Monday, August 11, 2008

Chapter 32: The Letter of Hurt

"Whew! That was so great!" I said hugging Nick and pulling my sweaty body close to his. "The best!" he said wispering into my ear as the screams of girls echo still across the House of Blues screaming for US to come back on, screaming "ENCORE!" Even though we had already done two encore songs. "We better get to the limo before we get stopped by screaming girl traffic." says Joe somehow getting between Nick and I and putting his arms around us. "Okay" I said still a little bit breathless. "Wait" says someone who I though was done tormenting me for the night. "Mitchel? What are you still doing here?" I ask curious. "Well I wanted to see your concert but these arrived for you after intermission." Mitchel said giving me a cheery yellow rose which didn't at all met the soloum expression on his face. I felt the card before I even knew there was a note. I opened it with the high from my concert mixing with suspision along with Mitchel's soloum expression and Nick's and Joe's curious glances. "It's from my Father." I say suprised. "He's not here I just thought. I thought, he promised." I say the high from the proformance slipping away so fast that I couldn't manage to catch it. "Oh" says Joe and Nick also slipping from there high. I read the rest of the letter and have to will myself to keep from falling to the ground or running away from everything. It's diffcult because I can feel the tears start to slowly make their way down my face.
'Dear Jade
I'm sorry I missed your proformance tonight I had a meeting with some budding talent for the record company I'm sorry. Tonight I wished to tell you that your mother and I are seperating. I hoped to tell you in person but as that is impossible since you are going tomarrow to reherse for that tour. Your mother and I have been growing apart for years and we have decided yesterday it was time to seperate. Max will be living with me in LA and your mother will be living in Malbui after she can find a place. I'm sorry you had to hear it this way. I wish you the best of luck on your tour.
Your Father,
Jim Murry

Their never togather because they never tried. They've never tried hard enought. They don't know what it's like to care and love someone because they've never done it! They've never cared about me, my own parents. Who insisted that I called them Jim and Carol at 5 years old. How could they do this to me? How could they not care at all? How could they miss their daughter's first solo concert? How could they not sign it 'Love your Father'? How could they know nothing about me? How could they miss every single thing I've ever done? How could they hurt me on one of the best nights of my life? 'Because your not a daughter to them, and you never have been' says a sad voice at the back of my head. Every fraction of my body knows it's true. "Jade whats wrong?" asks Nick cautching me when I start to try and run. He sees the tears and pulls me closer. "Jade whats the matter?" I try and squrim out of his arm but he holds me close. "I need to go." I say still trying to get away, to run and run till no one can ever find me and Crissy wouldn't be able to find me this time neigher would Elisa. I'd disaper forever. "Where are you going to go ,Jade? Everyone knows your face? You can't run anywhere?" says Nick rocking my shuddering body. And then the tears gushed out and I gasped and sobbed as Nick clutched me close the others onlooking even though I couldn't see them though the tears. I knew that everyone was looking at me. "My....par...en...ts" I say dropping the letter on the floor as Nick nodded as he held me close. "Their seperating and they don't care wether it hurts me or not!" I wail getting tears all over Nick's concert atier. Not hearing anything but my sobs and Nick's soothing voice."Because they have never cared about me as their daughter!" I wail tucking my head against Nick's chest with my arms wrapped around him, the picture of Hurt brought on the way only a Letter of Hurt, can.

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