Sunday, July 20, 2008

Chapter 22: Meeting Fans

Yes I met JB in the Bathamas at Alantis resort because I was sitting out side a restraunt waiting for my parents. I said "Hi..." to each of them causing them to come over to me and my sister. I also ended up meeting Big Rob (I also met him at the DC Games), there other bodyguards, Maya, Mr. Jonas, and Mrs. Jonas. I met them 5/9/08.

Turns out I wasn't done pertending. I had to pretend to care what Mitchel did all day. I had to act like I couldn't do with out him and pretend that I was jelsous of his looks and charm and well you get the picture. I guess thats what we actress do, pretend always. James really was off about me, I'm not real, what he sees on stage or on the screen thats not me. Thats me acting, well I guess not on the Hannha epsiode with Nick but seriously you get the picture. Once we wraped filming and I signed autographs for the whole crew and dancers I was once more in the car. There was no way I was going home though. It's not that I can't face Max, even though thats part of it. It's because last week was the lanch of my offical blog. And as I promised in my blog I have a Meet and Greet set up at the Chinese Theater. As we were rounding the conor next to the koaka theather (were the red carpet starts during Oscar time) we see this huge line that must be like maybe 3 miles long streching all the way to the entrence of the chinese theater. "What the..." I say looking at the tons of people. Summer keeps moving her mouth as if she wants to say something but can't seem to find the words. I roll down my window shield. One girl notices "Hi Jade! Hi!" then another and another and suddenly 1/4 of the line is shouting my name waving posters cut form magazines and autogrpah books along with I Heart Jade posters. "Oh my gosh." I say turing to see Summer just staring out the window tottaly amazed. Then she finnaly speaks "I think your going to need another bodyguard or two." I nod and then Joe stops in front of the theater and opens my door and ushers me inside to the impending chours of "Jade Jade Jade!" I sit down at the table someone set up for me that has 25 sharpie markers and about 800 posters of me that I had presigned. Which I doubt will be enough. "Okay I'm ready." I say. They open the doors of the theater and let the line in. Which mostly includes girls my age, some girls a little bit older, and somegirls younger than me wih their mothers. The first girl comes up to me. "Hi Jade" she says giving me a small smile. She looked about 14 only a year younger than me. "So how did you get to be first in line?" I ask as I hand her a presigned poster."Well me and my friend Jasmine" she says pointing behind her. "Have been camping out here for two days. "Oh my gosh it's so nice to met you...whats your name?" "Jessica." "Okay Summer can you come here a sec?" "Yeah Jade?" says Summer coming over to me. "Can you take these two girls Jessica and Jasmine and make them extras in the Sorta music video tommarow? Can I do that?" "Okay but only these two." says Summer pulling Jasmine and Jessica out of line to call the director and their mothers. "Hi Jasmine" I say as she was passing by me. "Hi!" she replys blushing. The next 1000 went by qucikly me asking there names and they asked me questions about my life and Nick. And said that it was so cool to met me and other random stuff. By the time the first 1000 were done it was 9:00. Summer bent down and said theres about 3,000 more were going to wrap this up at 11:00 you have a shoot tommarow just go faster okay? From then on I was in fastmode taking quick pictures, autographing in record speed and talking fast. I tried to keep the line moving but at 11:00 we had only gotten though 3,000 people which left 1,000 people waiting outside. "Babe we got to wrap up." says Summer. "Wait I have an idea. What if I was to walk outside and the police would hold the line back and I just walk down the line and take pictures and sign somethings? It would only take 30 min or sooo please...." "I'll try Summer called some of the police inside and breifed them on what we were going to do. Joe put on his mean face. And starting at the beginning of the line I said Hello to groups and took pictures with people with cameras and signed some posters. And anwsered some questions. At the offical end of the line I turned and shouted over the screaming "Thanks for comming everyone" and then I got in the waiting car. A few people actully broke away from the police lines and ran after the car. Summer seeing this turned to me and said "Okay Superstar we have got to get you maybe two more bodyguards."

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