Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Chapter 33: Alone

Except for my strangled breathing and sobs the limo ride to the hotel was strangly silent. Nick held my quirving body in his arms as I read the already memozied letter over and over in my mind. Mitchel sat across from me with an expression that basically told everyone he was not at all there on his own pleasure. She having made the quick desion to come to New York and talk to me. A talk, that seems completly unimportant now and that I can hardly remeber. He forgot to make the hotel arrangments. Which means he is sleeping on the Jonas Brother's floor. "Were here!" yelled the driver from the front seat as we pulled in front of the hotel which was filled with people who figured out where we were staying or who happened to follow us. I didn't even care. My whole family dosn't care about me why sould I care what these people see me as. Even though thats true I couldn't help caring about what the talbiods are going to say about this: "Jade Murry and Nick Jonas split!" with an inserted picture of me crying as I stepped out the limo. Just what I need right now. As we got out of the limo Joe and Paul, my boydguards tried to get enough fans away from Nick and I to walk through. With Mitchel following sulkly after us while Joe and Kevin signed some autographs. Nick held open the elvator for me and Mitchel and we made our escalltaion up, in complete silence. Once we get to floor 21 we get off. "Mitchel we're room 2108 down the hall please let Kevin, Joe, and Frankie in when they get up here." Nick says handing Mitchel a room key card. Mitchel gives a sour expression and heads to the room. "Jade what room are you?" "2115" I say as we walk togather down the hall me barly noticing the numbers as they flash by. "Here we are." says Nick as he reachs in to the side pocket of my purse and pulls out a room key and slides it in the door. As soon as it opens Nick leads me inside and sits next to me on my bed. "Jade do you need to talk?" Those words set me off. "My parents are seperating Nick! They never even really cared about me! They always say their so sorry about never keeping the promises they were never around to keep! They've never treated me like I needed atteition or love. I've always been the live in maid or the person not even my own parents noticed or cared about. Nick, they moved me out to LA three years ago just because my dad wanted to. We could of stayed in texas and been happy and he would of kept his record comapany in Austin but no. He decided that he wanted to expand it and move to LA. They've always tried to control my life even though he's never paid enough attetion to what I want in the first place. He's always tried to pick my friends just so their famous singer parents would consider signing with his company. It's horrible. They asked me to call them Carol and Jim when I was 5 years old. My brother won't even talk to me anymore because our whole family is just some big joke. I reallly love my brother but he dosn't care about me anymore and I can't even begin to comprehend what he does during the day and night that always has he's door locked and his car gone. It's like I don't know anything anymore because now I relize that everything I've even known is changing and being replaced. Nick when I first got dibetes and was hopilized for 2 weeks my parents didn't have time to come and stay with me in the hospital. My brother Max visted and brought flowers and magazines but I was still alone. The hospitale had to fax the paperwork to my mother because she was to busy to even come and pick it up or vist her ownly daughter who's helth was just lost forever. Nick your mom stayed with you at your bedside no one but Mitchel and Max ever even came to vist me. I hadn't even meet Crissy and Elisa since we had just moved to LA. Thats how bad it was. Thats how messed up my family is. Nobody has any idea what it feels like to be tottally alone with hardly no vistors, not even your family, when you could very well be dieing!" "Oh Jade. Jade. Jade. I had no idea." Says Nick smothing back my hair and holding me in his arms, my tears running down my face and smudging the already smudged stage makeup. Sometime after that I fell asleep and didn't wake up till 8'o clock the next morning.

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