Monday, July 21, 2008

Chapter 24: Flip Over

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"Oh my gosh hey Nick!" I say giving him a hug I mean I haven't seen him in two days! It's been tourture. "Hey Jade!" he says hugging me back. "Did you just get here?" he asks as we pull apart. "Yeah have you seen Crissy and Elisa there extras in this?" "Well I saw them like maybe thirty minunets ago when the lighting guys were setting up the school set. But then they disapered. Have you seen Joe or Kevin?" "Wait Joe and Kevin are missing too..." I say looking around. "Yeah...." says Nick supisouly. "Wait you don't think?" I say thinking the same thing he's thinking. "Yeah...." says Nick. "Okay I'll check Kevin's car and you'll check your trailer you share with them." "Okay." he agrees then starts to run off. And turns around and comes back. "Good Luck." he says kissing me on the lips and then smiling and then heading towards his trailer. "What was that for?" I yell after him rooted into place. "Just praticing!" he yells still smiling. God I love him. I walk fast toward Kevin's car but stop when I hear someone's name metioned. That someone happenes to be one of the last people I ever want to see ever. "Bella so all your going to do is at the end of the music video once Jade slams the door in Nick's face you walk up to him. He hands you the flowers and you smile at him. Then the video ends got it?" "Oh course Mr. Stiner" she says so sweetly I can easily imagin having a heart attack from the sugar flowing off her tongue. I reach for my breakdown since I have no remeberence of that begin in it at all. I filp to the last page and look on the other side of it. There it is in black and white. I must of just missed it because I didn't scan the last page. This is not good at all. No it's not. Not even a bit. I heard around the concer so I can see her sumg face. "Oh hi Jade isn't this going to be the Best Music Video Ever." And now that I see her here and hear her saying it I no longer belive in that statment insted I just feel mocked, hulmilatedly mocked.


Veronica S. (From CANADA!) said...

Oh, no... Not Bella again...
Why must you put her in the story again! I thought she was over with...
And yah, the moose here are pretty neat.. Hehehe. I'm going to enter the contest now.. wish me luck!!

Veronica S. said...



I really do like Jade because she is a real person. Multiple times I have sent a comment to Jade, and she acually replys! I have ready MANY other fan fictions, and if I wrote a comment, their authors never replyed. Jade is a real person, with Dreams. And even if these dreams aren't possible in the real world, Jade finds her own way to "Live the Dream..."

Jades Story: Alone A Jonas Fan Fiction:

I love this story because of the GREAT storyline, and the charecters are people we can relate to. I also love how Jade tries her hardest to update daily. I always look forward because I know there will be another great, fun, suspensful chapter.

I would recommend this fan fiction to anyone who wants a funny, romantic, fun, exciting, suspenceful... overall AMAZING fan fiction.

Thanks, Jade. For writing the BEST fan fiction in the WHOLE world!!

Love, Veronica.

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