Thursday, August 7, 2008

Chapter 30: Two Words

Jade's Note: Funny Poll guys real funny...I guess I saw that coming I am tottally going to make a different poll! Ugg... By the way does anyone eles love Honor Society or Metro Station? I love them too!

"1,2,3,4" I say for the uptenenth time which is to say the thousanth time. The band kicks in behind me. "Hey Brandon remeber when thats how it always starts every call I get from him."Rehearsal. Rehearsal. Rehearsal. I have 3 hours before my semi solo concert. I say semi because besides the opening act I have a speical celeberity experience which of course is a tottal sercert but let me tell you the audience is going to go crazy! "Okay were going to rehearse 'Living the Dream' one more time!" says Antony the guy in charge of my concert and the Look Me in the Eyes tour. "Comming!" yells three boys that have been fooling around with a football and my bodyguard Joe who was tottaly encourging him. Okay so it's the Jonas Brothers fine! You got it out of me. Besides I'm not ready to go tottaly solo! "That was great" says Nick as he jumps on stage and runs over to get his gutair. "How do you know....?" I say messing with him. "You have been playing football since we finshed our song!" "We'll we;ve heard all these songs at least 1,000 times since 10 am not to metion the constant playing of it while we were all playing Gutair Hero in your room last night. Besides at least we weren't complaining." "What do you mean I haven't complained!" I shot back throwing a mic to Joe. "Yeah you were every single night on the Best of Both Worlds Tour you complained that the songs were stuck in your head and that you've heard them 18 million times already!" says Joe cautching the mic perfectly in his right hand. "Ugg whatever!" I say trying not to laugh but brusting out laughting any way. "And a one, two, three, four." says Joe facing toward me as we lanch into out hit #1 itunes song 'Living the Dream.'

Hair, Makeup, and wardrobe. Vocal Warmup. Then Lockdown. 30 min before the show all of us locked in the Jonas Brothers Dressing Room. "So Jade whats it like to have so many fans?" asks Veronica the V in VM as we all sit around sipping water while watching people, a lot of people, fill into their seats on the montir. "It's really amazing." says Nick, Kevin, Joe, and I as if were in a trance. I mean because we've been asked that question before, once or twice..."Guess what?" I say snapping out of it and hidding my purse where in it is the new popstar magazine thats going to be released in 3 days sits. "What!" says Veronica and Marissa loudly while they leaned forward so confident that they were going to hear something amazing. Why can't I ever have that effect on Crissy and Elisa! "Well since I've been giving Popstar! all these shoutouts in my youtube videos and everything they gave a favor." "Uh-huh." says Marissa and Elisa in unsion following every word but not knowing where I'm going with this. I swear there more like sisters than best friends. "Well....just...okay here!" I say reaching in to my bag and pulling out the Popstar issue. Their faces complety lit up even though they had no idea what was in it, just the fact that I got to get it before the newstands did amazed them. Well maybe it sorta amazed me too. I set the magazine down on the coffe table between us and opened it to the Hot Hits Music Section. The one where 'VM Girls' is splashed on the top of the page which is next to a picture of the girls from their soon to be released album's cover. It was followed by an article about who they are and about their music. "Ohmygosh!" they keep repeating as they huged each other and jumped up and down. Then came over and hugged me and then Kevin and Joe and Nick and then finnally they quieted down and sat down and read togather. I smile and look at Nick as I ply with my promise ring. It's sorta of a habit I've devolped to play with the ring that promises me to a teen hearthob who months ago I considered a never going to happen dream. Theres a knock on the door which wipes my smile off my face. I can tell I'm not the only one the knock stunned even Veronica and Marassia are looking at the door with curious expressions. We still have 27 min before the show starts. Which is to say 24 min before the pre-show peptalk. Which is too say no one should be interupting us, by knocking on our door. I exchange startled glances with Nick and Joe as Kevin gets up to anwser the door. As he opens it I hear a "Can I please speak with Jade?" I don't turn around because I know that voice. I don't need to see the face that haunts me everywhere because I've memozied everyone of his features. I've told him everything and I've been waiting for a responce. "Jade...?" says Kevin turning his back to the door to see my reponce. 'Bad move Kevin' I think to myself. 'Turn your back to him and he'll stab you in it.' "I'll be right back." I say to everyone espically Nick who is no longer the happy person he was a min ago. I know how he feels he could do that to people, espically us. I take a deep breath, stand up, and face the door. Taking in the memozied features that are still inprinted on my heart no matter how many times I try to get them off. All the images are connceted to him by two words. Two words that in the last month have caused me to rethink everything...Mitchel Musso.

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Veronica said...

I have those posters in my room right now!
Not to mention, I'm chilling with a bunch of celebritys!
I'm such a goof.. I'm sitting in front of the radio waiting for the radio contest to come on so I an try to win a pre-release of 'A Little Bit Longer.'
Oh yah, on Sunday, I'm leaving for camp and I wont be back untill next friday.
I hope thats ohkay. It you're wondering why I'm not commenting then.. thats the reason. But, I will catch up with you as sooon as I get home!

Love, Veronica

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