Saturday, August 9, 2008

Chapter 31: The Choice

"What can you possibly want?" I say spinning on him adter I'm satifised that we are out of earshot of any prying techies or even more importanly Nick. It hurt more to look him stight in the eyes but whatever he needs to say, what ever made him treak across the country to see me, he was going to say it looking me dead on in the eyes. I'm not going to make it easy for him, I'm way past that. I wish we could joke and laugh and dance around pertending that we were the Spice Girls or in our own privite concert but somehow I feel like that was years ago, that carless time where everything in the world was flawless and could be depedned on at least for a couple moments, the time I was with Mitchel. That time though I stood on the sidelines watching Mitcel sign thousands of autographs and meet thousands of fans who had no idea what my name was. It's different now though I'm no longer looking down, I'm looking stright ahead and not caring if the world looks right back at me. "I'm Brandon right? In the song on your album." I didn't anwser. He took my silence for a 'yes.' "I brought the album and I listened to it...again and again. I couldn't get the songs out of my head. The first time I listened to Hey Brandon I knew you were talking about me, I heard it in your voice, in the lyrics. Hey Brandon remeber me that was me. I didn't...I just never knew what I acted like back then till this song. Yesterday I kept telling myself 'you idoit you let her go, you let her get away!' I had to come here to tell you I'm sorry for everything. For being an idoit. For runing everything including our friendship. For the pictures. For the way I treated you. I sorry. Your album truly is amazing if you like the kinky-kinda-popstar-stuff which I love. I can't get away from you or your album. The songs play over and over again in my head and then once I start to get over them I'll hear your name on the radio or see you on telvsion or on the internet where your everywhere. I can't live with the guilt of everything I've done. I know we can never go back to what we were but we've been friends for years. We've done so much togather and have been such a big part of each others lives. Can we at least try and be friends again, please?" I look down silently at my hands and play with my rings not anwsering. His eyes travel to my hand. I look up quickly enough to see shock cross his face. "Jade what is that?" I can hear the shock and horror tredding hard on his voice and I could see the emotions a battelfeild across his face. "It's a ring." I say tring to sound emotionless like I couldn't carless about the ring or about how hurt he's feeling. "Jade...are you engaged to Nick?" he stutters out the words ,clinching his jaw, his emotions turning slowly to anger. "No were just...." I trail off not knowing exactully what we are, Me and Nick I mean. Not fincees. Not best friends. Not boyfriend and girlfriend, something well more. "Okay....I..I..understand." says Mitchel backing away slowly. "Mitchel wait." he looks at me again. "I'm sorry too." He nods walks down the hallway, half way down he turns back around and sees me standing there watching him. "I'll always try and be there for you Jade." He tries to give me a smile. "Have a great show." Then he turned and walked away. I knew then I had made a choice between them and I had chossen a popstar over my best friend.

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