Sunday, July 20, 2008

Chapter 23: Connected with Coffee

"Oh my gosh this is the best music video breakdown I have ever seen!" I say bouncing on my seat as we make a quick stop at Starbucks drive though. "Whoa come down we haven't even got your daily dose of caffine yet." Says Summer smiling. Shes now sitting in the backseat now since in less than 12 hours Summer has mangaged to hire another mostly full time bodyguard a 30 somthing year old man named Paul. I can't wait to tell Paul...I mean Kevin. I mean what is the next one going to be named Nicholas? It's insane! Anway Joe is now joined by Paul in the front seat. Sentencing Summer to the back with me, not that she seemed to mind. "It just tottlay is the best thing ever!" I say moving the treatment around. See it's going to take us two; nine hour days to shot the video and I just got the treatment for the video this morning since were on our way to set right now. In the first shot I'm on a phone in my pjs twriling the cord around my finger. I get another call and hang up on it. The next shot I'm at a school and talking with Nick "My Sorta Kinda Boyfriend" and we hug and you see me motion call me to Joe and Kevin walking by. Basically I'm the girlfriend that dosn't even really think were going out and Nicks the boyfriend that dosn't get the message. It's a fun music video and a fun song. The kind that you watch and dance too, basically. At the very end I kiss Nick then I walk inside and shut the door in his face. Hey it's mean but it goes with the song and I actully think it's going to be really good. "Okay one Brazil Ipanema Bourbon for you" says Summer handing me my usual spelcity coffee. "And one House Blend for Joe" she says handing Joe a coffee. "One French Roast for Paul" she says handing him one of Starbucks smokey and intense roasts coffee. "And then one Gold Coast Blend for me." says Summer taking a sip of her 'elagent' coffee. I roll my eyes and look out the window at Los Angelos. I've always loved LA even before I moved here something is always going on here. Lindsey may be sentenced to rehab five blocks from where I'm shopping at Fred Seaqul. Movie Stars are having premires a block away from my fave pizza place. The Jonas Brothers house is 3 miles away from where I eat breakfast in the moring. Everyone no matter how important is connected to everyone eles in LA. Maybe thats what I love the most about it. Oh and Red Vines are like the best candy in the world and it's almost exclusivly found in Southern Califorina, oh and they taste nothing like twislers. We pull up to Stage 14 where were shotting the bedroom and school scene. "This marks the day that I one of my own songs will be made into a music video!" I shout standing in an army position outside the car. "Yeah Jade next time your getting decaf." states Summer stering me into the door.

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Veronica S. said...

OMJ.. you are so lucky to have met them.. No famous people ever come to Canada.... Thats right, you officaly have a CANADIAN reader! LOVE you book too, by the wayy....
So awesome...

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