Friday, June 27, 2008

Chapter 8: Shock as Bright as the Sun

"Hey Everyone!" said Joe causing every one of the male persation to urupt in screams of I love you Joe, Nick, and Kevin!" "Whoa okay the notmites are..." said Joe taking a dramatic pause while Nicks eyes are lifted to the celing. "Taylor Swift, Anna Blake, The Clique Girls, and Jade Murry!" This statment was followed by aplasuse. Kevin pulls out the Envolope and hands it to Joe. "Now it's time to open the magic evolope!" I find myself thinking; only Joe would say magic envolope. I'm so shocked and staring up at Nicks face looming above me, I can not even begin to comprehend that this may be one of the biggest nights of my career. "Okay..." says Kevin snatching it back from Joe and opening it painfully slowly. As much as this pretty much is my award I so want this to me over as quickly and painlessly as possible. I tell them in my head "Just annouce the winner and get off stage, please!" Once it's finnaly open Kevin announces with added animation "The Best Newcomming Artist for 2007 is...." then he broke into a huge smile as Nick cranned his neck to see along with Joe. "Our good friends...." wait was an of the other nomiteses "good friends" with JB? "Jade Murry!" The crowd bursts into applase and cheers, I sit stunned in my seat. Demi whisper shouts in my ear "Jade Go!" which in Demi language oviously means "Get your but on stage!" Still in shock, wait make that double shock. I've been though a lot in the last 24 hours. Lets see, my boyfriend who said he would never hurt me, broke up with me. I find out that one of Mileys backup dancers (James) has been sending me my trademark flowers (Violet Roses) while I was going out with Nick who i thought was sending them. Then I had to revel the day after (less than 13 hours after) to at least 10 magazines that Nick and i are "taking a break." I also had to face Nick (in spirt) everywhere and then in real life at the Teen Choice Awards. He just happened to be announcing the winner of the award i was nomtied for and later won. SHOCK! I mangaged to stumble up the stairs with my 1 inch high heels Demi insisted I wear. Now I see why these heels make me the same exact hight of Nick, she so knew! I triped and was caught by a bear hug from Joe and then from Kevin. Their smiles were so bright and huge it almost made my cry to look at them, just like your eyes water up when you stare at the sun. And then theres Nick, who excluding maybe 15 people in the audience, everyone in the world thinks I'm dating. I have no idea what to do and we spend what feels like a enterity standing next to each other staring. It really couldn't of been more than a second. And then our eyes met and I forgot that he had dumped me the night before. I forgot we were onstage in front of thousands on a show that is brodcasted to millions. I forgot where I was. Who I am. And why I was there. And then those brown eyes melted me. And after that he kissed me. "So close but so far but your in my heart." The lyrics of "Enterity" drown out the gasps and cheers from the crowd.

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aww... sweet.. i love it.

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