Sunday, July 6, 2008

Chapter 15: Forever Complicated!

"Nick!" I squealed as he came into the recording studio when the six day were up. He literally sweep me off my feet and spun me around. "Put me down!" I say laughting "Your making me dizzay!" He kissed me on the cheak and put me down. He perfessionally shoke hands with the rep. from Hollywood Records and the hand of the producer of my album. The producer sat us down and started to speak. "Okay guys and girl." he said with a nod in my direction seeing as I was the only girl in the room since Summer left in serch of coffee. Which made me feel like it was Nick's CD and not mine. "Were recording what is proabley going to be one of three most downloaded singles on itunes when it's relased along with Sorta Kinda Boyfriend and the other Jonas Brother guest song. So no pressure. It's one of those touching songs with sad lyrics and popular artists. This is one of the songs that is going to make this cd fly off the shelves. It's called..." He turns to the rep. and says "What's it called again?" Which just goes to show untill I'm a big star I mean have a platium record under my belt, I am a product not a person, and therefore all details are not needed to be remebered. Whatever. The rep. hands the producer a track listing and points to the one were doing today. "Oh yeah Foever Complicated. Okay let's get too it!" He says breaking from the group and going to his set of headphones singling me and Nick to head to the sound booths. When were going in the door Nick squezzes my hand in surport. It's funny but out of every other song on my album this one means the most to me. It's about my (well our) dibetes, it's just so personal, so beutiful, so amazing, so like someones watching you check your blood sugar and they've never seen anything like it before. It's one of the hardest things to sing. I'm glad Nicks here singing with me or I would of never had the guts to sing the song we wrote togather. I hardly ever use that word ,it's always me or them or him, never togather. Now were togather even when were apart. Were insperable. Though all entiernty. I can always say we wrote this togather, we recorded this togather ,we sang this togather. ALWAYS! We turn on our mics and put on our headphones. Nick gives me a smile that almost causes me to fall over. Why does that always happen? The producer's voice comes on instructing us to sing though the song and then well break it into parts and harmonies. We nod our heads each give the thumbs up sign and grabs his gutair. We wait for the prerecorded band music to come on. Once he stummbed his gutair we sand "If's forever complicated now everything I've ever known, every touch I've ever felt, every word I ever spoke, It's forever complicated now. I'll never be fine again theres always somthing wrong. Holding me back at home and the doctor keeps on droing. Everything that I ever known. I didn't know what I had till it was gone. I didn't even know." Then it went on for hours everytime I woud look over at Nick he would have tears in his eyes that matched me own but he would always smile at me. He was trying to be strong. Oh Nick. Everytime he smiled at me I similed back because it felt right. Singing togather, basking in the music. Like nothing eles has ever felt like I was destined for something greater and now I'm finnally there, it's really amazing to watch my tranformation. After about 6 hours we broke for lunch . As soon as I tasted my subway sandwhich I almost died. "So I guess your hungry." Says Nick as I took a huge bit of my sandwhich manging to choke out "Yep." Whats weird is Nick is not eating anything . Once I finshed my entire 6 inch snadwhich I went on too drink my whole Diet Dr. Pepper. "Are you okay?" I ask Nick after I finsh my whole meal and he's not even half way done. Even though somethings wrong he looks me in the eyes and goes "I love girls that aren't affaid to eat in front of me." Awww how sweet is he!

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