Saturday, July 19, 2008

Chapter 21: I'm Done with Pertending

I acttully took a breath before I got out of the car. Because I knew what I had to do and no matter what happens I need to do it. So I wiped my eyes put on a smile and steped out of the car in my widly colorful hip outfit, which I had to wear for the music video. "Um excuse you know where Mitchel is?" I asked a collage aged girl who was carrying a four Starbuck coffes and a clipboard with a mic and headphones on. "Oh.." she says looking flustered "He's right over there talking with the dancers." She points with an avarible finger and runs off proabley to do another errand. "Thank you!" I call after her while wishing that she would of just said she had no idea where he was. I walk over to him, using one step at a time. I feel like all the eyes of the world are centered right on me. I used to feel like I wasn't seen and now I'm always watched which makes everything harder. Mitchel oblivious to my walk of despair keeps streching. "Mitchel" thats all I say one word, one name, two syables. Thats it. If any other two syable word could inflict so much emotion into one person it would be banned from the english language because he looked up quickly ,so quickly in fact that if you blinked, you would of missed it. His eyes glanced up at me and I saw anger and fear and sadness and then his eyes glazed over and his face went expressionless. "Hello" he says countinuing streching. He was oviously just going to pretend like I didn't really matter that I was a person he didn't know or didn't feel like getting to know better. He was set on pretending like I hardly exist and when I do exist, I esist only for the sole purpose of annoying him or meeting him. But I'm done pertending. I'm done having people walk all over me. I'm done with having to be saved by my prince charming or Summer or my friends or aqanitences. This Princess wants to save herself and she is so done with hidding her feelings because we don't want the media to take a picture of it or have disney find our attiudes inaproppite. Thats right DONE. D-O-N-E. "Mitchel can I talk to you a min?" I ask stuggling to keep my voice even and verging on plesent. "Oh course" he says not looking at me and staring at the pavement as he streches. "In privite." I say stuggling harder to stay under control since my voice was verging on shouting. "Well I'm not sure-" he protests but is cut off by me "Okay follow me..." I delcale walking to the warehouse conner. I don't even have to check if he's falling me I know he is. Once I get there I turn around and face him. "What are you trying to prove?" "Huh?" he asks stuttering. "What am I to you exactully? Am I a worthless toy because I used to think I meant something to you. I used to think I was more than a random girl you kiss to get press. I used to think I was the kinda girl that you'd save if I ever got into trouble. I used to think you'd always be there for me. But where have you been the last couple of weeks? Not there." "Wait I-" "I've trusted you with almost every detail of my life we used to say 'Your famous and I'm not so what!' and now that were both famous everything has changed. I've known you for years and now it's like I don't even know who you are anymore. I haven't changed this is who I am." "It's not like that..." "Than what is it like Mitchel? You slip a photo of the 3 second kiss ,that never meant anything to me, to the press than the next week you party it up with Hannha. Is that how you want to live? Is this who you want to be? Because if it is I want nothing to do with it. The question If I didn't have you what would happen? Is no longer the question I'm asking myself the question is why didn't I see it before? And then I kick myself because it's been there all along I was just blinded by my friendly love for you to see it. I remeber when you were shotting Hannha the first season and you wouldn't let me come to the set because you wanted everyone to think that your best friend was Emily and Miley. I didn't see it. But You can beat I see it now. And Mitchel?" "Yeah" he says looking up from his hands and looking me stright in the eye. "What I need to hear now your sensie apoligy when you mean it. I'll belive it, if you text it, I'll delet it. Lets be clear. I'm not coming back your taking seven steps here. " Then I take seven steps backward wait a half of second turn and walk back to set. The 7 Things I hate about you.

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Veronica S. said...

YOU have.. i mean HAVE to update more often!! I check your page evey half hour waitng for an update!!
Whats an intense chapter too, by the way...
Have you ever really met the JoBros?

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