Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Chapter 25: Now or Never?

"Ahhhh!!!!!" I screm into my camcorder proabley giving all my fans a good look up my nose but I don't care! "I'm going to my debt cd launch party!!!!! This is so amazing! Thanks for making this possible for me!! Ehmygawd I am being LANCHED! AHHHH!" "Jade I think you might need to calm down." says Nick calmly to the right of me. Even though I tottaly know he's excited. "Oh and Nick Jonas is my date! This is the most perfect night ever!" I say giving Nick a kiss on the check witch will proabley lower this video's rating on Youtube from a 5 to a 4 but who cares! "So anyway I'm going to stop screaming. Or try to. Were in a limo heading toward a what is it? White carpet right?" Summer nods her head from the front seat. "Right, White carpet event for my CD that lanches tommarow. Or maybe today because thats when I'll get this on so...go out and buy it! Ewmygosh this is so cool I'm like freaking out if you can't tell. So basically tonight I'm going to try and turn on my camcorder basically when no one's looking so I can give you guys an exclusive. Maybe I can met some famous people." "I hear Carrie Underwood comming." says Nick leaning into the picture. "Ehmygosh I have to get her autograph. Okay maybe that won't work out so good. Maybe I'll just try and talk to her." "Yeah just don't talk to her the way you first talked to me." says Nick laughing. I push him playfully. "Nick! Okay guys talk to you later. I'm Jade." "And I'm hurt." says Nick fake clutching his tux's arm but nearly crying from laughter. "Thats Nick and we'll talk to you later! Go buy the album!" So basically after I stuck my brand new Flip Video (which is compatable and able to fit in my purse and I got it for free!) in my purse. Nick and I laughted super hard for another good 3 minents. Much to the annoyence of Paul who has to sit in the back with us because he's the new bodyguard. Your proabley asking wheres the rest of JB? There right behind us in the other limo they wanted the artist to arrive with her date and the other artists on the album to arrive after with their dates. Turns out though I am dating one of the other artists so Nick was promoted to Main Limo. Basically none of the event planners wanted this but they had to let me do it. Because well it's my launch party and I can go with whoever I want, well except for Freddy Porter I mean because I issued a restrainment order and my father is sueing him for abuse. So basically he has to stay away from me or he'll end up in jail, but that wouldn't be the first time. We pulled up to the white carpet where all these fans and press are camping out waiting for all the stars to arrive at a lanch party "Okay so Nick I look okay right?" I ask as we pull in front of the carpet. "You look beutiful." says Nick tossing a strand of my hair. "Okay just don't leave me." I say as I grab his arm as Paul gets out of the door and holds it open. "I won't." he states putting an arm around my waist. "Okay it's now or never right?" I ask feeling as though I'm going to start sweting any min now. "Right and relax everyones going to love your songs." "Okay" I say and we step out of the limo. I see flashbulbs going off and people shouting my name. And there hear for me, well and the Jonas Brothers but in spirt their there for me. I know inside someday I'm going to have to go my own path and serperate myself from the Jonas Brothers if I ever want to be a serious musican and actress with roles and albums all my own, with my own deciated fans and not just shared fans. But thats some where in the disant future for now I'm just happy holding on to Nick's tux clad arm and having his arm wrapped around my waist. Just call me Nade.

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Veronica said...

Ohmahjonas... thats soo awesome.. I hope one day I can be a famous singer, and go to my own launch party with Jb.. Lol.

Love, Veronica.

New Book. Same old Story. When the Best of Both Worlds tour Ends

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