Saturday, July 26, 2008

Chapter 27: Promises

And the Winner is...OJDGIRL!!! And the runner up is...Veronica! But guess what? And I'm sure Veronica will be insanly happy to hear this...everyone that entered was going to get a character no matter what! Thats right if everybody that didn't take the time to enter would of entered they would of got a character...sorry about that folks! So even though OJDGIRL won she will get a character and Veronica will get a character. Since they both entered with really amazing essays and they took the TIME to ENTER!

Note to the Winner and Runner Up:Amazing job! To claim your prize all you need to do is write a short description of yourself and post it as a comment. Such as "Name (First), Height (Short or Tall), Hair color, ect. And be sure to include 5 words that you think describe you.

I stare down at my CD fingering it, fliping it over and over in my hands. Wondering why me? Why did I just get handed to me what so many others never get? And then theres the overwelming feeling I've achived sucess not many young artists achive. That I had my own cd with my own songs and my own airbrushed face on the cover. It's a pretty amazing feeling. And then to have that same CD have people actully like it and want to listen to it. It's insane. It really truly is. I hear somebody sit down next to me but no words are spoken. Which means it's Nick because weird as it seems we never need words to convay anthing to each other. Silence can convey emotions even our songwritting skills cannot. After a while I can't stand it anymore and I look at him. "Nick I can't belive this is happening. I can't belive anything I mean I though I was used to it with the Best World Concert but it's getting so big everything is out of control. I have no idea what I'm doing in the next 2 hours let alone next year. Next year your planning on going on a World Wide Tour and I'll be..well I have no idea where I'll be." He just looks at me with those brown eyes that stare down at millions of girls from posters on their walls. They electrify me in a soulful stare that seems to last forever. " You'll be in my heart." Then he kisses me, the kinda kiss that you know you'll never forget. And even though were in a long empty sevice cordor ,that was proabley filled when the party was still going, it was romantic in the way that no other feeling in the world could top it. Because I'm on Top of the World. In an hour I'll be at the Top of the Charts everything is spontanious it's my new lifestyle. "Listen Jade." "Yeah?" I say lost in the stare of his beutiful eyes. Then without saying another word he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a ring and puts it in the palm of my hand. As soon as I set eyes on it I love it. It reminds me of Nick in every way it's so beutiful it almost hurts to look at. After I stare at it I look to Nick for an explaintion. "It's a promise ring." He says showing me his hand where two rings sat in perfect harmoy one matching the ring that I held in my palm. "It's beutiful." I say reaching over and hugging him. Then Nick put it on for me. I couldn't belive how it fit perfectly and matched my purtiy ring as well. "Nick I'm speachless." I say turning my plam over and over watching it reflect the light so beutifully. "I'm glad you like it" he says turning the color of scarlet. "Like it! I absoulty love it. It's the most beutiful ring I've ever seen!" Then I kissed him. "
"Oh my Jonas that was the best night ever!" says Elisa hugging her autograph book to her chest. After sucessfully pried autographs from Carrie Underwood and the High School Musical crew among other unforant attendies."Yeah it was pretty fun." says Crissy though the bathroom door as she was changing into her pjs. "Yeah.." I say sighing. "By the way I couldn't find you anywhere after the party finshed. Come to think of it I couldn't find Nick either. Hmmmm..." says Crissy comming out of the bathroom and throwing down her bag on the chair I was just about to sit down in. "hey i was just about to sit there." I say picking up the back and hurling it in Crissy's direction. The bag comes inches from her face but she dosn't move. Not even a blink. Shes just staring at my hand that threw the bag, or most sepifically the right hand. Elisa seems to also aquire a fasation with my right hand. "What is...that?" I hear Crissy stutter out still not moving from her postion near my bed. "It's nothing." "Ewmygawd did Nick propose?" asks Elisa. "Wait no...not like that." I say trying to defend myself. "Then what is it. The last time I check when a boy gave you a dimond studded ring that ment the issle of Las Vegas isn't far off." says Crissy sitting down stifly on the bed. "Guys no it's a promise ring." I try to explain. Crissy jumps up and grabs my compture and starts tryping feverlousy. "What are you doing?" I ask her. "I'm looking up promise ring on Wikipedia this is what it says: A promise ring is a ring that is indicative of a serious promise made to oneself or another. It may be given to a romantic partner to signify a commitment to a monogamous relationship, without a more lasting bond such as marriage. Lovers mostly exchange promise rings to indicate their commitment to the relationship they have. Generally, a girl receives a promise ring from her potential mate when they know they want to be married, but because of age or circumstance it is not possible at that time." A silence fills the room like a blanket suffocating us untill finally I speak up "Do I really want to marry Nick ever? I mean I love him but..." I'm only 15 and hours ago I though I had my whole life in front of me.
Note from Jade: I'll be at Camp till next saturday! See you then!


Anonymous said...

Name: Marissa
Height: Tall
Hair: Straight and Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Loves: The Jonas Brothers
Love To: Sing and Dance
5 Words That Describe Me: Outgoing, Funny, Trustworthy, Obsessive (Jonas Brothers), and Opinionated.


Veronica said...

Yay!! Thank Yous, JADE!!
You're awesome, you rock!
Name: Veronica,
Face: Freckles accross nose.
Hair: Strait golden brown, warm shine.
Height: Average (5'4"-5'5")
Eyes: "The most beautiful Aqua Blue eyes..."
Interests: Singing and Dancing- Joe Jonas.
5 words to describe me: Honest,
Beautiful, Smart, Trustworthy, Ambitious.

Note: My Dream in real life is to be famous, so if you could work that into me a little bit, that be great.

Thank Yous sooo MUCH!

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