Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Chapter 19: Savior but not my Savior

"Hello? Hello?" I say waking up and slowly taking in the car I was ridding in. And then taking in the blanket I was wrapped in. Then relizing I'm still wearing my preppy goody goody polo dress. Then taking in the driver I was leaning against. I sat up suddenly and then fell back into the seat because of my aching headache that appered when I sat up suddenly. "Oh good your up." "Where am I?" I ask him. "I'm taking you back to your house." "Oh...what..what..happened?" I ask finding my purse on my lap along with everything I had in it. "Well Freddy Porter took a liking to you and was about to rape you because you were about to faint. I pulled him off of you and caught you before you fell. Then I tried to wake you up but you wouldn't budge so I carried you to the car and here we are." "Oh" then wondering to myself am I really that light. As if reading my thoughs he goes. "Your really light actully. Mitchel was on this huge rampage that your using Freddy Porter as a sceme to make him jelsousy. Which is why he didn't help you." Mitchel my best friend. Fame it can change anyone I guess like a virus let louse on civilation picking and chossing who to infect. I can't belive this Max was at the party but did he save me? No he was too busy with Miley, my own stupid brother. Then my best friend, Mitchel, did he try to stop Freddy? No he was to busy thinking about himself because it's always been about him. It's never been about my needs it's been about his. Two people that pretty much by working togather made me famous in the first place ,are now shunning me. No James saved me. James was the one that helped me to his car and wrapped me in a blacent and was driving me home. Not my brother not the people that are supposed to take care of me and love me more than anything, James, Miley's backup dancer. "Oh." I say looking out the window for my house since we were in my neighboorhood. "Here it is" I say pointing at one of the houses. James stops and opens the door on his side. "What are you doing?" I ask as I fiddle to try and get out of the blaket. "Helping you out." He says opening my side-door and helping me out. Then he continues to walk me up to my door. "Thanks for everything." I asy hesitating to open the door. I spin around and look at him. "Well aren't you going to give me a kiss for saving you?" "What?" I say taken back that someone who really ask a 15 year girl that. "Oh so your kiss Mitchel who will let you be rapped by a posterboy for Playgirl but you won't kiss me who saved you. Who helped you. Who brought you violet roses for months even though he dosn't get paid alot as a backup dancer. The guy that has liked you ever since we first met not that you ever took any notice." I stand there staring at him. "Why do you like me? The one that loves to just dance and sing and act. The one with the most amazing boyfriend ever. Why do you want me? Why not Miley or Aly and AJ?" "Because your real." He says moving closer to me. I back away. "Than your really going to hate me for doing this." Then in one quick movement I open the door slip inside and slam the door in his face.

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Veronica Schofield said...

OH my!!!! I thought it was going to be Nick that saved her.. I was up alll last night wondering what was going to happen! This is the best book EVER!!!
Love, Veronica.

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