Sunday, August 17, 2008

Chapter 36: My Family

"Popstar icon and Disney Channel Sweetheart Jade Murry has had alot on her plate recently with reherasales for her opening act gig on one of the most anticaptied tours of the year, the When You Look Me in the Eyes Tour. Her deut album breaking internet download records and lets not forget making time to spend with her special someone, teen hearthob and memeber of the Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas. But could these squeaky clean christan role moldels actully be dirtier than they seem. Recent pictures taken of the teen stars laying in bed togather have splashed US Weekly Articles. In the pictures Nick and Jade are cluddled up in each others arms asleep in Jade's hotel room in New York City. Sleeping togather and just 15 Disney is going to have a hard time covering this up. The worst thing about this however is that Jade and Nick have both pleadged to remain pure till marragie and they have set these promises in stone by the rings they wear on their ring fingers. Recently however they have both been spotted sporting two rings on their ring finger, one of which is their purity ring and than the other seems to match the ring the other one also has on their finger. It looks like it could be either a promise or an engagement ring. Could these 15 year old Disney Channel Stars be getting more serious than we thought?" Someone turns off my dressing room telvision, I can't tear my eyes from the screen where a second ago some random newscaster was sealing my fate, to see who turned it off. "Jade?" asks Nick from behind me. I hadn't even noticed he had entered the room I had been so focused on the news station. "They want us to hold a press confrence to set it right..." says Nick comming up behind me and rubbing my sholders. "Nick what will we say? Sorry, we didn't sleep togather it's all a misunderstanding. Their not going to belive it. Their not going to print it. What about the promise rings what are we supposed to say about that, huh? Their all just going to twist all our words around till it sounds like we did do it, thats how it works. " Nick stops rubbing my sholders and swivals my chair around to face him. "Jade it dosn't matter everyone that counts belives us and knows that were tottaly innconce." he says pulling up one of the makeup stools so he could sit. "Yeah right Nick! Thats why I got an angry call from my mom theaterting to disown me. My own mother. But I guess thats better than my Father who didn't even care enough to call. Or maybe it's why I spent 3 hours on a 3-way phone call with 6 of my close friends [Crissy, Elisa, Demi, Selena, Veronica, and Marissa] explaining the whole thing. Or maybe it can begin to explain why during a unexpected screaming phone call attack by Miley I threw my iPhone against a wall and it shattered into millions of pieces. And do you know what my brother did he called me finnally and left a message it said: 'Jade it's Max. Max Murry. I'm taking next year off and tour with my band. Were making an album we put a couple songs on MySpace and got tons of great feedback. It's called MetroStation, Madison Musso and Trace Cyrus and I are in it along with this other cool dude. I heard about you and Nick whatever happened with that purity ring stuff hope you don't get preg. Max. '" "Wow" said Nick staring at me and the dent my phone made in the wall. "Are you okay?" "Nick how could I possibly be okay! Well my blood sugar is fine but it's just like the world is crashing down on me and everyones going to hate me now for no reason I just don't get it! I've tried to do everything people tell me to do than I end up with a family that dosn't care enough and a fan base thats going to hate me." I say putting my head in my hands and slowly shaking it. "Jade we are your family." "What?" I say looking up confused. "This is your family. Me, Joe, Kevin, My Mom, My Dad, Frankie, Garbo, John Taylor, Paul, Big Rob, and Joe. Summer and the stylists and the wardrob artists and the techies. We all love you so much and support you so much! Don't you see? Were your extended family we will support you no matter what happenes you'll always have us. Were always there. Jade if you start thinking of us as a family your life won't be as bad as it's made to seem. Promise me Jade that you'll try?" I look into his eger eyes past the brown choclete color and I see the hurt and the love behind it. "Nick I think maybe I've made too many promises. But I'll try. I swear to God I'll try. " And with that I stand up and make a semi dramtic exit, I say semi because they had called my name over the loudspeaker, I was needed on stage, needed by my family.

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Veronica said...

Awww! How could Max be so mean???
'I hope you dont get preg.' How devilish! Nick is soooo sweett... I wish that I could get the chance to meet him, they dont like there Canadian fans tho.... :'(
BTW, you are SUCH a good singer! I hope you make it big one day. I could see it happening. I want to put a song on the internet..
Peace-Love-Jonas ♥ ,

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