Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Chapter 37: Sixtey-Seven Reasons

"Nick where are you taking me?" I say as Nick says nothing and drags me by my hand to the stage. "Nick..." I say as he opens the stage door. He turns around and gives me a huge smile than continues to pull me though it. "Nick what they....Oh my gosh!" I squeal as I break apart from Nick and run into Crissy's, Elisa's, Selena's, and Demi's arms. "I've missed you guys so much!" I say hugging all of them. "It hasn't been the same without you Jade!" says Crissy as we jumped up and down hugging! "Yeah we haven't seen you in like a week!" says Demi laughing. "Are you guys here to see the show?" I ask breaking apart and standing next to them. "And you silly!" says Selena messing up my hair. "I'm really happy you guys are here." I say my spirts lifting the way only my friends can lift them....okay it sounded better as I thought it. "Congrats on Number 1!" says Demi smiling hugly at me. "What?" I say as everyone started happy smiling at me. "Here you have to see this!" cried Elisa as she drug me over to a laptop that was perched on a platform. "You guys came half way across the conitent so you could show me a youtube video?" I said in utter disbeleif as Crissy opened up a youtube video. "Well yeah and we wanted to see if you were okay. And yeah this youtube video will make you feel better!" says Selena hugging me from the back. I watch the screen my eyes glued to it. "The 67 reasons why we still love Jade Murry!" The video was made up of a collection of a whole bucnch of different girls lip singing to my songs, showing rooms filled with posters of me (and JB), with each group of girls giving a reason why they admired me. "We love Jade because she real respects her fans and spends hours doing meet and greets with them!" "We love Jade because shes always trying to improve at everything she does!" "We love Jade because she makes wearing converses cool!" I laughed through the tears at that point. "We love Jade because we know no matter what Jade can overcome it. She can overcome those pictures, she can overcome a broken mic, and she'll come back better than ever!" Than the screen went blank for a couple moments and than a video of someone running down a line at what must of been the meet and greet line at the chinese theater. Everyone in that line was screaming "We love Jade! I love you Jade! Jade! Jade!" And then the screen went black and the credits rolled 'A collaberation but togather by Maine.' I smiled and laughted again in astonishment at the familar name. Than as the rest of the 66 people's names who sent in videos, who are my biggest fans rolled, I smiled and though 'I can overcome anything. I can overcome my family proablems. I can overcome stupid misunderstood photos, I can overcome all of this, with my friends and fans and boyfriend who support me. And I can come back even better than before!" I turn around and give my friends a huge smile! They sigh in relif. "Oh Jade!" says Elisa as she throws her arms around me. Crissy, Demi, and Selena follow suit. And we stand their on the When You Look Me in the Eyes stage, a group of best friends hugging, and when I look up I see Nick, Joe, and Kevin smiling back at us. I motion with my hands 'come on!" Then they join the hug too and finnally I feel at home, with my family.

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Veronica said...

Awwwwwwwwwww! Thats soooo sweeett!!! I'm so into your FanFiction, sometimes I mix it up with reality! The other day me and my sis were reading a magazin, and it said something about Nick and Selena Gomez dating.. and I was all like, 'Ohmygosh! Selena wouldn't do that! Shes Jades best friend!' My sister thought I was tottally crazzyy.. she was like 'what are you talking about?' I was like.. blushing sooo red.. Hehe!
Love from,
Veronica ♥

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