Sunday, June 22, 2008

Personal Note

Hey guys I have about 10 more chapters to put up. Sorry I was away for so long but I kept WRITTING! Yeah I have up to Chapter 16 written just need to type them up and post them. Really good stuff can't wait to post them! Sorry I need to go to sleep now plane got in at midnight and then two hour drive! I'll start tommarow, well later today. Anyway thanks for your pacience, I didn't have a computer!

You can ask me for my page if you would like.

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New Book. Same old Story. When the Best of Both Worlds tour Ends

Hey guys this is the second book in the Jade's Story series check out the first book at:

This story is all about when the Best Of Both Worlds Tour ends and she isn't seening JB and more importanly Nick everyday. While shes partying like a Rockstar she is, hanging with her new star friends, and working on tv shows and her new album will being away for long and only seeing each other every month or every other week be enough for Nade. Or is that too much? Will prying magazines tear them apart? Or are they already torn apart beyond repair? Does Jade have eyes for her best friend Mitchel like POPSTAR! says, who is now Miley's main man? And how awarkward is the Look Me in the Eyes tour going to be? These questions will start begin anwsered on June 5th 2008. Stay tuned!
P.S. The Contest posted on my other book is still good. So try to get people on the last book just have them comment on this book.