Monday, July 14, 2008

Chapter 18: Disney Princess Forever

This chapter is rated PG-13. If you are under thirteen that caution.

I don't know why I'm here. I don't belong here. Here I'm like a fish out of water. Or a disney princess in an evil lair. And we all know how that works out. But my story I have no prince that will save me...well he's in New York city doing some press stuff before we shoot the piolet for J.O.N.A.S! tommarow. Which is to say no one here can save me. I'm at party. And not just any party, Miley's party. And the theme is Club and Summer hinted I better go to it because it will get me good PR for supporting my extour-mate by going to her party. Unforanlty the only press I saw was for 10 seconds outside before I was whished into the rented nightclub by the staff, who even more unforanly wanted my autograph. Right now I'm just standing here by the refreshment table, a total loner. While I watch people I've seen dancing though tons of music videos and some who have been in movies , which were mostly rated R, grinding on the dance floor, making out on the sofa, talking with beer in their hands. I don't belong here. Mitchels here too. He's on the dance floor grinding opps I mean dancing with a petie blond that I've seen in maybe what? 20 music videos wearing very santily clad outfits I might add. And whats more? He keeps looking over here trying to see if I'm jelsous. I haven't even talked to him about the magazine article yet! I don't know why I bothered to wake up this morning. I turn around and try to find some water on the refreshment table. "Do you want this?" A voice asks I turn around and frezze. Freddy Poler is standing there with two beers in his hands, one open and only a quarter full and one thats open but full. "No thanks" I say trying to turn back around from "The Restless local badboy." I'm caught by a hand wrapped around my arm and suddenly I find myself very close to the face of Freddy Poler. "Come on you can't be a disney princess forever." I find my eyes watering from his liquor breath. I shake my head no and he pulls me even closer so I can fell his legs right next to mine. I've never felt so volilated. "Get off me!" I try to yell but the smoke ,either from people smoking or from the fog machine, is making it hard to talk. "Aww baby no one says no to Freddy Poler." Then like that he pulled me out onto the dance floor and lead me across it. I tried to stuggle and I tired to run, but his grip was solid as stone. "Let go!" I tried again. "Mitchel!" I cried as we walked right past him. He looked up but didn't say anything and went right on dancing. I couldn't see Miley but I decided I should call her maybe she'll help "Miley!" By then we were at the cornor of the dance floor and then to my suprise Freddy pushed me against the far wall. I relised a sudden delima from right here you could hardly see the dance floor. WHICH MEANT the dance floor could hardly see us. Sandwiched between the wall and the Badboy of the sopa opera Restless is never a position I have faniced myself getting in to, well I never ever though I would get into to. I stuggled trying to wiggle out from under him it wasn't working. "Jade your so freaking hot in that dress." He says kissing my neck as I stuggled. Which is a weird thing to say to a girl who is dressed in a green polo dress that goes down to her knees. And its not even like the buttons are unbottened. "Help" I yell as loud as someones whos voice is giving out can yell. The liguor in his breath, being pressed against a wall, and all this smoke is making me dizay I think I'm going to pass out. But I can't pass out in this situtation I can't. "Get off her!" I distanly hear someone say as they pull Freddy off of me then everything fades to black. All I hear is "Jade, Jade, Jade, are you alright? Jade? Jade?" then silence.

Whoa intense! More tommarow! Lots of Love- Jade

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