Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Chapter 13: The Printed Love Tringle

I'm so dead. This time I'm not overeacting I swaer I not. I mean if I was trying to directly help my carrer this would be one of the best possible things that could happen. Too bad I'm not. Too bad this will end up slowly destroying my life one relationship at a time. Based on how quickly each one gets their BOP magazine surscription. I even think my grandparents get it thats how bad this is! Here sitting in my lap lays the magazine article that will change my life. The title reads "Jade's Love Triangle" the truth behind this Disney Sweethearts Sercret Affairs. Then it shows a picture of Nick and Me kissing like a zillion months ago (more like 3 maybe) on the chair at the tralier park. This is paried with a picture of us kissing at the Teen Choice Awards Afterparty. Than somehow they got a picture of James ringing the doorbell of Miley's and My tourbus with Violet Roses in his hand. Than a picture of him and me dancing togather during "We got the Party" a caption said "Onstage Chesmistry between the two." Yeah sorry BOP but it's always been just onstage chesmistry for me at least. Then there was the picture that literllary made me gasp out loud and let the magazine slip out of my hands onto the floor. I have no idea how they got there crumy little press hands on it. It looks as though someone that had the previlidge of getting a perfect window seat in Califorina Pizza Kitchen just happened to look out the window and took a picture of us during one of the most embarassingly awarkward moments of my life. The picture was shoot during the less than 2 sec kiss between me and my best friend Mitchel five days ago. And to tell you the truth, it seriously looks like we both wanted to kiss each other. It's not true but it's looks that way, at least it's photograph evidence that we kissed. I mean if I were a random preteen buying a BOP magazine it tottaly looks like it's been going on for at least two min insted of a half of second. Seriously I don't even remeber closing my eyes but I must of because the sun was glaring at me from the windsheld and at that angle my squinted eyes must of...oh who cares. I didn't want to kiss Mitchel it's not my faualt and now the whole world is going to think I'm a three-timming-brat! I look up at Summer who gives me a disaponted look that says I give you a mile you take 10 I though I could trust you but I guess not. "Summer you don't understand!" I say looking at her. Summer just shakes her heas and leans back on the car seat, "Listen Summer I love Nick and Mitchel but I only love Mitchel as a friend, nothing more, infact he's pretty much my unoffical brother. We kissed for less than 2 sec and I was trying to get away the whole time once I recovered from the shock. Please belive me Summer! I need you to belive me." "I belive you..." she says after a pause. "But I think theres a huge proablem here." she states. "I know!" I say thinking about Nick going anywhere near the Jan edition of BOP. "I think this might of been a set up." she reveled sinking back into her seat as like a giant force had been lifted from her shoulders and put onto mine. "What?" I say tottaly suprised she could even sujest such a thing. "I think Mitchel set you up. Or Mitchel's manger at least." "What?" I say still not understanding. Very slowly Summer explains "I think Mitchels manger hired a photographer or tipped off BOP where you and Mitchel were going to be than told Mitchel to get you to come to lunch with him to Califorina Pizza Kitchen and to kiss you. It's just a theroy of course." "How would that help him?" I ask quiletly praying this won't be true and that any min Mitchels going to call and apoligize again and say he knows nothing about it. " Well publicty, your the next Miley you know. " The more I thought about it the more I saw what a perfect stragity move for his career. First of all it will make Miley freakout and revel their sercert relationship to the world. It will also end that relationship putting Mitchel into the spotlight and into the center of a love tringle I'm "involved" in and yeah supposly dating two huge Disney stars is HUGE! But Mitchel would never do that to me would he? He's my best friend! But than again I never though he would kiss me in a car in front of Califorina Pizza Kitchen. I dig in my purse for my cell phone to call him but Summer opens the door. "Here go record I'll let you know if he calls." I nodd my head and step out of the car. The whole elvator up to the 5th floor I'm thinking What am I going to do?

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