Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Chapter 16: Youtube

"Joe where's you and Demi's bannana?" I ask he runs up to me and yells "It's gone!" And then runs away and then I say the now famous youtube line "Joe!" Sigh. Then we all make weird noises. Now I know this may seem strange but it's not! Okay well a little bit but you don't know whats were doing. Were shotting a sequal to one of JB's many famous youtube videos, "Jonas Brothers Soap Opera." Were also going to make sure to post a link to my youtube channel because people don't belive it's really "me." I know right! "That was great!" said Nick after we finshed making random noises. "Now what should we do?" I ask glancing at the clock and seeing Summer wasn't going to pick me up for another 3 hours. "Lets do one for your youtube!" says Joe oviously thinking of my tottaly videoless youtube. "Sure but what are we going to do?" I say flopping down on their couch when maybe 3 months ago I was afraid to touch their chairs. "Lets do an interview where we read weird comments and questions and then talk about really random things." says Joe flopping down on top of me for like no reason. "Joe get off!" I say hitting him with a pillow. Kevin yells "Awakward!" "Joe get off her." says Nick stiffling a laugh but then completly laughting after he got Joe off and once he sees how badly my hair got messed up. "Ugg" I say acting mad even though I'm not. I grab a brush out of my bag and run it though my hair so I don't look like a zombee longer than nessary, while Joe sets up the camera and Kevin runs to get a laptop so we can look at comments. Once everything was set up, and Joe had successfully annoyed us all by asking if his hair was okay eighty times, we were read to start. "he guys this is Jade Murry the actually Jade Murry and this is my offical youtube. Which isn't to say I have nooffical ones because I don't, this is my only one! Okay so welcome to my Jonas Session and hear to celbrate my first youtube video is the Jonas Brothers!" Then I clap as Nick and Kevin enter. "Joe um...Joe?" He runs in "I'm here !" then he slips. And we all burst out laughing. "Okay,....Okay" I say though bursts of laughter. "Okay so I've been getting a lot of really intresting questions on our youtubes and Myspaces so were going to anwser some of them unless there -" "No Roxygirl100 I will not marry you in Cuba!" I was cut off by Joe . "Um Joe she proabley just fainted cause you said her user name...so anyway..Kevin why don't you pick one first. I say turning to Kevin who had the computer up. "Are any of you guys single?" he reads off. "I take this one. I lean forward into the camera and go. "Girl where have you been! OMJ! Seriously I love Nick he loves me and Kevin and Joe are in love with Elisa and Crissy my bffs! Do you even pick up the teen magazines? Maybe you should try POPSTAR! it's the biggest Nade magazine. They actully gave us matching gemed dibietes dog tags today for no reason but there so cute!" Then I sit down and Joe goes "Okay...next question." Then he reads. "Is Jade our cousin? Um Nick you have this one." Nick leans closer to the camera and goes "Why would I date my cousin?" Then he leans back and puts his arm around me again."Awakward! My turn!" I say grabbing the computer from Kevin. And scrolling though the comments. "Lets see heres a good one! Nick do you have a fave hair color?" I say turning to lock eyes with him. "Is that really a question?" asks Joe leaning over trying to see the computer. "Yeah it is...well Nick?" I ask staring at him and playing with my hair. "I like Blonds." he says chuckling. Joe agreeing but not agreeing goes "I like blonds too. But if your not blond it's no big deal because I mean I like Crissy but shes not blond...I...ummm..like all hair colors!" says Joe putting his head in his hands. "Um...I don' care what your hair color is. I like your natural hair color I guess. added Kevin. "Okay then time for shoutouts." I conclude.

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~♥Kiki Michelle♥~ said...

oh gosh... i love it!!!
lol this chapter is so funny.

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