Friday, June 6, 2008

Chapter 4: It's Calling You

I was woken up by Summer calling my name and banging on my door. Just like old times Summer is complety insesitive to my heart or sleep needs. After I took a quick shower and applied some waterproff makeup and drug on some wardorbe aproved clothes I was out in the car with Summer. "I heard what happened." said Summer sitting opossit me in the Limo. "Yeah well apparently everyone has." "Your going to have to talk about it in the interview today. You know that right." I suddenly feel like I'm going to fall apart so without thinking I hit 3 and call on my phone. "Hello?" I ask. "Jade, Jade is that you? We've been so worried!" says Kevin pretty much yelling for everyone around him to hear. "Whose we?" I ask listeing to Crissy and Elisa shouting in the background. I can't distinguish anyone eles's voice because of the constant shouting. "Quiet down guys" I hear Kevin yell at them. "We is Crissy, Elisa, Me, Joe, James, Mandy(backup dancer) , Miley, Mandy (BFF of JB), Mitchel, and Big Rob. Or at least thats everyone in the room now that has been waiting for you to call." he says relucantly. It takes me a while to figure out why he said it relucanlty then I realize. "Wheres Bella and Nick?" I ask my voice shaking a little bit. "Well their....around." "Kevin!" I say starting to tear up. "Are you implying that he's on a date with BELLA!" " a date persay..." It is tottaly and completly a date says the evil voice in the back of my mind. "Oh Jade..." says Kevin as he hears me heaving sobs. "Give me the phone" says Joe in the background. "No I'm talking to her."yells Kevin back. "No let me talk to her!" yells James. "Okay Joe is going to talk to you alright." Then before I can say anything I hear the phone being passed and then the sound of people protesting as the phone hears somebody walking away from the crowd. "Jade?" asks Joe expectanly. "Here" I say in a small voice. "Listen to me Jade he still loves you he just needs to figure somethings out." says Joe calmy. "Am I just supposed to wait for him! Or am I just to forget everything he said to me how much he's hurt me!" I scream into the phone. Even though none of this is Joe's fault. "You'll know soon enouth" says Joe. "I have to go but stay strong." he says. "Wait Joe know what Joe wait-." then I relize the call has ended. And once again I'm staring at Summer. "This interview and photoshot whats it going to be for?" "Your doing it with Selena and Demi your BFFs." "Since when am I BFFs with them? I mean were friends but I've only talked to them like 10 times and I've never even met Selena." "Then you will have a lot to talk about" was Summer's reply as we pulled up in front of Twist magazine's headquarters.

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New Book. Same old Story. When the Best of Both Worlds tour Ends

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