Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Chapter 20: J.O.N.A.S! they never have the right story!

"Oh my Jonas I have my own parking spot! Stop!" I say a little loudly to Summer since Joe had taken his day off. "Well isn't that something?" says Summer who oviously expected I'd get my own reserved parking space. Summer swerved and pulled into the spot that was marked "Jade Murry- Stella". "OMJ this is sooo cool!" I say jumping out of the car and taking a picture of the sign. A car pulls into the space next to ours which is marked "Rachel Katz- Willey." Rachel herself comes running out of the car and hugs me tightly. "This is so exciting!" she says jumping up and down while hugging me. I can't help but agree. We run into the studio and stop in our tracks. I mean I've been on the Hannha Montana set many times before but this set is amazing. And I'm the star this time! I'm the one everyone looked to when I walked in the door. Me, Jade Murry. The banquet table was set up to forumalte my prefrences, well Jonas's prefrences were included too but I'm pretty sure I'm the only one that enjoys Red Vines out of all of us. This is so amazing. "Okay girls lets get you to hair and makeup." says Summer leading us towards the hair and makeup trailer. "Okay" we say inusion and allowing ourselves to be led. Call me insane but I have never been though hair and makeup for a telvison piloet. When your in hair and makeup for a concert everything has too be waterprof and huge, se even the people in the back row of the arena can tell you have makeup on. Which is basically to say I had so much makeup on when I was opening for Miley and JB it took 25 min a night to scrub it off with super makeup remover. Anyway this is proabley why inside I'm like freaking out! I'm getting my makeup done as a charatcer not a clean face for a interview nor concert gunk. Really pretty makeup and hair, this is so great! After Hair and Makeup which I spent memozieing lines we were sent to set for a meeting. Along the way I met Nick. "Jade?" he asked. "Yeah?" I said as Rachel scamped behind us to catch up. "I got a call from James last night that you passed out at Mileys party because you were drinking." "What!" I say stopping in my tracks watching my entire good day go down in ruins right in front of me. "I've never even tasted liquior!" I say as Rachel scampers by us going stright for Joe who was looking at Nick and Me concerned. "Really then why did he have to take you home." "Um well lets see...Freddy Poter." Nick flinches as if recalling a bad memory of Freddy Poter. "Was trying to rape me and his breath was making me natouis and the smoke in the room was making me dizzy so I fainted. Thats why." "Freddy..." "Yes Freddy but can we not talk about that right now? How did your New York thing go?" "Fine" he anwsered and then walked back to set leaving me stanidng there thinking. Did everyone in the world just decide to turn against me?

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