Thursday, August 14, 2008

Chapter 34: Sorry about the Photos

Chapter is sorta kinda rated PG-13

As soon as I woke up my eyes snaped open. There was blinding shutters of light that took my non ajusted eyes a couple seconds to focus. And after that another couple to actully belive what I was seeing and hearing, the blinding light and annoying sound of a camera taking pictures. Oh and not just any camera, the kind of camera that only tabloid and magazines use. Which basically meant I was in big troble. Once I comprehended this I shreaked causing Nick to wake up next to me. The photographed snapped a couple more shots. I could see how badly this looks, heck a 80 year old could see how bad this looks. Nick and Me in my hotel room, in my bed, at 8'o clock in the morning asleep in each others arms, while our clothing is wrinkled and my skirt is rode up from the concert the night before and falling asleep so suddenly. To make it worse the cover was partically over us making it look even worse and way more proactive than it should look. Lets just say it's very very very bad. And it looks a lot worse than it really is, ah a tabloids specialty. "What are you doing in here?" ask Nick proabley relizing the same thing I have. Right then the photographer makes a run for it. Nick tries to jump up and stops him but gets tangled in the comfroter and trips, as the unknown lucky photographer runs quickly in the direction of the elevators. "Nick are you okay?" I ask siting up in bed and putting my head in my hands. "Jade." Thats all he said one word. 'Jade' and in that one word I heard so many meanings.' Sorry that all of America is going to think were sleeping togather. Sorry that were going to be the only ones that know were not. Sorry that everyone's going to think we're lieing about our purtiy rings. Sorry about trashing you good girl image. Sorry for not leaving last night. Sorry about your parents. Sorry about your brother. Sorry about Mitchel. Sorry about the photographer getting in here. Sorry about everything. ' I heard all those thoughs in one word. "Well we better get dressed so we can tell Summer about the..." I trail off. "Yeah...I'll go get dressed." says Nick untangling himself from the covers and backing slowly out the door in the same crumbled outfit he proformed in last night. I nod and push back the cover and perpare myself for everything that was going to be comming my way.

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Veronica said...

I just got back from Camp, and the first thing I did.. check the story!
ohhhh mannn....
Poor Jade, Poor Nick...
Love, Veronica

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