Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Chapter 6: Unveling

"Actully Nick and I are taking a break." I say in reponse to the reporters prying question about our relationship, well ex relationship. This left a stunned silence in the place of the rapid fire questions we had been subjected too during our photoshoot break. Selena and Demi both squezzed by hand supportaily. I mangage to give them a weak smile. "Can we uhh...talk about something eles?" says Selena giving a fake laugh to the interviwer. I could tell from the titches in her face that talking about something eles was the last thing in the world the reporter wanted to do. Right then though I was saved by the photographers assistant who called that our break was over. After doing some extremly silly group shots. I know, I know what your thinking "silly huh?" When you get with some of your friends don't they always make you feel better? It's been a while since it's been just us girls.It feels good to not be thinking about Nick every moment and just being able to relax some. Not tottaly relaxed because the reporter could spring another question on me at any moment. "Jade you coming?" asked Demi as she held open door. I had forgot that we were going to the Teen Choice Awards as a group. "Yeah" I say hugging Summer goobye and running after them. "Where are we going?" I ask as I slide into Selena's mom's sensiable Toyta Prius. "Fred Sequal should have everything!" sings Demi lauthing. "Everything we need for the nomitee!" sings Selena knoking shoulders with me! Fred Segual, wow, it all started there. All of this started there, so mnay months ago. Now I'm going back a tottaly different person than last time. My hearts been broken and now the sales people won't irore me because they will all know my name! I'm about to revele this when "We Rock" fills the car, and all three of us reach for our cellphones. "What do we all have the same ringtone?" I say as we all dig though our bags. "Guess so..." says Selena finding her phone and shaking her head. Demi finally finds here's "It's me." says Demi anwsering it. "Hey? Oh hey." she says tottally not giving away who she's talking too. I glance at Selen who is just staring at her phone. "No you can't do that to her. Please don't do it. Are you mad, you can't! You love her everyone knows that. Even you, shes all you ever talk about...But your the one that hurt her." Evem though Demi hasn't said the name of the caller I have a feeling I know who it is, and who their talking about. "No way really I had no idea! Thats so great but so horrible at the same time. But you really can't...okay see you." she says as she snaps her phone shut. "Who was that?" I ask inconuntly. "Girls were here!" sang Selena's mom as she unlocked the doors and therefore broke the tension. Once again the you-will-not-find-anything-less-than-$99-dollars-here-it's-strickly-designer-wantabees-beware store looms in front of me. The ivy covered letters taunting me by saying "Yeah we cahnged your whole life and we can do it again. Beware!" I know I shouldn't be intimated by a store but right now it's the only emotion powerfully enough to get though the numbness I have been expierencing today, and thats all that matters. I take a step toward it as Nick's voice echos in my ears "It's not goodbye cause I will remeber you. And I will see you again."

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