Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Chapter 12: Choices

"I wouldn't have nothing if I didn't have you, I wouldn' have nothing if I didn't have you. I wouldn't have nothing if I didn't have. I wouldn't have nothing if I didn't have you." Mitchel and I finsh singing for the 12th time. We look toward the producer of Disneymanina 6 and he nods his balding head. "Yes" shout me and Mitchel and we hug jumping up and down. I have completed my first real perfesional recording (Sorta Kinda Boyfriend was done in my House my Father has set up a recording studio in it.) "We finnally nailed it!" I say breaking a apart from Mitchel and heading from the exit from the recording room. "Yep!" he replyied following me. "Yets go out to lunch to celebrate,kay?asked Mitchel when we were standing in the studio waiting for Summer to gather her stuff and Joe to get up. "Sure...but-" "Hey even Disney Princess deserve an hour off." Mitchel says closing the converstaion and my protesting. "Summer, Jade and I are going to go to lunch I'll drop her off at Studio 15 by 2:30. Bye!" I give Summer a pleading look as Mitchel pulls me out of the room. "Where are we going?" I laugh as he opens the side car door open for me. "You'll see!" he says in a funny voice as he starts his call and pulls onto the road. "Radio Disney?" he ask nodding his head toward the radio. "Turn it!" I sing loud and obnoixtlly as he tunes the radio. He looks at me as a Hannha Montana Song comes on. Without thinking, it's second nature now that I've sung backup for her and listened to her so many times, I started singing. "Nobodies perfect. We live and we work it. Again and again till we get it right." Mitchel turns off the radio and stares at me after he parked the car. "Jade what happened to you?" "What do you mean?" I ask confused trying to cautch a glimpse of myself in the rearview mirror to make sure I didn't have like hidious lines or pimples on my face...I'm not seeing any. "I don't know how but some how you grew confidence and a singing voice. I'm just amazed!" "Mitchel..." I say wanting to compiment and inselut him back but nothing comes to me.So I sit there quietly." Seriouly though your the entire Disney package everone wants. Looks, Brains, Talent, Voice, Personality, and seriously amazing relationships. Everyone falls in love with you Jade. Can't you see that?" I was just going to say Thank you but the last words and note Mitchel said cautch me. "Everyone?" I ask scared to know the anwser that maybe comming. "Of course didn't you just win best newcomin-" Knowing this isn't about this I ask the unknown question he isn't reviling "No I mean are you included in that everyone?" I ask cutting off his rambling. "Jade you know I love you." Mitchel says staring into the restraunt though the cars window his hands clutching the steering wheel tightly even though the cars turned off. Noticeing this "No I mean like that." I say tilting my head to the side to indicate my point. Letting go of the steering wheel he leans over me and looks down at me. I stare right back at him trying to read his eyes which keep wandering back to the restraunt. Then quick as lighting he kisses me. It was just a peck the kinda thing that in Sims yo can do when the Sims are justbest friends but real life is no Sims game. And fame is no game. After less than 2 seconds kiss I turn away and bang my fist on the windsheld. "Jade." "No Mitchel I'm sorry it can't happen. I'm sorry I really am. I don't want to hurt you. Your one of my best friends and I've always gone to you about everything." "Here do you want me to take you back?" He says staring at the restraunt and then back at me with a face that can only be described as sadness and concern. "No it's fine I say still facing the windsheild. "If your sure...?" this statement causes me to inpolade with everything I've never told anyone, everything that has happened in the last 64 hours comes to this. "Mitchel what were you thinking? Anyone could of saw that! Anyone! If I didn't have you as a friend my entire world would come crumbling down! Don't you understand like you used too? I love you so much! As a friend! My parents are never there for me and Max dosn't even want to see me. Though the good, bad, and the unfamous you've been there for me and don't make me make desisions I don't want to have to make. Don't make me chose between a best friend and my boyfriend. Don't think this is about Nick cause it isn't its about us." "Okay....was I a good kisser?" He says breaking my leture pharase, I hit him in the shoulder (a little harder than usaul) and laugh "I don't know maybe you should ask Miley!" Then I get out of the car and make my way into the restraunt where a waiter greets me with a pad of paper ,two menus, a smile, and the greeting "Welcome back to Califorina Pizza Kitchen!"

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