Sunday, June 29, 2008

Chapter 9: Story of the Past

Note: Sorry I didn't post yesterday I went to the movies then fell asleep on my couch watching Camp Rock for the 3rd Time. Oh and please please vote on the poll I really want your opions! Thanks! Here it goes Chapter 9.

It was a quick kiss, short and sweet, sorta like Nick now that I think about it. It confused me more than ever and after it was over I looked out into the audience and though to myself. "Oh shoot I have to give a speech." I mean I had reasherced the speech Summer gave me like maybe a hundred times but after everything that has happened it has flew right out of my head. "Um..." I say stamering at the potieum almost seeing Summer clutching her tv yelling "SAY SOMETHING JADE!" "I'd like to thank my brother Max." who I haven't talk to in a month. "My manger Summer, my friends Crissy, Elisa, Mitchel, Demi, and Selena. I also want to thank my tourmates and buds the Jonas Brothers. And of course Disney and Hollywood records for all these amazing oppertunities. Thanks so...much." Then as I was customary of the winner, and of me, I ran off (well as fast as I could run in 2 inch heels.) "Jade" says Nick as soon as we get offstage I irrore him and keep running, right into Elisa. Is it just me or has this incident already happened already? Dejau. The sitution hasn't changed much except Elisa isn't makeing out with Kevin, yet. The time has changed, the setting yeah, but not the sitituation. "Jade" says Nick once he caught up with me (which wasn't very hard because Elisa had me in a death grip so I couldn't run away.) "We need to talk." he says grabbing my arm and pulling me away farther backstage away from the crowding press. I played along till we, once again, were in a abandoned dressing room, then I pull away my arm and spoke up. " Oh so now we need to talk. You could of called or texted me but NO now you need to talk." "Jade..." he started. "Nick why did you just kiss me? Why did you dump me? I though you loved me. You said you would never hurt me and now I don't know what to think." I said asking the unaskable questions no one wants to hear the anwsers to much less give. "Jade let me expalin please" he pleades grabbing my hands and sitting down next to me on the counter. I nodded my head trying to keep my eyes from drifting to Nick by foucusing them on the hard, concret floor. "Okay you need to promise you won't interupt okay?" I nod again. "Okay first of all I was 11 and 12 when I was dating Bella. When I was 12 we had our first kiss together." You were my first kiss Nick how am I ever going to be able to tell you that? "Right then my carrer was taking off I didn't get to see her much so we broke up it was never really serious, at least not to me. We always stayed in contact but the first time I saw her in 3 years was when she came to New York to see my brothers and me. She came to New York expecting me to dump you and go right back to where we left off. I couldn't tell her to knock it off shes was too huge a part of who I am today and I couldn't let her go. It escalated though, I couldn't stop her, she was comming on too strong and everythme she saw you she would ask me 'So it could work with Jade but not with me?' And I didn't have a anwser. I felt so guilty that I could love you and not her, even though the sitution is different but not entirly. Soon I was obsessed with wondering why? Why you and not her? Why you and not one of my other millions of fans?" That hurt sweet as it was...Bella is so so dead to me. Compeltly Dead. Will I have to prove myself to everyone? First Miley then Bella now Nick! "I kept thinking things would end up the same way as they did with Bella and I. That after 2 weeks of not being there for each other we would drift apart. Bella kept reminding me of that fact over and over even in my dreams her face chanted the words. I started to belive it just to have a peacfull sleep again. So I broke up with you. And as soon as you gave me your dogtag I finnaly relized what I had forgotten; losing you would be losing a part of myself. Someone to talk to when everyone eles dosn't understand what it's like. I got to my bunk in the tour bus and cried. I knew I would see you here. Jade I love you." I look at him in the eyes to make sure I'm not dreaming. To make sure I not having another vivid dreamlike moment, turn out I didn't need to because soon I was kissing the guy of my dreams. I would of been perfect if not for the guy who walked in carring violet roses while we were kissing.

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New Book. Same old Story. When the Best of Both Worlds tour Ends

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This story is all about when the Best Of Both Worlds Tour ends and she isn't seening JB and more importanly Nick everyday. While shes partying like a Rockstar she is, hanging with her new star friends, and working on tv shows and her new album will being away for long and only seeing each other every month or every other week be enough for Nade. Or is that too much? Will prying magazines tear them apart? Or are they already torn apart beyond repair? Does Jade have eyes for her best friend Mitchel like POPSTAR! says, who is now Miley's main man? And how awarkward is the Look Me in the Eyes tour going to be? These questions will start begin anwsered on June 5th 2008. Stay tuned!
P.S. The Contest posted on my other book is still good. So try to get people on the last book just have them comment on this book.