Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Chapter 7: It's the Teen's Choice

After spending the rest of the day with Selena and Demi the numbness has started to wear off. I'm starting to feel happy again, well I'm starting to feel excited. Not happy, more of a hyper excited happy. This is my frist awards show and being nomanited for best newcomming artist is huge! I just can't belive it! Getting to walk the red carpet with two of my close friends in killer outfits and perfesionally done makeup, it's great. But I thought it would be better I thought I would have Nick besides me, or my best friends. I mean it's amazing just something, someone is missing. And I know that any of the girls being held back by the police lines would give their entire lives to trade places with me, but I've never met them. They don't know what it's like; the feeling of tottaly recklessness and loss of control, the feeling of anger and frustration and sandness and then the amazing feeling of someone asking for your autograph or singing along to your songs. The feeling of everything you've ever known to go down the drain and then for your single to reach number 1 again and stay #1 for weeks. They don't really know about this life, they remind me of myself, so native and so loving. So idolized but still exactlly like them in almost everyway except I have tasted that mix of feelings; fame. "Okay guys ready?" asked Selena completly hyper as we pulled in front of the red carpet. "Yep" says Demi and I just staring at the lines of press waiting to talk We mange to smile at each other as we will our hands to stop shaking. Finnally I was feeling like myself again. Well a version of myself that is isanly happy and hyper for the time being, but at least it's me and not the alien I feel has been invading my body for the last 24 hours. Once we exit the limo cries of "Jade look over here! Demi, Selena over here?" and questions directed at us fill the air. And we start at the front of the press line. "Demi how was it playing a romantic lead to Joe Jonas?" she anwers "It was Great! Any 15 year old girl would say so!" then the next reported screames: "Jade is it true you and your tourmate Miley Cyrus hate each other?" Not each other what she does to me I think to myself. I am so over these reporters and their misinformed and outdated questions but like the sweetheart Summer told me to be I say "No way were ust not bffs." I say serching for Selena and Demi who seem to have been welled around by the press line. I stand Alone till another reporter commands my attiention "Jade if you win how are you and Nick going to celebrate?" Wow that one question stabed by heart and let out all the dreams I had, had about me and Nick sharing this night togather. I shake my head and mange to choke out "Were taking a break." Then I say it again so they could hear me but mostly just so I could convince myself "Were taking a break!" Then after that I can only hear the scribbling on pads and vaious "What happened?" and "What? Whys?" directed toward me. Suddenly though I was saved because the air was full of high pitched screams coming from the fans side and shouts coming from the press line. A huge crowd gathered around the new advivel. Selena appears by my side. "Come on lets go get our seats." "But where's Demi?" I protest trying to see the advial everyones trying to get near. "She catch up" was Selena's reply as she pulled me though the doors and into the brilliant truly hollywood theater. Sure I've been to awards shows, my dads a record producer, but never ones just for kids and teens, and never ones where I had even been close to be nonimated for a catorgy (and I always sat in the very back inbetween bodyguards and other office types who were dressed up for the evening.) Selena dragged me though all the looks of fans who were looking down at us from their level. "Okay heres your seat it's 32A mine's 32B so I'm right behind you." Not hearing a word she says because I am starstuckly starring at the three people sitting to the left of my seat. Selena gives me a knowing smile and goes to talk to a girl I've seen in at least 10 music videos. "Oh My Jonas Emma, Rubert, and Danial! I am such a big fan! I've watched all you movies like 80 times! Will you sign my program?" I say in all one breath not even beliving my seat is right next to the Harry Potter Cast. "Wow I've got this reaction from fan before but not from a fellow nomitee." he says winking at me. Emma wacks him. "Sorry Jade he isn't really like this its just he's weaird before a awards show." I stutter "" Rubert grins "We read about you in a magazine on the way over here your the one thats dating Nick Jonas right?" Ouch. I decide to just give a weak smile and nod. It's no use people will belive what they want it's so not my proablem. "Then why is it, Jade?" the voice inside my head reminds me. Again I just irrone it. Our converstion was cut short when the host of the Teen Choice Awards 07, Mr. Justin Timberlake, himself. He did his introductory speech promted by the telpromter and introduced the first award giver. Demi slides into the seat next to me. "Where have you been?" I asked her in a whisper. "Just doing some press." she anwsered. "I could of stayed with you." "No, No, thats alright" she says not looking me in the eye. Then applause for Taylor Swift who won best music video for her single "Our Song." Justin (Timberlake) comes back on stage to "announce the award for best newcomer artist is platium selling arists the..." Automatically my mind starts thinking "God if he dosn't say the Jonas Brothers I will never lie again. If he dosn't say the Jonas Brothers I'll always make my bed on tour buses. If he dosn't say Jonas Brothers I'll always be nice to Summer. If he dosn't say Jonas Brothers I'll...." God oviously wasn't hearing my prayers. "Jonas Brothers." The whole statium erupts in screams which were not unlike the screaming of my heart. I'm just sitting here stunned in my seat looking at Demi going to myself "She so knew." Out come the Jonas Brothers onstage and once again I rest my eyes on one of the only people in the world that could break my heart and did. "And I will see you again. I know you'll remeber me. I will see you in eternity." I am so deleting that song when I get home.

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