Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Chapter 24: Bella does not mean beauty in my Book

"I think if I was Jade in this music video I would kiss Nick a little more passionatly before I shut the door on him, wouldn't you?" says Bella standing at the refresment table talking with a handful of the extras. When she knows I can overhear her. We have done the scene where I slam the door in Nicks face and then she comes up and smiles flirtly at him..um let me count...oh yeah eighteen times! It dosn't even bother her to see my kiss Nick because for a minuet of her life (okay make that 20 min) of her life she gets to stare into Nicks eyes in an "Thanks for the flowers are you going to kiss me now moment." Or in this case a "Just dump her I'm the one you need." And to say that her plan is working would be an understatment. So you could say I'm a little bit on the edge infact I think Crissy has been going on about Joe's weird camp rock doll pototype whihc apperently was what they were looking at this moring. I don't belive them, one because I have a eye withness namily Nick, who was too disgusted to break them up. But whatever like I said I'm on the edge. Nicks over trying to talk the director to cut the Bella scene but he's not buddging. I can see why ever single scene Bellas in it. The Director says it leads up into the final moment where you are done with him and Bella winds up getting him. I think it's a very well written peice of well.....bad stuff. Does Bella always have to try and ruin everything. Seriously all Bella's agent did was metion that she's a good friend of Jb's and then "Hello Mrs. Redwood would you like a part in a music video with Jade Murry and The Jonas Brothers?" and then downhill from there. It's a dog eat dog world and only today I though we were all peacefully connceted here in LA. And to me, even though technically I'm still a newcomer, I dislike new LA-ers it makes me mad and ticked off. Espically if their Bella Redwood. "But the Demi doll tottaly looks like her dosn't it?" asks Crissy directing the question toward me as I'm straining to hear the bad things Bella is saying about my supposally "noexistant" kissing skills. Ewmygawd I hat her. Uggg. "What?" I ask automatically thinking of vodoo dolls and more specifically one with Bella's face on it. Oh that was mean but I really don't care. "Do you even try and listen to me?" says Crissy sighing at looking over at Kevin for backup but getting nothing since Elisa and Kevin were sharing soda and giggling. How can somepeople be so completly happy despite everything against them I mean their 6 years apart isn't this illgal but does anyone care? No. Me and Nick are the same age and I can name 1 Million people who care and at the top of the list is a name that starts with a B and another one starts with an M. But whos keeping track right? "Anyway so your going to go on the Look Me in the Eyes tour right?" asks Crissy who proabley already knows the anwser. Okay defiently should know the anwser. "Yes as their opening act." I said trwilling around my dogtag on my friend and straining my neck to see the reactions of the extras at what Bella is proabley telling them. "Okay" says Nick sitting down in the chair next to me. "Shes still in it. Permently no decussion. Sorry I really tried Jade." he says putting his arm around my shoulders. "Aww isn't that sweet?" I hear a raspy (or maybe it was just me) voice from behind us. I didn't even have to turn around to know who it was. Bella and some extras. A couple months ago didn't this happen with a girl named Miley in about the same exact sercatamce. Yeah I think it did.

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Veronica S. said...

Ewww.... I hate her!!!
Bella... such a... butt-head. Lol.. I know it sounds like I'm 6 or something, but i'm not.
Did you get mhy Contest entry??
I'm pretty proud of it!!
Did I mention that the winner is announced on my Grandmas birthday?? I know, random information.. 73rd birthday... hehe. Update soon, ohkay??
Bye, Love, Veronica.

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