Friday, July 4, 2008

Chapter 14: What I've always Wanted

Everytime Summer picked up the phone I looked to check and see if it was Mitchel. Do you have any idea how hard it is to sing with this waiting! "Beacuse everyone's growing up faster and everyone's falling in love and we can't be the same people that we were when we were twleve." Summer puts my phone up to her ear which is the first time today. "We gotta take chances we never would of took." She talks to the record producer and then taps on the glass. Quick as I can I take off my headphones and open the door. She hands it to me solmoly. "Hello?" I ask expecting Mitchel's apoligetic voice. "Jade?" says a voice that is difentrly not Mitchel's. "Joe?" I ask looking at Summer questionly who just turns he back and goes over to talk in low tones with the REcord producer. "Yeah, Jade okay I'm just going to get to the point , Im hidding the BOP magazine from Nick but your my friend so I'm going to ask why did you cheat on Nick? It dosn't seem like you at all." "I didn't, well I did, but you have to understand! I don't like Mitchel like that, I mean as more than a friend and he kissed me. It was less than two seconds which was mostly from my shock. I was even pushing away as the picture was taken. I didn't even want to kiss him and I didn't kiss him back!" I hear a whoa in the background followed by pages flapping. "Sorry um Nick just walked in and I'm on speaker. I think he's in shock though. But I'm sure he'll be fine, it's just like the Miley incedent afterall remeber that?" It's the best thing in the world to be compared to Miley Cyrus (espically when it's compared to the worst thing she ever did to me!). I get compared to Miley Cyrus everyday in telvision reviews, music reviews, magazines. I'm the next Miley Cyrus. I'm the sweeter Miley Cryus. I'm the dancer Miley Cyrus. I'm Disney's chepper knockoff Miley Cyrus. I'm a Disney's pop singer imatating Miley Cyrus. I'm Miley's slightly younger verison with a better voice but less fun songs and a smaller fan base with no fortune. I've heard them all on "What the Buck", GMA, and Entertainment Tonight. I've heard it on Itunes on youtube on the radio. It follows me everywhere and for right now I just need to deal with it because I will never never by Miley Cyrus. Ever. "Can I talk to him?" I ask. "Well...oh wait he wants to talk to you. Here he is." I hear the phone being passed around and than Nick comes on. "Nick?" I ask because all I hear is silence on the other end. "Hey Jade" he says making my heart speed up as it always does, the way no one eles can. "Nick listen." "No Jade I understand." " do?" I exclaim. "Yeah I heard you on the phone with Joe but theres one thing..." "Yes?" I ask hardly containing my excitment that he understands! Finnally someone eles understands! " Bout James..." "Yes?" I ask wondering what he could possibly ask about James. "Is he your sercet affiar or something?" "Oh my Jonas Nick no!" Then I start laughting and he joins in. "Okay I got to go record can't wait to see you in 6 days!" "Yeah me too. I love you!" "Love you too."" Okay so now I only have 4 more hours here then I'm going to have to do everything I can to make sure everyone knows I'm not a Miley. And that Mitchel and me aren't going to ever go out. Ditto James. Also I have to get Max to speack to me since when ever he drives me someplace Joe sits up front talking about sports with him. He hasn't said a word to me he only talks to my bodyguard. I'll get though it all though since I have Nick and he's what I've always wanted. "It's time to doubt. Time to breakout. It's time to change cause everyone's growing up faster and everyone's falling in love. And we can't be the same people that we were when we were twelve." I hear a perfect though my headphones and I smile because maybe I'm finnaly doing something right.

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New Book. Same old Story. When the Best of Both Worlds tour Ends

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