Thursday, July 24, 2008

Chapter 26: Three, Two, One, Lanch!

PS That picture is Jade Murry's official logo it is metioned in this chapter. By the way contest is almost over! Get your entries in soon! I mean what have you got to lose!

"Oh yes I;m really excited about my new album it's something I've always wanted to do. And I had tons of fun doing it." I say calmly to the magazine repersentives camp out on the white carpet. "Okay well I'm going to go meet some fans that I heard have been here since 6am so I'll talk to all you guys later! XoXo!" I walk over to the other side of the white carpet while Nick, Joe, and Kevin were anwsering questions with Crissy and Elisa. "Hey Guys!" I say talking to the fans crushed against the barrier with admiring looks on their faces. "Whats your name?" I ask a girl proabley around 14 only a year younger than me. She has this amazing sparklrey sign that read "Jade's My NUMBER ONE!" Number Ones a song on my new album. "Me..Me?" shes stutters. "Yes you with the sign." I laugh. "It's Maine." she stutters out. "Thats a really cool name." I say looking for one of the event planers. I found one and motioned him over he was hesatint to come. Because I'm not exactully the easiest person to plan a party for. When he finnaly gets here after taking at least 30 seconds to get over here when he was only like 5 ft away. "Can I possibly add one more guest?" I ask sweetly in his ear giving him puppy dog eyes. He gives me a glare but I can't really blame him. I have cause him a lot of trouble I mean with the whole limo thing and then we had to tell the people incharge of carting that I can't eat to much high sugared foods so could we keep to low sugar foods for the party. Oh and now taking a random fan I just met to that same lanch party at the completly last minuet I would think I was a pain too. But did he metion any of these things? No he did what most people do to celeberties he clinched his jaw and through his teeth said "Only one." I have to give all the event planners a hug at the end they truly deserve it. Okay. I turn back to Maine. "Maine who are you here with?" I ask her. "No one my mom's picking me up when I call her we only live 2 blocks away." she anwsers looking suspisous. "Would you like to come to a party with me?" she looked like she was about to faint. "Maine just wait there my bodyguard Joe is going to come get you okay?" She mangages to nod her head. I nod to Joe who jumps over the barrier and cuts though the crushing fans till he gets to Maine. "Your Maine right?" he asks in his gruffy bodyguard voice that he uses to everyone but me. He's always a lot nicer to me than anyone eles in fact when me and Nick kissed hello tonight he almost pulled Nick off of me. His veins tightened and everything. Maine nods yes and Paul picks her up and sets her on the other side of the barrier before jumping over himself, they both end up next to me. "Okay lets go inside. Just stay with me Maine." I say slipping my arm into her arm. She looks up and gives me a huge smile. "And me." says Nick slipping his arm into my other arm. Joe and Paul following behind us. While Big Rob stays with the other Jonas Brothers. I'm defferntly not the only one in my group that gasped when we entered the room. I was everywhere litterally. They were giving out my CD they were playing my CD they had my CD cover posted everywhere and they had this huge projector screen that had a slide show of pictures of me recording my studio album, on Hannah Monatana, on the Best of Both Worlds Tour, and just hanging out with the Jonas Brothers. But still Maine gasped too, so I wasn't the only one. It was just WOW. Even my logo the avertisting comapany made to put on my cd case was everywhere on the drink cups and on the table cloths and the gift bags and it was just WOW. "Okay were sitting at table number 1. Convient." I say dragging Nick and Maine along with me. When we get there I ask a serever for an extra seat and he brings one. The repersentive from Hollywood Records takes the mic and requests that everyone return to their seats. Once everyone is seated I'm looking around and I see guests like Emily Osment, most of Miley's backup dancers (who give me a thumbs up from across the room), Aly and AJ, Carrie Underwood, Demi and Selena (who wave at me), Jorden Pruitt, Vanassa and Zac, and Jesse Mac. And of course sitting at our table is Crissy, Elisa, Joe Jonas, Kevin, Nick, Summer, and Manie. Paul and Joe are sitting at a table close by with some other bodyguards. "Welcome to everyone. We are gathered her to celeberate and lanch the carrer of The Next Big Thing. Jade Murry and her debut album called Sorta Kinda Boyfriend. We just were handed the offical review for the album and the grade is an..." he takes a dramtic pause and everyone at my table holds hands I suquezze waiting for the dramtic pause to be over..wait..for the letter grade so many other great artsits get. Waiting...Waiting..squezzing..squezzing. " A minus!" he shouts punching his arm in the air. The room busts into applasuse and I stand up and receive the hugs from my friends. Who are jumping and screaming "Of my gosh! This is so great! Great Job!" Before the words sunk in Selena, Dem, Joe, Kevin, Crissy, Elisa, Summer, and most importanly Nick have pushed me into a huge group hug. Nick kisses me full on the lips when he manges to get close to me and wispers "We only got a B on our first album." "Yeah and a A plus on your second I wisper back." "Jade would you like to come introduce the music video for Sorta Kinda Boyfriend?" asks the Rep. into the mic. I detangle myself from the group hug and scurry up the stairs. He hands me the mic. "I really hope you enjoy this video and the whole album. It was tons of fun making and I actully got to do it with some of my best friends and fellow performers the Jonas Brothers and my friends Crissy and Elisa apper in the video also. So thank you everyone for allowing me this opertunity! And with out farther adeu here is my music video Sorta Kinda Boyfriend." Then as I sit back down in my seat the opening beats for Sorta Kinda Boyfriend blasts though the speakers and what I hope to be an award winning music video apperes on the screen.


Veronica said...

Thats soooo nice what Jade did for Maine. All of these celeberitys love their fans so much!


Love, Veronica

Anonymous said...

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