Violet Roses and Understanding

"Well were not going to see each ofter for a while." "Are you breaking up with me?" I ask not moving just staring right into his eyes. Serching for some doubt in there, anything but pity. What I see confuses me to no end theirs pity in those eyes, yes, there is diffently pity. But theres longing in their too. Hard cold longing. As if he wants to wipe away my tears and hold me but for some reason he can't. Like his gone to far and nothing will let him. "I love you Jade but we can't go on like this. We just need a break. Trust me." he says pleadingly as he stares into my eyes. His eyes urging for me to belive him. "I don't understand." I say not understanding anything. Go on like what? What actully were we going on like? Wasn't everything going to change anyway? Why is he doing this?I wish he would just get mad at me. Throw something at me. Anything but looking at me with those gorgess confusing eyes underneath his head of curls. I wish he would just storm out and yell at me. But it's Nick. Who said he would never hurt me. Who said he would never try to hurt me. Is now hurting me. "Jade..." he said moving to massage my open hand. I withdraw before he can touch it. "Nick I'll see you in a month." I say crying as I walk away from the guy that everyone knows me by. The guy who just happened to change my life forever. The guy that wants to take a break. The guy that said I would never hurt you and succeded in doing it more than once. Even if it wasn't intentional. And the wors part is now it is intenitional. I left him sitting at the table musing over what I just said and then like an idiot I went back to him. "Nick" I say and he looks up. "Here" I say snatching my dog tag and breaking it off my neck and putting it on the table. I don't care that it was ruthless and uncalled for. That dog-tag repersented a common bond between us. Ever since we met I have worn that dog-tag everyday. It repersented us. Nade. Which for the moment is on a hituas. "Jade you can't." And then once again I walked away and found Summer and went to the airport. I look at the clock as it ticks closer to 12:30. It's now 12:15 and I'm still looking out the window wondering if Nick will come. Wondering if he decided to chase after me. I get a text message as I'm bordering the plane from an masked caller. "Where are you in the airport?" says the misterious. I type "on plane that is leaving in like 2min." "I'm coming." "Who is this?" "You'll see." I wait and wait and then the plane takes off. "Plane took off who is this?" Then I get a picture of the lobby I had been waiting in the chair Joe (bodyguard) was sitting in for the last hour was in the backgound of this picture. In it was a guy about 16ish with brown shaggy hair. He was shortish but graceful. And he was carrying violet roses. Ot was James, Miley's backup dancer.

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♥♥Miss Kiki♥♥ said...

OMgosh!! was it him sending roses the whole time?!!!

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