Monday, August 4, 2008

Chapter 29: GMA + VM

The day after my album dropped when I usally would be waking up for church, if there was no time difference between LA and the GMA studios in New York City. I was sitting in a chair being plucked, pamperedm and madeup for my interview and performance with Good Morning America where I'll be promotting my new album. And tonight I have my own SOLD OUT concert at the House of Blues in NEW YORK CITY! "Nice to see you again" I say to the person from the GMA in charge of interviewing me. She smiles and extends her hand to me in common curtisy. Well she sruchnises everything from my toes to my heveily product covered hair I turn to the windows hoping to cautch a glimpse of something that would distract me. Even though the building supposally blocked most of the sound from outside you could still hear the screams of maybe 1000 teenage and preteen girls that were pressed against the windows, weilding signs that read "Jade were here for you!" and "We heart Jade." I wave to them not knowing what eles to do. It's weird having people want to know you, want to be best friends with you, who want to spend just 2 seconds communicating with you. Its a really strange feeling combined with the feeling that a year ago you were sitting at church with Max praying that your parents would sleep in the house that night or that Mitchel would stop pertending that Emily's his best friend and not you. Take that and add it to the feeling that last year you were a nobody and now your a somebody. I turn back around in my chair when I hears the cameraman start to count down the seconds till we go live. "8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2," and then he points to the interviewer. "Good Morning America this is Anne Stiner and as you can see from the signs and number of preteen girls clusted out side on this chilly January day we have someone special here today. She recently toured with pop sensations Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers on the Best of Both Worlds Tour which was sold out within 2 minents of ticket sales opening. She also appered as a supporting lead oppisete Miley Cyrus on the hit Disney Channel Show Hannah Monatana. Yesterday she released her already Gold Certified Album 'Sorta Kinda Boyfriend' which includes a deut with her good friends the Jonas brothers and another with her boyfriend, teen hearthob, Nick Jonas.She will also be joining the Jonas Brothers as their opening act on their Look Me in the Eyes Tour' I think to myself 'Yeah when you say it like that it all sounds so perfect. But you didn't metion my best friend my never speak to me again. My boyfriend is supersure were going to spend the rest of our lives togather. And I have no idea what city I'm going to be in 2 weeks unless I print out a copy of the Look Me in the Eyes tour Sheldale. Oh and Miley Cyrus is tottaly out to get me. Yet when you say it like that it sounds so glamours and well completly and uterlely perfect.' "America this is...Jade Murry." "Thank you Anne for that great introduction." I say smiling not allowing any viewer to pertrate my shall we say 'non-perfect' thoughts. "Thanks you. So Jade what do you think about your new album?" she asks directing the question toward me. " I had a ton of fun making it and I'm really excited for all my fans to hear more from me. I actully had a lot of help on my album the title track was actully written by me and my friends Crissy and Elisa at a sleepover about a year ago. And as you metioned the Jonas Brothers cowrote two songs on the album and I really hope everyone loves it!" I say grinning into the camera. "Thats great Jade! I heard though the grapevine that your holding your own solo concert tonight before you go and join the Jonas Brothers' Tour right here in New York." "Thats right Anne, it's at the House of Blues in new York City at 8pm. It's sold out but if you mange to get your hands on some tickets I'll see you there. I'll be the one onstage performing! Well one of the ones! See, I have this brand new really truly amazing girl group opening up for me! Their groups name is VM and it's made up of these really talented best friends named Marrissa and Veronica and let me tell you, you'll love them!" "Okay Jade so what songs are you going to perform for our studio audience and the american public today?" "I'll be performing two songs off my new album; the title track called 'Sorta Kinda Boyfriend' and 'Hey Brandon Remeber When'. "Sounds Fantastic Jade! Stay turned to see Jade Murry performing songs off her new album 'Sorta Kinda Boyfriend' only on Good Morning America." After the Cameraman cuts I keep wondering even as I'm performing in front of all those people why did she have to say my name in almost every sentence. It sorta gave me the impression that it wasn't the anwsers that counted it was the names she was able to drop and conncet my anwsers too. Miley Cyrus, the Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas, Jade Murry. Thats my name and the advice I so want to give her is 'Thats my name don't ware it out!"

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Veronica said...

You are soooo amazing!!!
While I was in the middle of that chapter, and seen my name, I screamed at the top of my lungs and my entire family came in wondering what was wrong!
You rock!
Love, Veronica!

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