Sunday, August 3, 2008

Chapter 28: Number One

Jade Note: Sorry I didn't post yesterday...Shaving Cream Fights. Nuff'said. Also Congraulations to the Winners and also by the way Crissy and Elisa are actully real people for all that don't know this. Elisa dosn't read this Fan Fiction anymore she read the first 17 chapters, shes not really a reader...but Crissy reads it along with all your comments! So keep commenting! : ) Also I added two new polls so check them out! I want to know your guys opions! -Jade

"Jade! Jade! Wake up you need to see this!" says Crissy shaking me awake. I open my eyes, blinking repetly to get my eyes to focus on the clock, 7 am. Only 5 hours of sleep. "Go away I don't have to be at the CD signing till 12. And the radio interview with Radio Disney isn't till 2. And I don't get on the stupid plane to New York till 6! Leave me alone!" I say swatting away Crissy and pulling the cover back up past my head. "Fine" says Crissy giving up. "But Your Number One." she says shuffling away from me to Elisa on the other side of the room. "What are you talking about?" I say flinging the covers off of me. "Come see Jade!" says Elisa on my brand new apple laptop."Ugg.." I say getting out of bed and dragging my feet over to the other side of the room. "What?" I ask blinded by the bright computer screen. Crissy sighs and points to a portin of the screen where I can tell an itunes window is open. Once my eyes focus it all becomes crystal clear. "Sorta Kinda Boyfriend [The Album] is number one! Ohmygosh! Ohmygosh!" I started jumping around the room screaming my head off! I actully hear a quiet "Uggg" from the other side of the wall which is Max's room. "Come back here theres more!" says Crissy screaming to be heard over my screaming as I run over to the computer. "You'll also number one in the music video section and your Jonas Brother Song is Number 1 in the Song section and your Nick Deut Song is Number 2 and Sorta Kinda Boyfriend is Number 3," Elisa adds pointing to the sections on the computer screen. "Let me see!" I say pushing her out of the way and squinting to see the artist name: Jade Murry. I barley have began to register it when Crissy and Elisa pulled me into a huge group hug as we jumped up and down togather screaming "Number 1! Number 1!" And that would explain how we find ourselves, two hours later with two bodyguards, walking into one of Hollywoods largest music stores thats only two blocks away from the Chinese Theater, and going to buy my debut album. It didn't exaculty take us that long to find it. "Ohmygosh it's in the very front!" I asy spotting my airbrushed cover, made with completly recycled martierals and CDVU+ technoligy, about tree seconds from the time we walked in the door. We all agreed to buy one even Paul and Joe and as we got in line I filmed us buying my new cd which involved some protests from Crissy and Elisa that I couldn't put it on the interne, as usall I irrored them. After we brought the album we were all looking around at the CDs trying to find something we might like when, no joke, the Jonas Brothers came in. They were followed by Big Rob and their other bodyguards as soon as we heard their voice the three of us froze and ducked behind the CD shelves while Paul and Joe, relizing our intent, tried to keep their back to them as they pertended they were regular guys looking at CDs on Saturday Morning, "What are they doing here?" asked Elisa whispering. We didn't have long to wait for that question to be anwsered since Joe did the same thing I had done. "Nick, Kevin, it's over here." Then they percheeded to walk right toward where my CD was resting and picked up three cds. "Ohmygosh there buying my CD!" I wishper exctitlly to the camera that is still rolling. "Why are they heading toward our shelf?" Crissy wishper asks as we both tear our eyes away from them to look at Crissy with questioning looks. "It just sorta looked like they were-where did they go?" Crissy asked starlted. My head snaps back to where they were standing just seconds ago. We scan the store around us with our eyes not moving anything eles, not seeing any trace of them. Till a "Ahem" mad us turn around guilty. Standing their was Nick, Joe, and Kevin trying to act tough while hidding their smiles. "Way to act like Stella, Jade." says Joe breaking down and laughting as he helped Crissy and Me up as Kevin noticed the Camera as he helped Elisa up. "Spying on us perhaphs?" asks Kevin winking at us as a teenage girl points us out excitly to her friend. "No just videotapping us buying my CD" I say. "Yours we're on it too!" says Joe pretending to be angry. I hold out the video camera to include all of us "Sorta Kinda Boyfriend in stores now!" Then I turn off the camera to face three amused guys holiding cds with my face on them, one which happenes to be my boyfriend, who also has a matching ring to one on my finger. To face a excited store manger that proabley has never had this many celeberties in his store at once, a now pack of teenage girls that are debating wherether or not to come over to us,Crissy and Elisa that are lost in their lovers eyes, and of course the thoughs spinning in my labled superstar mind one of which is the hype is getting bigger and promises are getting harder and harder to keep.

Jade Note: Marrisa and Veronica don't worry I metion you guys in the next chapter! Also could you guys find a photo on photobucket that looks something like you like I did on the pictures on the right with Summer/Jade/Crissy/Elisa/ect. Or you could upload your own picture on photobucket and send me the link via comments. Thanks love you guys! -Jade

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