Friday, July 11, 2008

Chapter 17: Games (Part 1)

"I'm sure it dosn't mean anything, Jade." says Crissy lounging on my bed as I pace across my room. "How can you possibly say that!" I say grabbing the paper back from Elisa who was taking forever to read it. "Hey!" Elisa protests, I irrnor her. "You don't understand she asked me to give it to Nick. I mean look at this; pervious relationship. If you text it I'll delate it. Nick absoulty loves to text! When we kiss I'm hypontized. They kissed once! The is so so so bad. Do you know what would happen if I gave this too him? How do I not know whats going on? Why is Miley always one step ahead of me?" "Maybe she started playing the game before you." Elisa says wisly. "Whats that supposed to-" I reply but stop short when I hear a bump against my wall, from the other room, Max's room. "Max are you alright?" I ask concerned. No anwser of course he's not talking to me but what if he's hurt! "Max!" I scream as I'm running into the hallway followed by a scared and cautious Elisa and Crissy. I fling open his door and turn on the light. It takes a couple minuents for my eyes to adjust but once they do I gasp. Thats right I actucally gasp like they do in those Chic Flicks when you cauch your boyfriend cheating on you. Only Nick wasn't cheating on me it was tottlay different yet it made me gasp all the same. Not because my brother was hurt, oh no, but soon he'll proabley hurt on the inside. I mean emotionly hurt! Because 2 seconds ago when I fliped the light on he was making out with a girl. A girl in size 7 cowboy boots and paltium records. The way her eyes were gleaming when she looked at me basically said "Your playing my game. By my rules. And I'm always going o be one step ahead of you. Deal with it.

To be continued....tommarow. Part 2 tommarow. Don't forget my new poll! Be sure to vote!

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New Book. Same old Story. When the Best of Both Worlds tour Ends

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