Thursday, July 17, 2008

Chapter 20: Disney Proncesses Never Cry [The Pictures]

Rated PG-13
"There is no way I'm getting up!" I yell to Summer as I burrow myself back under the covers. "Jade get up." says Summer pulling back the sheets. "No!" I say not tuning over. "Fine I'll just go call 94.8 and tell everyone your email address." she says pertending to leave. "Wait" I said. "Yes?" she says sumgly. "I'll go but Summer I haven't talk to him since...well then." "Well nows a good time to start." She says laying down a shoe box, and a costume bag on my bed. "Here's your coutume ,for godsake Jade get dressed." Then she left me alone in my room to prepare for my first music video...ever...with Mitchel. I get dressed grab everything I need into one of the desinger totes I've started to carry around, I mean they hold tons of stuff. The whole limo ride Summer tried to give me a pep talk. "Listen Jade this is your first music video you should be excited." I shake my head while staring at the limo celling. "Your going to have to get excited I mean the song your doing isn't really a I Hate Mitchel song...just saying." Don't I know it. I mean I don't have Mitchel anymore it's really that simple. Which is just like the song told me, I should of learned to love him when I had him, now were not even friends. I shake my head again. "Jade your really acting like a-" But I never got to hear what I was acting like because some Unknown number had texted me a link to a news story along with the message "You'd want to see this." I click open the browser and after it loads I frezze. Completly like I stiff up inside and hold my breath. "Miley Cyrus posts raciey photos." I say stunned. Summer socts over beside me. "What?" she asks. I point at the news article displayed on my iPhone. "Why would she? Look that one was taken the night of the party last week." I say to Summer as I scroll though the pictures that make me wonder Miley started off just like me. I'm always compared to her. Is fame going to make me this crazy? I'm hardley even looking at the pictures any more mostly just thinking then Summer makes me stop by grabbing my iPhone and bringing it up to her face, eyes wide. "What?" I ask scared to find out what it could possibly be. "You don't want to see it." she replys holding my iPhone's screen toward her. "What could possibley be that bad?" I say grabbing back the iPhone and flipping it over to revel the screen. "Eh-ma-gawd" I say staring at the photo. Miley was in the center with a midrift and celvage bearing shirt. Clustered around her were all her guy backup dancers and I mean James too. Without shirts. Also without shirts were the ones sitting beside her ,who were kissing her on each check. Those two boys who were so close to her were wearing the same things they were at the party last week, Miley's party. Infact they were both staring down her shirt the same why all the backup dancers were, which they achived by learing over her. Those two "lucky" guys were staring at the "Ja-de" written on her chest. And those two guys happened to be my ex-best friend and my brother. I don't know which shocked me more that Miley had written my name on her boobs or that my brother and ex-best friend aggred to be in this picture. Or maybe even wanted to be in the picture. Or maybe the most disturbing part is that she oviously took more pictures than this. Or maybe the part that Miley would do this, to me, to herself. I mean every single 6 year old looks up to her whats this picture going to say to them? To their parents? Does this say 15 year old girl or 20 year old slut? These pictures don't nessarily say: "Buy my new Hannha Monatana CD Girls!" "Are you okay?" asks Summer shutting off my iPhone. I turn on her with tears in my eyes and say "Do I look okay!?" Then I look down at my hands and I try not to think because then I'll cry. And Disney Princesses never cry.

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Veronica S. said...

You are suchhhh an amazing book author!
have you ever really met the JoBros??
I cant wait untill tomorrow, to read the next chapter!!

PS:You'll be hearing alot from Me :P

Anonymous said...


When asked what I do in my free time my response is “I spend a lot of my time on the computer.” When asked what I do when I am spending most of my time on the computer is “Read this really amazing fan fiction, and various other things.” Yes, the amazing fan fiction is none other than Jade’s fan fiction! Since it is summer I don’t have much of anything to do, but I know I can always check online everyday and read a new chapter of this awesome story!

Honestly I look forward to Jade’s update everyday, and when she doesn’t update I feel as if a part of my day is missing! I love the style that Jade writes in, and the whole storyline of her books. I love all the characters and could name them all and what part they play in the story at any random moment I may be asked. I really think Jade is a very talented writer, and if she every ended this story (which would be the day I die….) I would pray to God that she write another story!

Ok, so some of the reasons I LOVE this story so much are
• It is realistic
• The Jonas Brothers are in it
• It is the perfect combination of Friendship and Betrayal
• It gets really INTENSE but then everything works itself out
• It’s inspiring
• It’s just AMAZING!
I could go on and on about this fan fiction and how I like it so much! So please choose me as the winner of this contest because it would truly be an honor to be in such an awesome story written by such a great person!


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